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Astrology is the foundation of our relationships, whether that be with friends or lovers.

Explore my content to find out how astrology is at the root of love, sex and compatibility between zodiacs. You may even be a little surprised to read how accurate and relevant our guides are to your personality and traits.



Compatible Astrology

This site looks at how astrology can be used to understand and predict people and relationships.


When a Pisces Woman Is Hurt

When a Pisces Woman Is Hurt Introduction Pisces women are known for being naïve and optimistic. While this makes them great partners, it unfortunately means

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What Planet Rules Scorpio

What Planet Rules Scorpio Introduction What planet each zodiac sign corresponds to has a great influence on the personality types of individuals born to those

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Aquarius Woman When Hurt

Aquarius Woman When Hurt Introduction Aquarius women have a reputation as being strong, independent, and logical—but that doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt. If you

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