Why Do People Hate Geminis

Why Do People Hate Geminis

Ever since the dawn of Astrology, there was never a sign more hated than Gemini. I bet astrologers in the Middle Ages would have preferred to tell couples that their future child will get the plague rather that they are going to be Gemini. Whether this hate is entitled or not is not for me to decide. Although, if you were to ask me… 

Anyway, no one asked me. What I was asked is why do people hate Geminis, and this is what I am going to explore in the following article. Keep in mind that this site doesn’t have enough storage space for me to include every possible reason, so I tried to keep things reasonable. 

For all the rest of the reasons, you can check out this guide. It should give you a lot more information on this sensitive subject than my fingers can possibly type in a lifetime. 

1. Because of their dual nature

In order for Geminis to always be objective, they lean into their dual nature – the twins. Many people consider them to be two-faced for this reason. However, that’s not necessarily the case. The difference lies in their ultimate motives. A two-faced person will do or say contradictory things to gain some sort of personal advantage. 

On the other hand, a dual person will put themselves in the shoes of people on opposing sides of a situation. Geminis being dual means that they stay objective by considering all possible perspectives. They try to keep things as unemotional as possible to draw rational conclusions to any issue. 

Obviously, this doesn’t sit quite right with some people, who usually find them lacking empathy. Or, even worse, some would consider they are two-faced just because they try to be as fair as possible. But, of course, this constant back and forth between life values can become pretty tiring after a while, so I am not blaming anyone for their view on Geminis. Just to be precise. 

2. Because they don’t know when to stop it with the jokes

This social air sign can deflect any adverse situation with a little bit of humor. Their jokes are light-hearted and, most times, pretty funny. Even in those cases, when the jokes they crack are at the expense of someone else, they are generally harmless. Everyone who ever met a Gemini will be able to tell you that there’s never a dull moment when you’re out with them. 

Moreover, they seldom get mad when people make fun of them in return, so they’re generally a pretty jolly company to have. However, they really don’t know where to stop. There are moments when jokes are entirely inappropriate, and they wouldn’t be able to recognize those moments if they hit them in the face. Leave it to a Gemini to start making fun of someone who’s crying. 

They really do mean well, as they believe their jokes would help lift the spirits. Yet, sometimes, they can’t read a room and end up offending others. That’s because they believe all other people are just like them – entirely emotionally detached. However, we all know that not everyone can rely on their intellect alone to go through life, and emotions are a big part of being human. Well, humans other than Geminis. 

3. Because they’re smartasses

Give a Gemini an opportunity to show just how smart they are, and they will charge at it with full force. In fact, such an opportunity could never be presented, and an overzealous Gemini will still try to display their superior IQ for everyone to see. Whether it’s just using big, complicated words when that’s not necessary or throwing random facts at the supermarket cashier, they just can’t help it. 

Their brains are their best asset, as they are ruled by none other than Mercury – the planet of intellect and communication. The planet of information. As a result, Geminis take great pride in the sheer amount of knowledge they have, as well as their impeccable critical thinking skills. 

But a night out with friends is not the same as a Ted Talk, and we’re all getting pretty tired of being lectured on some obscure technology when we only want to get drunk. And this would also be completely fine if they were content with talking about their special interest. You know, Asperger’s style. But the meanest of Geminis will insist on correcting you and making you look like a fool for not having all of your facts right. Even when they, themselves, don’t have them right. 

4. Because they will break up with you over text

Lastly, continuing with the trend of emotional detachment, Geminis are the only ones who can do something like this with zero remorse. For them, breaking up with someone over text is the only way to go – you get to avoid a lot of drama, you save a lot of time, and you also employ the technology you love so much. 

Plus, after sending the dreaded text, you can just go Casper on your ex, never to be heard of again. They see it as a victimless crime, pretty much. And that’s because they fail to understand that other people have these things called feelings. That’s also the reason why they claim they hate drama; they just don’t get why people would have such big emotional reactions. 


So, why do people hate Geminis? Because they’re envious of how smart Geminis are, of course. All of you petty, emotional humans should grow thicker skin and learn to take a joke. After all, Geminis aren’t to blame for the fact that your low IQ won’t allow you to understand superior humor. Or, something like that. 

For all those of you who aren’t Geminis thus aren’t smart and well-read, I suggest you stop wasting your time and read this online guide. So you can finally keep up with a witty Gemini in a conversation. Maybe that will prevent you from hating on them out of pure envy. It’s not a cute look. 

Oh, and since I bet you also can’t catch subtleties as quickly as a Gemini, that was all sarcasm. 

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