Will a Taurus Man Come Back

If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship with a Taurus man, you already know how stubborn they can be. It was the first thing you ever learned about them. So, what does this stubbornness mean for a potential reconciliation? Will a Taurus man come back to you, even if you broke his heart? 

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Will, a Taurus man, come back to you after deciding your relationship isn’t what he wants? Well, there are a few ways in which you can tell, which I’ve included below. But if you’re dealing with an especially hard-to-crack Taurus, I also recommend reading this online guide. You should find more than a few tricks that will help you bring him back onto your couch, where he belongs. 

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Will a Taurus Man Come Back After a Break-up?

The keyword for Taurus is “I have.” If you strip these men of all of their personality traits, you’re left with pure, unaltered possessiveness. What they have is what they want to keep, at all costs. And this includes human relationships. If you and your Taurus man broke up recently, you could be sure that he has no peace. He is tossing and turning at the thought of losing you. 

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And it’s not even about you, as much as it is about him losing a romantic partner, about what he could have done better in order to keep his precious relationship. Yet, there’s a secondary aspect of a Taurus’ personality, that we shouldn’t forget. 

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Their stubbornness is legendary, and they would instead chain themselves to the bedpost than admit they were wrong. Depending on the reason why your relationship ended, things can go both ways. You can be sure that, deep down, your Taurus man would prefer you two are back together. 

Yet, if you made a grave mistake, his ego won’t let him take you back. At the same time, even if he ended things, it would be tough for him to revisit his decision. So it all depends on what you do. If you can appeal to that side of him that wants you back while letting him have his way, you can have him back in no time. 

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Will a Taurus Man Come Back After You’ve Cheated?

One of the main reasons why women leave Taurus men is their massive jealousy. They are pretty insecure and will turn blind with rage if they feel entitled to jealousy. Remember that they are rather fond of their possessions. Taurus rules the 2nd House of the Astrological chart. This House deals with security, with the material, tangible things that we surround ourselves with in order to feel safe. 

For a Taurus man, keeping what they have is a matter of personal security. This is why feelings of jealousy throw them off balance – they quite literally mean that someone else is trying to take their safety from them. 

If you’ve cheated on a Taurus man, may God be with you. I am sorry to say this, but the chances that he will forgive such a mistake are very slim. The only thing you can do is admit your mistake and show him how sorry you are. This probably won’t make him come back to you, but it might help make him feel a little bit better. 

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How do You Know Your Taurus Man Wants to Come Back?

Taurus men have plenty of qualities, but subtlety isn’t one of them. They rarely enjoy mind games or lingering looks. Their flirting doesn’t leave anyone guessing about their intentions. If a Taurus man wants to get back to you, you will know. 

They are stubborn, and their egos might prevent them from yelling it outright, but they won’t make it a secret, either. This can manifest as them texting your more often. They can be back to their old, friendly self. They might seem like they’re revisiting old memories of you two, or they could ask you to hang out more often. 

Either way, there will be a switch in how they act around you. They will put down their weapons and try to be more understanding.

How Can You Get Your Taurus Man Back?

To get a Taurus man back, you will need to work your way around his colossal head. You can’t seem like you’re questioning his decision, but you also don’t want to venture too far away from him. No matter what you do, make sure he knows you’re not seeing anyone else. Reassure him of your feelings, and be resilient. 

Show him the same level of stubbornness he has regarding the break-up. This will show you that you’re committed to getting him back, which is pretty much all he needs. As long as he knows that your heart beats for him, even if two aren’t together anymore, he will slowly give in to your advances. 

However, be warned that this might take a while. They are pretty slow to change their minds, so you will need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. 

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You came here wondering if a Taurus man can come back to you. The answer is quite simple. They dislike change, whatever that entails. Plus, they treat their relationships as personal belongings that they need to take care of. So a Taurus man will always prefer getting back to an old relationship than starting a new one. 

Of course, he will need some form of assurance that he isn’t making another mistake. But, as long as you can show him that you two can still be happy together, you’re on your merry way to getting that bull back!

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I recommend reading this online guide, as well. Against the strong will of a Taurus man, you need all the help you can get. There’s a lot of information in here about what makes these men tick, so you might find a faster way to get your Prince Charming back. Plus, you will need something to occupy your time with as you wait for your Taurus to change his mind. 

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