Why Are Capricorns So Hated

Let me preface this by saying that Capricorns aren’t exactly hated. We’re much rather scared to death of them. How can they do all of the things they do? How can they work so hard? Don’t they get tired? What is it all about with those lumpy knees? Why are they so skinny? They’re making my skin crawl. 

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Yet, since I am here to answer the question of “why are Capricorns so hated,” I will try giving it a fair shot. If any Capricorns read this, please have mercy, Sir. I am nothing but a puny Astrology jokester. I bow before your greatness. 

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These individuals may have amazing personality traits, but they actually have the greatest number of haters of all the signs of the zodiac. Based on astrology, this is why Capricorns are so hated:

1. They’re as cold as ice

If you ever met a Capricorn, you already know that getting a smile out of them feels like you just won a marathon. These Earth signs are the very definition of cold. When meeting new people, most times, they will act like they don’t see the stranger. Capricorns tend to be rather private by nature. Their lives are busy enough as is; they don’t need another “friend” asking them for some of their time.

People under this zodiac sign barely talk about anything. Secrets about intimate issues and personal histories are one thing, but Capricorns never share any information about themselves. Because you don’t know who they are, this makes it difficult to understand them as someone new in their life.

Even when it comes to their long-term friends, Capricorns are even more talented at ghosting than their fellow Aquarius. One wrong step and they have no issue cutting all contact. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been best friends since kindergarten. It doesn’t matter you tried holding their hand at their grandma’s funeral. It’s enough for them to consider that you’re using too many abbreviations in your text messages. It makes them look bad. 

These are all done out of an exaggerated sense of self-preservation. Their hearts are, actually, so fragile that they will cut anyone before they have a chance of hurting them. Of course, they end up hurting themselves first. But, at least they don’t have to suffer through the shame of suffering at someone else’s hand. 

Some people find it difficult because they are not openly emotional. Capricorns just need the right people around them. They need people who understand them without judging them. This applies to the majority of strong headed zodiacs. With the right partner, Capricorns can achieve many things.

There is rarely any emotion displayed by a Capricorn that reveals their inner state of mind. It is quite common for them to adopt a single facial expression and stick with it throughout the day or week. Do not even think about asking them what their mood is. This is one of the many things a zodiac sign that hates being asked because they do not enjoy explaining themselves or having their minds picked. As a result? A great deal of confusion.

2. Their egos are fragile

Capricorns rule the 10th House of the Astrological chart. This house is known as the House of Enterprise, at it rules over your earthly legacy. This includes your career and your reputation. Naturally, Capricorns care a fair deal about how they are seen in society. The smallest threat to their reputation can throw them into the deepest wells of despair. Capricorns tend to be extremely intelligent, but they are also giant know-it-alls.

Since they base so much of their self-worth on how they are perceived, their egos are very fragile. About as fragile as an Aries’. It really isn’t rocket science to hurt a Capricorn, even though they would rather die than admit they were hurt. For this reason, they are quite difficult to deal with. No one really wants to hurt others. When we inevitably do, we’d all like to know, so we can make sure it won’t happen again. 

Well, that’s borderline impossible when dealing with a Capricorn. If you – well, when you – hurt a Capricorn’s feelings, they will do their best to hide that. But, on the inside, they will start resenting you. Before long, they will become passive-aggressive, and you will have no idea what you did to deserve this kind of treatment. To the point that they think only of their responsibilities, they take their responsibilities too seriously. Having such a serious nature may make them seem aloof and rigid.

3. They’re too conservative

As an Earth sign, one of their most prominent traits is their stubbornness. It’s almost impossible to convince a Capricorn that they’re wrong about something. And that wouldn’t be a problem, in itself, if their views relied on actual facts. Or if they kept with the times. Instead, they are wildly conservative. 

If you ever met someone who still believes women shouldn’t ask men out on dates, you were probably talking to a Capricorn. Or a Taurus who hasn’t left the house in a while. Some traditionalistic views are quite endearing; there’s no denying that. But we all have to keep up with the times and shed those beliefs that we inherited from our great-grandfathers. 

Capricorns are overly critical of others. Criticism is something Capricorns are very capable of delivering. Everything they do is aimed at achieving the best results. They do not hesitate to express their displeasure when anything within this range falls below what they want.

Combined with the fact that they are ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, hard work, structure, and traditions, you can see how Capricorns aren’t the most fun people to have at a party. They are, pretty much, the racist uncle that always asks why didn’t you get a girlfriend yet over the Thanksgiving dinner. Also, don’t put up with incompetent, careless, and stupid people.

4. They’re all work and no play

Of all the 12 astrological signs, the sea goat is the most serious. Capricorns are the master drivers in the zodiac sign, and they relish this role in pursuit of their goals. Although most people are happiest when they’re drinking or partying, Capricorns are happiest when they’re working to reach their goals.

Leave it to a Capricorn to judge you because you aren’t doing enough overtime. Most of them are so involved with their work that they will gladly neglect their family, friends, pets, houseplants, and anything in between. Just so they can climb the corporate ladder faster. It’s not that they are selfish or greedy. To them, it seems like this is the way to go when they care about their loved ones. 

During arguments with their partners, I bet most of them probably say, “I know I am not home much, but I will be able to retire faster, and then we can spend all the time in the world together.” The only problem is that no one wants to wait that long to have a life. And tomorrow isn’t promised. No matter how much money they make, their loved ones would much rather spend their weekends with them. But, you know. Good luck telling them that. 

Capricorn is a more mature zodiac sign, which can give the impression that they never have fun or aren’t that adventurous. As a Capricorn Sun, they are generally straightforward and ambitious, so they focus on getting things done and taking their things seriously, which can make them appear immature to other people.

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People hate Capricorns because they suppress their inner emotions and are actually some of the most fake people on this earth. However, with qualities such as loyalty and hard work, people born under this sign are worth the struggle.

The list can go on and on, but I am already afraid of the Capricorns I potentially got mad. I tried keeping all insulting remarks at a minimum since we already know how fragile their egos are. The wind could blow a certain way in a Capricorn’s direction, and they’re suddenly blinded by childish rage. 

The information in this online guide contains no censorship. It’s because the author chose to remain anonymous, which allowed them to tear Capricorns a new one. That’s where you will find the actual juicy details, but I recommend installing a VPN before downloading it. You never know what kind of Capricorn hackers lurk in the shadows. 


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