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How to make a Cancer man happy (12 must read ways)

Cancer men are sensitive, sentimental, and they make for some of the most caring partners around.

Once you have experienced the warm, loving, emotional embrace of a Cancer man, you will never want to lose him, as men who belong to other zodiac signs can lack the ability to be as understanding and emotionally receptive as Cancer men.

For this reason, once you have landed in the arms of a Cancer man, you will likely want to keep him around and happy forever.

Below I will give you 12 ways to make a Cancer man happy and keep him in your life.

Before I dive into the different ways. I thought it might be a good time to mention Anna Kovach, an astrologer who’s created Cancer Man Secrets. It’s full of untold secrets which will help you to get the upper hand with your Cancer man. 

How to make a cancer man happy

Allow him to express his emotions.

For a Cancer man, having the freedom to express what is on his heart and mind and being allowed to be open regarding his emotions is extremely important for his long-term happiness. When a Cancer man suppresses his feelings, negative thoughts and emotions can start boiling under the surface, and this is when you will be met with a more grumpy, “crabby” version of the Cancer man. Aim to build a relationship where you are open and honest toward each other.

Be independent, but do rely on him as well

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A Cancer man wants to be with a woman who knows how to look after herself and who knows how to make an excellent first impression. Avoid being overly co-dependent and show him your independent side. At the same time, also allow him to do things for you as well. Cancer men dislike needy, clingy women, yet they do need to feel needed in their woman’s life. There is a fine line between being “needy” and asking a man to merely assist you with challenging tasks and chores. Make sure you do not cross this line with him.

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Listen to what he says.

Cancer men are incredibly expressive, and they need to have someone in their life who listens to what they go through. Even though he has told you the same story hundreds of times, and even though you likely know what he will say next, just listen to him and show him you are there and that you care. He will notice this, and he will always want to come to you to unload his troubles.

Be nice to his mom

The Zodiac sign Cancer represents a strong connection to the maternal figure, more specifically, the mother. Most Cancer men are mommy’s boys, and this is something they will likely never grow out of. If you want to maintain a secure relationship with him, I suggest you also aim to keep a secure connection with his mother as well. If you are dating a Cancer man, you are also dating his mother, and it is essential to keep both of them happy. 

Love his family

Cancer rules over the fourth house of home and family in astrology. Due to this, the majority of Cancers have an unbreakable bond and connection to their family. To a Cancer, their family is everything. Like with their mother, you also need to get along with a Cancer man’s family if you want to keep him happy. Any animosity between you and members of his family can cause him to doubt whether you are the one for him, as his family’s approval of his partner is essential to his long term happiness.

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Have more nights in than nights out

Most Cancer men are homebodies, and they prefer to be in the relaxing comfort of their own home over being out and about in public. He will likely prefer candlelit dinners, romantic music, cuddles, and Netflix and chill in his safe space over a night out in the town. Avoid asking him to go out and socialize too much, as he can quickly become uncomfortable and unsettled when he is away from his comfort zone for too long.

Buy sentimental gifts

Memories of the past are extremely important to Cancer men, and they hold their memories deeply in their hearts. A Cancer man has a profoundly sentimental side. Getting him gifts that remind him of you or that remind him of memories and past experiences you shared will make him extremely happy. He will likely hold onto these gifts forever, as anything a Cancer man has a sentimental connection to, he will cherish all his life.

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Relive his past memories with him

Your Cancer man will likely have all kinds of weird and wonderful adventures and experiences he loves, as it holds sentimental value and a connection with his childhood. Whether it is going to his favorite park, buying cupcakes that reminds him of his Grandmother’s baking, or taking black and white photos with an outdated film camera, be sure that you are there with him by his side. Show him you support everything he loves doing.

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Cook up a feast!

An old saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This couldn’t be any more true when it comes to making a Cancer man happy. Cancer men have a weakness for home-cooked meals and treats, and the best way to get a Cancer man wrapped around your finger is to make sure his stomach is always filled with yummy food you put time and care into making for him.

Remove some pressure from his shoulders.

Cancer men have an undying duty to provide for their family and partner, and they can put quite the amount of pressure onto themselves to be a provider. They will rarely express their fears and worries regarding this, as they do not want to seem like they are weak. Try to help your Cancer man out by offering to pay for some of the bills. Take some of the family-related and financial responsibilities on yourself, if possible, to alleviate the pressure from your Cancer man.

Enjoy being a housewife.

If you are more focused on your career over maintaining a family and household, then maintaining a happy, secure relationship with a Cancer man can be tricky. A Cancer man wants a woman who will take on all the household responsibilities while he ensures the bills are paid. Make his day by letting him come home to a well cleaned, well-kept home with the aroma of a delicious home-cooked dinner lingering in the air.

Be romantic

There will likely not be a lack of romance coming from your Cancer man’s side, as in the Zodiac, Cancer men rank high in the romance department. Reciprocate his romantic gestures with your own romantic gestures.

He loves being romanced and spoiled just as much as he enjoys doing the romancing himself, so every now and then, allow him to sit back, relax, and woo him with what you’ve got!

If you’re still having issues trying to make your Cancer man happy, then it’s time to try Cancer Man Secrets. It’s the ultimate guide created by Astrologer, Anna Kovach. She goes into great detail covering topics such as Cancer personality traits to obvious ways to make him satisfied. 

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