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We would like to share my experiences and findings throughout our professional and personal lives. Once you understand the key foundations of each Zodiac sign, you’ll be able to understand your loved one a bit better.

Our mission

Here at My Zodiac Lover, we publish content related to astrology that help provide our community with relationship guidance as well as self-discovery and personal transcendence. 

We strongly believe that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what stage you are on your journey through life, you can improve your happiness. The shared vision of our team here at My Zodiac Lover, is to help you discover yourself and to increase your overall happiness.

Our team

We’re a team of Astrology enthusiasts, who share the same vision of our community. To help find Love & Purpose.

Catherine Anderson

Content Manager

Star Sign: Leo

My name is Catherine, originally from California. I’m a Love and Relationship Astrologer. While studying psychology I was intrigued by the idea of astrology playing a part of our love life. I started to read and read, I was reading everything to do with Astrology and Zodiacs. I started writing essays and the more I wrote, the more I believed. 

So one day I tried out what I’d been learning on a guy I was talking to, out of curiosity I wanted to see if it would help. The guy I was talking to at the time was a Taurus, I couldn’t believe how easy it was after applying just a few changes to my approach. It was like I ignited a fire, this discovery has shaped who I am today. 

It has allowed me to better understand myself and the people around me. Using the fundamental principles of astrology, I’ve been able to excel in my professional career and have a better understanding of the needs and wants of the people around me.

I would like to show you how important astrology is for relationships and the one you love. I encourage you to try the advice on this website. It changed my life and it could change yours too!

Jade Clarke

Senior Writer

Star Sign: Aries

I’m a proud mother of two lovely twins and an avid astrology enthusiast. I first discovered my fascination with astrology when I was growing up and my grandad used to teach me about all the different constellations. 

I combined my love for astrology and the English language and decided to venture out into the world of blog writing and I’ve not looked back. I love sharing my knowledge with likeminded individuals, the team at My Zodiac Lover are so friendly and there’s always plenty of positive energy!

James Bailey


Star Sign: Cancer

I’m a father, a husband, an ex-journalist, Psychologist and an Astrology writer. I like to share my findings and research with the audience here and on our social platforms. I love meeting new people and discussing theories surrounding Astrology. 

I consider myself an observer, I’m fascinated by people and why we do the things we do, this explains why I’m so intrigued by Astrology as it helps to explain the purpose behind our love & relationships. I’m a firm believe in communication being one of the best ways to keep a relationship healthy.

Email: [email protected]

Bree Grace

Social Manager

Star Sign: Aquarius

I work together with our awesome team of content writers and Astrologers to publish our content across our social platforms. I love engaging with our fans, answering their questions and passing feedback across from our community.

I’m a highly passionate lover of marketing, I enjoy brainstorming new ideas with the team for blog posts and social content for astrology, tarot and numerology for our audience. In my spare time, I’m busy training my Border Collie (Phoebe) or reading.

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