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When a Cancer man has a crush on you (How does he act)

When a Cancer Man Has a Crush On You - Clear Signs a Cancer Man Likes You!

Cancer men can be quite a mystery. 

How do Cancer men act when they have a crush on you?

You need to know so, you’re prepared when he makes his move.

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The Cancer zodiac sign is symbolized by the crab, and they are known to be somewhat “crabby.” Cancer is a water sign, and he does not disclose his feelings readily, and it can be challenging to know what this man is thinking.

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When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he may act in mysterious ways, and he may use subtle gestures to show you he is interested. Out of all the zodiac signs, these are the most sentimental and caring, and it is easy to like them.

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A Cancer man is generally respectful to everyone he meets; therefore, it is essential to know the signs that he likes you. Below I will explain how you may identify these signs in the Cancer man.

The nature of the Cancer man

Cancer guys are talkative, however, only to those that they know, like, and feel comfortable around. It takes some time to warm up to a new person, therefore if he seems cold and distant initially, don’t let this scare you off.

Over time, as a Cancer man warms up to someone and forms a crush on them, he will share his soul and may tell them all his worries and secrets.

As symbolized by the crab, a Cancer man has a protective shell, just like the crab in which he hides away from danger. To get the him to open up, you slowly and carefully need to lure him out of his shell.

I suggest you do not move too fast, and you take things as easy and slow as you can with him and harness a lot of patience. If you push him too soon, this man will retreat back into his shell, hide from you, and you will have no idea what went wrong.

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If you have a crush and want to be in a relationship with a Cancer man, you genuinely need to learn to love him. Dating a Cancer man is not for the faint of heart, as these men may tend to be somewhat moody and cranky.

If you like him and have your heart set on the romantic, sentimental Cancer man, I would advise you to prepare for his up and down moods, and spend time to get to know his true nature. Like the Moon, that rules over Cancer has many different phases, so does this guy, he has many different moods and emotions.

When a Cancer man is in a good, loving spirit, he will shower you with so many lovely gestures; you may feel like the luckiest and happiest woman in the world!

A Cancer man is incredibly charming, and he knows how to romance and knock the socks off of any woman, like a real Casanova! Many women may already have a crush on him or like him.

These men will innocently flirt with other women; however, they will only give their love to one person who they deem as worthy. Once he has given his heart to someone, his devotion and loyalty are unshakeable.

There are many different signs to know if a Cancer man likes you.

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1. He confides in you

A Cancerian man does not open up to and confide in strangers. He will not bear his heart and soul to someone he does not trust and like. If this man is opening up to you and telling you his deepest emotions and thoughts, it is an excellent sign he trusts you, is interested in you, and has a crush on you. He wants to make sure he can trust you before he tells you he’s secrets, so don’t be worried if this can take sometime.

He’s the type of guy to ask you for help with his homework even if he’s already finished it, he’s often overthinking ways to spend a bit more time with you, instead of finding the confidence to just ask you out. So instead, he’ll ask your advice about something that’s really bothering him, don’t be surprised if he asks your advice on a girl he likes *wink wink*, yeah that’s right you. Of course, he thinks he’s clever enough that you won’t know who he’s talking about.

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2.Romantic gestures

Cancerian men, like all water sign men, are the kings of romantic gestures. Cancer guy will spoil you with candlelit dinners; they will write you love songs and poems, and they will buy you expensive gifts to display his affection.

It might take him some time to make the first move, but when a your crush is going out of his way to show you he is interested and has a crush on you, it is one of the signs a he likes you.

A Cancer man in love is the king of romance and does many little things to display his love and appreciation.

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3.He introduces you to his mother

Cancer guys are very close to their mother, they love them dearly, and no matter what, their mother remains the most critical person in their life. If he introduces you to his family, but more importantly, his mother, it means he sees you as more than a crush, he sees you as girlfriend material, and he is proud of you and wants to show his mom the girls he is with.

This is one of the surefire signs a he likes you!

If he does not introduce you to his family after a few months, it might mean he is not too serious about you, he possibly does not love you and is just having some fun.

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4.He invites you over to his place

Home is very important to a him, and it is his haven. A Cancer man does not allow anyone to enter his sanctuary, especially a woman he does not have feelings for. He likes a motherly, homely kind of woman. If he invites you over and allows you into his personal space, it is one of the signs a he likes you, he trusts you and likely has a big crush on you.

5. He’s shy around you

He’ll more than often be very quiet when in your presence, he’s worried he’ll say the wrong thing and embarrass himself. You may notice him blush, or get his words mixed up. This is a great sign that he’s into you!

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6. He’s always there

Have you noticed that he’s always somehow in the same place as you? There’s a big chance that this Cancer guy has a thing for you. He’s too shy to act on it, but he wants to be around you as he hopes you’ll warm up to him.

One of my ex-boyfriends, his zodiac sign was Cancer. We used to work together at the cinema in my town, even on his day off he’d find a reason to come in and have a chat. He never asked me out, I saw him as a friend because we had a few things in common like choice in directors and we liked the same films.

You know one of those friendships, where other people notice a spark before you do? This was one of those, so I remember asking him out and of course he didn’t decline!

Just keep in mind, you’ll likely have to make the first move with a Cancer man.

7. He becomes jealous about other guys

Even though he isn’t capable of explaining how he feels nor finding the confidence to ask the girl he likes out on a date. One thing’s for sure, he’ll be the first to say negative things about any other men on the scene.

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a Cancer man has a thing for you, he’ll start saying nasty comments about some of your male friends. Of course, family is off limits.

But if you’re a bit friendly with some of your male co-workers or if you’ve got a few guy friends, don’t be surprised if he starts to pick at their faults.

8. He starts talking about you to other people

Cancer men try to stay well clear of gossip and drama, but when he likes someone he cannot stop talking about her. He’ll find a way to spring her up into conversation. Of course, he won’t mention how he’s feeling but he’ll find ways to constantly talk about his crush.

9. He dresses up

If a Cancer man is unable to say how he’s feeling with words, he’ll look for other silent means to do so. One of which is dressing to impress. You will rarely see him not looking his best, he’ll never let you see him wearing joggers that’s for sure.

This is a good indicator that he’s got a crush on you, if he’s started to dress nicer when he’s around you or if he’s got himself a new haircut.

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When a Cancer man has a crush on you

Be patient

Cancerians are some of the most sensitive men out there, and they do not put on a “macho,” “alpha male” facade like some of the men from other zodiac signs. They are more sensitive, and due to this, a relationship with a Cancer guy can take time to blossom. A Cancer guy does not pursue a partnership or love hastily, as he is protecting his soul from being broken. Once he is sure you will not break his heart, he will move past the crush stage, and a deep relationship will start developing.

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He can be cautious & defensive

It is in the his nature to protect himself, as he knows falling in love too fast can crush him. When a Cancer man likes you, but he is showing you his more crabby, moodier side, do not see this as a warning sign. Cancer guys immediately put up walls when they think they are going to get hurt, and it has nothing to do with you, it is just in his nature. Be understanding about this.

Be there for him

Cancer men have many moods, and sometimes they can allow their negative attitudes to get the best of them. A Cancer male is used to other people rejecting him and his emotions; therefore, if you show him you will not reject him when he is in one of his more negative moods and mind states, he will open up to you more, and this will bring him closer to you.

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Public displays of affection

If you want to date a Cancer guy, you need to be OK with PDA. He likes showing his love publicly and is not shy to show his devotion to the world, and when he does this, it is one of the good signs! A Cancer guy wants to make it known to everyone when he is in a relationship.

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He will kiss you in front of his friends, and hold your hand in the mall.

A Cancer male needs to always feel connected to you.

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