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How to Know When a Libra Man is Done with You - 9 signs!

Has your relationship been a little rocky with your Libra man?

Do you feel he’s a little distant lately or finding excuses not to hang out with you?

Are you curious to know how to tell when he’s completely given up?

If you’ve noticed your Libra guy acting differently or being distant then this might be because he’s lost interest in the relationship or given up completely.

I’m going to use the power of Astrology to help explain the personality of the Libra man. Which will give you a better understanding of how to know when a Libra man is done with you and the obvious signs he has moved on. 

Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach provides all the untold methods you need to know to in order to make your Libra man lust after you once more in Libra Man Secrets.

Libra natives are born between Sept 23rd and Oct 22nd 

The Libra belongs to one of the most down to earth and calm of the Zodiac signs. Libra guys are considered to be charming and well balanced. While their positive traits include: being natural peacemakers, idealistic and intelligent. It’s their negative traits that can indirectly allow them to give up within a relationship.

A Libra man’s negative traits include:

  • Extremely indecisive: spend hours weighing up the pros and cons of every decision
  • Avoid conflict: Libra guys are peacemakers and as such they avoid conflict or confrontation
  • Unreliable: Libra males are great fun to be around when they show up, they are not always there.
  • Self pity: Most Libra guys are incredibly self absorbed and will often cave into things not going their way.
  • Vain: The Libra man is a lover of beauty, which often includes themselves above others, they like to pamper and focus on their appearance.

Now you have some background on the Libra man’s negative traits, let’s look at the 9 signs to look for to help figure out when a Libra man is done with you:

How to know when a Libra man is Done with you

1. He doesn’t appreciate you anymore

The Libra man is a visual being, he craves beautiful objects and connections. He’s observant to pick up on even the most subtle change to your appearance, such as new earrings or if you’ve styled your hair differently, he will notice and compliment you.

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If you’ve stopped putting in effort with your appearance when you’re out for dinner or at the cinema, he’ll start to pick up on this and will slowly lose interest and won’t appreciate you like he once did.

2. He has a short fuse

Libra males prefer to avoid confrontation and opt for remaining neutral in conversation. They are well balanced individuals and prefer their relationships to be conflict free, they’ll often give in or avoid arguments or disagreements altogether.

If he feels manipulated or threatened he’s likely to snap and get upset or even angry, which is unlike the Libra man. If you notice your Libra guy has been snapping at nearly everything you say or do then there’s a big chance he’s done with you.

3. He’s distant and cold

A Libra man has great appreciation for his loved ones and are very giving during a relationship. Often going the extra mile to provide woman he loves with everything she needs. But if a Libra man is constantly tested and pushed to his limits, he’ll stop caring and put up a barrier around himself. There’s a few things you can do to get get a Libra man hooked again, read this guide on How to Attract a Libra Man Through Text.

This is where he’ll mention that he wants some space to himself as he is looking for detachment from the relationship.

4. He’s indecisive

One of the dominating negative traits of the Libra man is that they are incredibly indecisive, which makes a relationship hard.

He wants the best for you, but he’s unsure which one will be better. So, like I mentioned above, he’ll weigh up the pros and cons of each one often over complicating the simplest of things.

If you find your Libra man just agreeing with you and no longer being indecisive then as crazy as it sounds, he’s given up and no longer cares if you have a good time or not.

5. He no longer spends his time in the relationship

Libra men like to feel a connection with their loved ones, he wants to be appreciated and complimented. He thrives when his partner showers him with compliments on his appearance. If you’ve noticed your Libra man opting to spend more time with his friends than you then this is a sure sign that he’s lost interest.

A Libra man enjoys spending his money on buying materialistic items for the woman he loves, such as expensive gifts and trips to luxury destinations. Libra men are also big believers in public display of affection, they want to be seen and they want to be seen with you. This will include holding hands, kissing and taking selfies.

If your Libra man has stopped this type of lovey-dovey behavior then he’s clearly lost interest and likely thinking about breaking up with you.

6. He’s stopping trying to communicate

One positive trait of the Libra man is that he’s committed, to both his career and to his relationship. Libra men put a lot of effort in early on to create a foundation of interest with their partner. They are masters of communication and like to discuss various different topics in a social setting.

If your Libra man has stopped finding the time to text you or ask you interesting question and instead conforms to small talk then it’s a sign he’s over you.

7. He insults you

The Libra man is cunning, a sweet talker and charming especially during the honeymoon period, he’ll often sweep you off your feet with words and gentle gestures. However, this can soon turn sour, if he’s no longer interested in you. Instead of being playful with you, he’ll start to insult you which shows that he has lost some if not all respect for you. If he wants to break up with you but doesn’t know how, he may start to resent you and blame you for his indecisiveness.

8. He’s illusive

Another one of the negative traits of a Libra man, is that they are rather deceptive which can often be mistake for their cunning side. Once a Libra man has started thinking about breaking up with you, he’ll often resort to lying which tends to start off as small lies but soon become much bigger.

If you catch your Libra man flicking through Instagram or looking at other girls but when you question it, he’s startled and clearly lying, it’s likely he is. He’s already shown you that he’s distant, this is just another sign that he’s no longer interested in the relationship.

9. He’s vengeful

If your Libra man is constantly trying to undermine you and question everything you do then it’s likely he doesn’t respect you and wants the relationship to end. Keeping in mind a Libra man hates conflict and confrontation but yet you’re seeing a different side to this behavior and he’s actually trying to sabotage your efforts.

Your Libra man will often resort to immature and irrational mood swings and you’ll likely feel that no matter what you do he’s going to emotionally punish you.

In Summary

All in all, if you get to this point in your relationship with a Libra man where you find yourself wondering if he’s done with you, then it unfortunately you’re in for an emotionally testing ride. Libra men are one of the most deceptive of the zodiacs and he’s going to really push you to your limits, that’s if you really want it to work with him.

Sometimes it’s just not worth the heartache and pain, it’s better to cut your losses and move on.

I hope this article helped!

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