Aries Animal Sign

Aries inaugurates the Zodiac Wheel. Its bursting energy is stimulating and encouraging for the rest of the signs. So, it is no surprise that their Spirit Animal is strong, voracious, fearless, and why not? Daring and hungry for more.


And if you are not familiar enough with this Zodiac sign, don’t worry. Below you will find out all about their character and approach to life. After all, astrology is a wonderful resource to learn about the mysteries of the human psyche. But it is not enough to just read a list of personality traits to fully get it.

Therefore, knowing about the Spirit Animal of each sign helped me to understand more deeply every impulse that encourages Aries to be the way they are.

This is why I invite you to download the Aries Man Secrets guide of the description to find out a little more about this wonderful source of knowledge.

Now, to have a sense of what I’m talking about, read on to learn about the animal representing the energy of Aries and its spiritual meaning.

What is Aries’ Spirit Animal?

I know what you are thinking, and you are absolutely right. A tiger, a lion, or a wolf, are all animals that accurately represent the burning energy of Aries.

But I would go a step further since Aries is not just any ordinary being. The animal that best represents them is the Dragon. Not only does it have all the attributes of the animals listed above, but it has that majestic flair that makes it ideal to portray the nature of Aries. And as I explain the matter, we will discover that the Ram also serves as a symbol of its essence.

Aries main traits:

People born under the sign of Aries are natural leaders. Their active spirit drives them to take the lead, especially in those projects for which they are passionate.

They yearn to excel at what they do and invest all their effort into succeeding. They are inherently competitive and enthusiastic and do not need to be pushed by others to set out on a new path.

However, they are individualistic and find it difficult to take others’ needs into account. They are also territorial and do not allow outsiders to cross their boundaries or to mess with their loved ones.

Dragons and Aries:

And this is where I introduce the Dragon. Like Aries, they are very defensive of their territory and drive away with their burning fire whoever dares to challenge them.

Their family and friends are the treasure they protect inside of their castle, as their big heart prevents anyone from harming them.

They are very cunning and devise sound strategies to fight their enemies. But regardless of their intelligence, dragons have very acute senses, detecting even the most silent beings, just like Aries. They adapt very quickly to their circumstances and can guess the movements of others before they even think about it.

Winning a battle against a Dragon, as well as someone born under the sign of Aries, is not an easy feat and requires a lot of hard work to accomplish.

Ram and Aries:

And now it is Ram’s turn. Like Aries, they are stubborn and tend to reject any opinion other than their own. They do not welcome advice and have a very short temper. Also, they often settle disputes with fights that include ramming their heads into others.

That is why they are the symbol of this Zodiacal sign. They are stubborn and strong-willed, able to endure great trials and challenges to reach their goal. They are proud of who they are and do not seem to mind what others think of them.

The meaning of Aries

People born between March 21st to April 21st were born under the Aries Sun Sign. This Zodiacal sign is represented by the planet Mars, which symbolizes impulsiveness, action, desire, and energy.

For this reason, people born under the sign of Aries are very dynamic, fond of sports, and go to great lengths to get what they want.

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, they have a very driven personality, which marks the start of a process. They may not know what the outcome of their drives will be, yet this won’t stop them from moving forward.

They love freely, and although they tend to be aggressive, they are not resentful. They are spontaneous and quickly forget the reasons why they were angry a few moments ago.

Their spiritual being involves enthusiasm, optimism, openness, and the wonder of a fresh new start.

Aries’ natural element

Each Zodiacal sign is characterized by one of the four elements known to man: earth, air, water, and fire.

This element indicates how the individual interprets their experiences, as well as giving further insight into their personality.

Aries is ruled by the Fire element. And what does it mean? Well, fire is lively, hot, it burns if you get too close to it, and it warms you on a cold night.

Like fire, Aries has a contagious energy. If you piss them off, they can harm you instantly. However, some water will be enough to cool them off and make them forget their rage.

The Fire sign zodiacs are known to be candid and trusting, as they open their hearts to those around them without fear. They are passionate and must live life to the fullest. These signs loathe humdrum and dull activities, for life is an adventure and should be savored as one.

Closing thoughts

It is a challenging task to choose a single animal to signify such vast energy as that of Aries. Yet, the dragon and the ram condense their essence properly, which will orient you when interacting with a fellow Aries.

Take me as an example. My interactions with Aries were never very promising. Before I learned about their many wonderful attributes, I used to constantly fight with them and play the victim.

But after acquiring the Aries Man Secrets guide, my relationships took an unexpected positive turn. Aren’t you curious to learn about it for yourself? Don’t feel sorry for missing out!


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