How to Win Back a Libra Woman - 5 top tips!

8 Tips on How to Win Back a Libra Woman

If you’ve recently been left by a Libra woman, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were desperately looking for ways to get her back. They are easy to love and difficult to forget.

But how do you win back a Libra woman? Knowing all about Libra women will make this task easier. Play by her rules, and you’re bound to get her back.

Libra man secrets was a game-changer for me, and I’m sure it will be of tremendous help to you, too. But before you check it out, let’s dive into getting to know Libra women a little better and learning how to win one back.

What Are Libras Like?

Libras are known to be one of the most charming zodiac signs out there. Some other things to know about them include:

They are pacifists. Libras have a strong sense of justice and always want to do right by others.

They are indecisive. Although known for having a hard time making decisions, this trait mostly stems from their desire to always do the right thing.

They can be idealistic. Since they always try to treat everyone fairly, it is easy for Libras to assume everyone else has good intentions, too.

They’re no strangers to vanity. They enjoy finding beauty in everything, including themselves.

They are very romantic. You’ve probably experienced this first-hand. A Libra woman in love tends to see the whole world through rose-colored glasses.

Do Libras Go Back to Their Exes?

Libras have a lot of love to give, and they don’t waste time giving it. For you, this means that there is a high chance you will be able to win your Libra ex back, but you will have to act quickly. If you don’t, she might find someone she deems more worthy of her time, attention, and love. So here are some things to do to make sure she comes back before it’s too late.

So How Do You Win Back a Libra Woman?

Knowing all about Libra women will make winning one back easier. For example, if you know that a Libra woman can be a little vain, you understand why giving her compliments is always a good move. So without further ado, here’s how to get back your Libra ex.

1. Pay Her Genuine Compliments

As I just mentioned, Libras love receiving compliments. But even more importantly, they love seeing that you mean it. Show her that you understand what an amazing woman you lost and that you’re willing to do anything to win her back.

Don’t only compliment her on her appearance. Instead, think of all the things you miss about her. Does she have a melodic laugh you love hearing? Is she an expert in making you feel better after a long and difficult day? Is she generally bubbly and lovable? Tell her!

2. Always Be Honest

Honesty should go beyond just compliments. Being lied to is the one thing that will drive her to close that door for you forever. Even if there are things you’d rather not let her know, swallow your pride and open up. She will appreciate the honesty way more than resenting the truth. This also means that whatever you promise you’ll do to win her back—you better do it!

3. Be Persistent – But Not Too Persistent

Your ex will wish to see that you really want her back—it will play into her vanity. However, if this persistence turns into pushiness, it will only push her away (pun not intended). Although indecisive, Libras like to keep their options open, so don’t take that away from her. Let me put it this way: Instead of pulling off grand romantic gestures, simply sit down with her and have a sincere and open conversation.

4. Listen Carefully

Remember that this Libra woman is, above all, a woman. She wants to be listened to and heard. So when she talks about the things she wishes you’d do differently, or when she tells you about her feelings, try to understand her point of view without putting your guard up. Honesty goes both ways. If she could get over things she didn’t like hearing, so can you.

5. Show Willingness to Compromise

This is probably the most important tip I can give you. No woman (and especially no Libra woman) wants to spend her life making compromises for someone who won’t do the same for her.

Show her that you’re willing to make certain sacrifices in order to make your joint long-term plans work. Whether this means fewer nights out with friends, doing more chores around the house, or even moving closer to where she lives, it will show her that you’re serious about wanting her in your life.

How to Keep a Libra Woman After Winning Her Back

You’ve worked hard, and you’ve won your ex back. Now you can finally relax and enjoy the rekindled relationship, right? Well, not really. Remember, Libras are indecisive.

The fact that she took you back doesn’t mean she is 100% sure of her decision. She’s probably still weighing her options.

Now is the time to keep all the promises you made while trying to get her back. Did you say you would make more time for her? You better do it. Did you promise to do a better job of talking about your feelings?

Start opening up! Unless you maintain the same level of enthusiasm about having her in your life, she’ll likely leave again. And this time for good.

Remember to occasionally read through all the steps I listed above. Remind yourself of all the things you should do to keep a Libra woman happy, and your relationship is bound to thrive.

And if you’d like to learn more about relationship dynamics, make sure to check out Libra man secrets. It has helped me fix the relationships in my life more than once, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

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