Getting the attention of a Scorpio man isn’t too much of a complex task. As long as your eyeliner is flawless and you keep an air of mystery about you, I bet you could take your pick of Scorpio men in a couple of weeks. 

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Of course, the problem arises when trying to keep a Scorpio man for yourself. Because, as you may know, there is no shortage of mysterious girls with perfectly winged liners. But, since I know you are deeply in love with him (there’s no other way with one of those), I will give you some useful pointers on how to keep a Scorpio man hooked. 

Most of this information comes from my personal experience, but I sometimes like to reference Scorpio Man Secrets when deciphering different signs. Reading this deepened my understanding of astrology, which allowed me to view Scorpios in a completely different light. 

1. Don’t play the hot and cold game. 

I know Cosmo said boys love the hot and cold game, but Scorpios are a fragile exception to this rule. Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, which mythology represents as the God of the Underworld, Hades. Thus, Scorpio energy is very intense, transformative, and painful. Scorpio falls in love fast, and it falls hard. Scorpio feelings border on obsession, and they can be very jealous and insecure. 

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If you get close to him only to pull back, this won’t make him hooked. On the contrary, it will make him anxious and suspicious. His feelings will turn sour, as he will think you are doing this to play with his feelings. Yes, because they are also absolute crybabies. 

If you want to keep him for yourself, you will need to assure him you’re just as devoted to him. You can’t have eyes for anyone else, and the passion you feel for him burns in your very core. It rips you open from inside. Or something along those lines. 

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2. Show him you’re trustworthy. 

Furthering the theme of suspicion, lying to a Scorpio is a big no-no. Pluto gives Scorpio a very investigative mind, able to pick up the smallest details and conclude you’re lying to him. Sometimes, this is a useful skill to have, because they really do realize when people are not being honest. 

Yet, other times their suspicious mind finds lies and betrayals where there are none. If you want to keep healthy communication with your Scorpio man, you need to be completely transparent. You can’t give him any reason to doubt you, otherwise, his fears will slowly eat away at him. 

To cultivate a sentiment of trust, you can become vulnerable and show him your deepest fears and heartbreaks. The lord of the Underworld loves darkness, death, transformation. Scorpios want to see the darkest parts of you. because they will love you for them. This is how they help you heal. 

This is why you should let your guard down when you’re with them, and show them emotional tenderness. Show them the real you and don’t put up any walls. 

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3. Don’t make fun of him. 

Scorpios already deal with a tremendous amount of feelings. They are a fixed sign, which means they embody the energy of their element the strongest. Plus, they are reluctant to change, so they don’t really leave their comfort zone a lot. 

Well, their element is Water, which deals with emotions, the physical body, and the past. This makes Scorpio the most emotionally vulnerable sign, but also stubborn enough not to try processing their emotions. 

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For their inquisitive mind, any small, innocent joke could have two meanings. If you make jokes at their expense, they will start overthinking and internalizing them. This might make them feel intense feelings of shame, which could turn into a barrier between you two. 

Always make sure to treat your Scorpio man’s feelings with uttermost care, because they feel things very deeply. Not only that, but they are also prone to being suspicious, which means that you might end up hurting their feelings without you even noticing. 

4. Never make him jealous. 

This should go without saying, but making him jealous is probably the best way to lose him. I know that in some toxic relationship dynamics with a Scorpio, some might enjoy making them jealous. It could even make them learn important lessons about their emotions. 

But, generally, it’s a bad idea to flirt with other people and make him jealous. It takes very little for them to start thinking you’re looking to hurt them. Plus, they can only feel secure in the relationships if they know you love them with the same kind of fatalist intensity they feel. 

If you spark his jealousy, he will consider that a betrayal of your very, very special connection. Even though he might not have an outward expression of his jealousy, I could bet his emotional space would be a mess. 

5. Stay away from small talk. 

The trademark Scorpio intensity doesn’t only relate to feelings. When talking to other people, Scorpio wants to know everything there is to know about that person. They want to skip the boring small talk and get a glimpse into your soul. 

They want to hear your saddest stories and what you think about what happens after we die. Dark, taboo and hidden topics might represent an interest for them. Your Scorpio man would probably like to think about challenging social norms, traditions, hidden civilizations, aliens, mental health issues.

For his passionate love to take hold, you will need to create a safe, vulnerable space in which you can both talk about your darkest secrets. You need to open yourself up for him to do the same. And it truly helps if you show an interest in anything bizarre. 

You can discuss fashion, magic, psychology, crimes and mysteries, watch horror movies and explore the shadows together. This is where Scorpio feels comfortable and shines their brightest. Ironically. 

6. Show vulnerability (but not all of it). 

Continuing with the trend of vulnerability, you’ll want to be an open book for your Scorpio man. He will ask for your most embarrassing childhood stories and the meanest things your dad ever said to you. 

Your relationship must have a healing, transformative quality for true love to blossom. In turn, he will do the same, and share his deepest thoughts and strongest rooted fears. You should listen to him and offer empathy. Show him you understand his feelings. 

This dynamic will create a lot of tenderness between you, but you should also be careful not to forget about your limits. You don’t need to share information that you haven’t yet processed. You don’t need to be completely vulnerable if you don’t feel comfortable doing that. 

There is certain information that you can keep for yourself, especially if you feel it can be used against you. You don’t owe anyone full access to yourself. Sometimes it’s useful to employ some caution, especially when dealing with someone who is highly emotional and prone to feelings of revenge. 

7. Give him space to digest his emotions. 

With such a permanent emotional rollercoaster, Scorpios need time to process their feelings, by themselves. No matter how strong your connection might be, your Scorpio man will need some time alone once in a while. This has nothing to do with you. It’s just a way for them to gather themselves and analyse their feelings in complete solitude. 

This does not even mean you need to leave him alone in the house. Instead, you should look into a way to offer him some emotional space of his own. Maybe set a rule that you won’t call or text him for a couple of hours every few days, so he can be completely focused on himself. 

Alternatively, you can buy him a journal and encourage him to write down his feelings when he’s feeling overwhelmed. Teach him your ways of coping with emotions and let him do most of the lifting himself. 

It’s not uncommon for Scorpio men to project their negative feelings on their loved ones, and you will quickly become exhausted if you always try to comfort him. It would be a lot healthier if you allowed him to learn to comfort himself.

8. Sprinkle a bit of magic.

Scorpios lose their marbles over romance and the hidden forces behind destiny. You can cultivate this feeling in your relationship by introducing some elements of magic. Write him love letters, wear matching bracelets, go to your first date spot regularly. 

There’s no better way to melt a Scorpio’s heart than putting on a show of complete, dramatic romance, so take him to the theatre. Kiss in the rain, profess undying love under the moonlight. Scorpio energy is pretty much the first love energy. Go back to your teenage self and devote yourself fully. 

Light candles, exchange loads of kisses, invent a special language only the two of you know. All of these little things paint a picture of a fated relationship. You will slowly slide into a consuming romance, in which you both feel like you’ve found your soulmate. 

No matter how cheesy you’ll get, he will appreciate it and return the favour. These little romantic routines will keep both of you gentle enough towards each other. Which is vital for those moments when highs turn into lows, and you both descend into the depths of despair. Obviously, over something of questionable significance. 

9. And the obvious one. 

I am trying to keep this PG, but sexual interaction is not something I can avoid talking about in this instance. Scorpios are absolute horndogs, which means that a healthy sexual relationship is absolutely crucial for their happiness. You should leave your insecurities on the side and enjoy the pleasures of the body whenever you get the chance. 

If you can spice things up once in a while, with new lingerie or a shiny new fantasy, he won’t ever take a second look at another girl. Your looks aren’t even that important for him, as long as you are willing to explore your desires and let go of your inhibitions. 

On the contrary, if you remain somewhat closed off towards your sex life, he might internalize that. His mind will quickly determine it must be his fault, which will make him sad and hurt. And when those feelings reach a certain point, he will begin suspecting you might be cheating on him or holding information from him. 

The bedroom is the place where all of his intensity is expressed fully. So, when denying him complete surrender in this space will plant a seed of doubt into his head. This could potentially mean an avalanche of negative feelings about himself and your relationship, which might make him start acting toxic. 

Final Words

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man, I completely understand the need to look into ways to keep him hooked. Not only are they prone to starting a new relationship, but they can sometimes even become emotionally abusive if they’re too insecure. 

Remember that walking on eggshells around him shouldn’t happen all the time, but it is, indeed, helpful to look into ways to make him feel more comfortable. 

If you’d like to learn some more insights into the mind of a Scorpio man, I would recommend Scorpio Man Secrets. It was a true lifesaver when I needed to decipher the minds of some of my friends. If you are not convinced this article is enough to keep your Scorpio by your side, you could try browsing through the guide for more tips. 

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