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how to make a taurus woman miss you

Taurus is a slow, down-to-earth sign that is independent and stubborn when choosing its life path. This zodiac sign enjoys sensual delights and all the beautiful things that life throws at them, making these women very attractive but also tricky to conquer.

Do you want to know how to make a Taurus woman miss you?

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A romantic relationship with Taurus women can be a very challenging journey. These girls are quiet, calm, and not very expressive, so one of the goals that every romantic suitor seeks is to make Taurus miss them.

To do that, you will need to entice her in a way that really touches her heart, and you can do it by following the following suggestions.

Be funny.

Taurus women dig funny people that make her laugh. Not just little giggles, though, but deep belly laughs!

So if you are a funny person, and want a Taurus woman to chase you, make sure you keep her smiling the whole date, and you’ll win her heart easily.

Smell good.

Taurus’s world is ruled by senses. After all, it’s a Venus ruled sign. That’s why a Taurus woman adores a lovely perfume, so if you want her to miss you after the date, use a special kind of fragrance.

The Taurus woman’s head will be turned if you leave a delicious trail for her nose to pick up on. Avoid bathing yourself in it, though, as this woman loves subtlety.

Mind your dressing

Taurus women seeks someone with good taste like her, which doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on a fancy shirt. Wear formal attire to conquer her as she likes neat and smart guys.

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If you don’t really pay attention to your wardrobe, it will be more challenging for her to miss you. This woman likes to look good and wants her date to be the same.

Let her show you her creativity.

If you are looking to make a Taurus woman interested, allow her to show off her talents from time to time. 

Give her compliments and admire her creativity, as that will earn you a special place in her heart.

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Choose quality over anything.

If you are trying to attract a Taurus woman, learn to choose quality over anything else. Every lady born under the zodiac sign of the Bull has a taste for good things. She doesn’t like rough and dirty things.

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This doesn’t mean you should devour all your savings to make her miss you, but if you are not willing to spend some, make sure to get her things that have a unique value.

Don’t forget good food and take her to lovely places with at least quality entrees, as this woman loves a proper meal.

Compliment her

Like any other girl, a Taurean woman loves to be showered by compliments about her looks and personality. Tell her that she’s witty, beautiful, and charming. 

This is what draws her close to any of her romantic suitors, so go for it but don’t overdo it, though.

You don’t want to look desperate.

Make her feel safe.

Taurus women will never stay with someone they don’t feel comfortable with. She adores true friendship above everything else and will feel better if you make her feel relaxed and secure when dating her. 

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Don’t just court her if you want to draw a Taurus woman close to you. Gather Taurus’s opinions about her feelings and listen to her like a true friend. 

And don’t worry about stepping into the friend zone. She’ll do that only if you don’t show your usual charming self.

Don’t be too dependent

Taurus women are looking for someone who can stand on their own two feet. So don’t act like a parasite to her. Place some healthy boundaries when spending time together, and don’t be too clingy.

One of the things that annoy Taurus women more is someone who never seems to mature.

Send her racy texts

This woman has a strong sexual appetite, and she’ll love to see you writing some naughty words before going to bed. However, make sure she’s into it first because she hardly harbors any unusual conversation.

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She doesn’t like too much excitement and surprises, especially at the very beginning of the love affair.

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Avoid confronting her

Taurus’s stubborn attitude makes this woman upset when confronted with other people’s opinions.

 So pick your battles carefully, as the Taurus girl can take you off her list if she’s feeling challenged.

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Signs that a Taurus woman likes you

  • She will send you good morning text messages and be the one to be asking of you.

  • She feels relaxed and comfortable whenever she’s with you.

  • She nurtures your emotions and looks genuinely concerned about your problems

  • She won’t act shy when she’s around you.

How to make a Taurus woman jealous

  • Ignore her texts.

  • Do the things she assumes she can only do.

  • Avoid her subtly and make new friends, especially those she knows, but always watch your limits.

  • Work harder and get busier.

How to make a Taurus woman laugh

  • Set a humorous bet and make sure she wins.

  • Watch funny movies together and let her talk about her impressions about them.

  • Mimic someone that both of you know personally.

How to get a Taurus woman to forgive you

  • Give her some space.

  • Do not wait for her to talk to you or let you know how much you have hurt her. This will never happen. You should encourage her to talk about it yourself.

  • Accept that you are wrong if necessary.

  • Listen to her perspective and let her know you understand why she is upset.

  • Apologize to her and do something romantic to win her back.

How do you make a Taurus woman miss you?

Taurus women are not that complicated to conquer. Still, you can lose them if you mess up in your moves. She’s impressed by real achievements, not big empty talk, so make sure to show her you are focused on your own life and are independent if you want to attract her. She’ll melt over a nice perfume, a tasty dinner date, or any other romantic gesture. If you dress up nicely, shower her with compliments, and give her enough space, she’ll miss you after the first date.

What is a Taurus woman’s weakness?

Taurus females love to laugh, so if you are a funny person and make her have a good time, you’ll win her heart.

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