Aquarius and Aries Friendship

A friendship between an Aries and an Aquarius is giving me massive Pinky and the Brain energy. A warm, determined goofball and a goth visionary genius – what else could a group of friends ask for? Adventure is bound to happen all around these two, and if they join forces, nothing can stand in their way.

An Aquarius and Aries friendship is, quite literally, a roaring fire kept alive by cold winter winds. It looks strange for the first few seconds until you get to feel its comforting warmth. There are so many great, wholesome things about such a relationship. And, of course, there are also a few potential setbacks. 

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If you find yourself on any end of this friendship, you should rest assured that your relationship is just another challenge. And you both know that nothing can stand in your way when you work together. 

But just to be on the safe side, why don’t you read more compatibility tips in Aries Man Secrets and Aquarius Man Secrets? You can never be too sure, and we both know your friend is not the type of person you’d want to be mad at you. 

Do Aries and Aquarius Get Along?

Judging by the most basic traits of these signs, their friendship would seem rather unlikely. Aquarius is a charitable visionary who puts a lot of value on their intellect and usually steers clear of emotional bonds. 

On the other hand, Aries is a TNT barrel who will stop at nothing to prove to everyone he is, truly, the best at everything he does. Where do the selfless Aquarius and explosive ego Aries overlap? What keeps them together? 

Funnily enough, these two have just enough things in common to make this work. Plus, through divine grace, most of their qualities complement each other very well, which makes their bond even stronger. 

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These are two persons who are excited about life, who dream big, and never tire of finding new ways to entertain themselves. They are generous and resourceful and prefer to keep an optimistic view of life. Being so different, you can expect a hilarious combination that will keep them busy and their friends entertained. 

These are the genius prodigy who doesn’t care about befriending people and the arrogant jock who’s probably going to fail at maths. Aquarius can help Aries expand their mind, learn new things, and teach him the value of discipline. In turn, Aries will get them out of their imaginary spaceship and give them a new sense of hunger for the human experience. 

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Who Are Aquarius Best Friends With?

Aquarius is probably one of the few signs which don’t really need human company to thrive. They are just as happy entertaining mortal guests as they are spending their 3rd week indoors, trying to cure cancer. Spoiler: they don’t.

With them being so emotionally detached, it’s difficult to recognize if they’re genuinely bonding with someone or if they just need human volunteers for an experiment. But if I were to make an educated guess, I’d say they work best with other Air signs. 

Gemini, in particular, is a match made in Heaven for an Aquarius, especially if they are one of those Aquarius who don’t mind a lot of talking. Gemini’s ability to see things from different perspectives is priceless for the rigid Aquarius. In turn, the qualities given by Saturn to Aquarius can help Gemini become more responsible and mature. 

They are both absolute intellectuals who will probably spend their time debating subjects they barely care about. Arguments could get quite heated, but they are both objective enough not to let that ruin their relationship. 

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Communication is a field where these two will do great, albeit keeping things a bit shallow. But this is perfect for both of them since neither wants to emotionally invest an arm and a leg. They are free-spirited, independent thinkers who primarily value each other’s minds. 

You can expect this relationship to be light-hearted, deadly funny, and unsurprisingly productive. They both fizzle with enthusiasm and spontaneity, and they both care about the world more than they care about themselves. 

What Is the Relationship between Aquarius and Aries?

1. Activities

This relationship is wildly unpredictable, but one thing’s for sure. They won’t ever get a chance to get bored while together. Aquarius is the type of person who lives off unpredictable, who wants to experience a unique way of living. Aries gives them exactly that and persuades them into innocent debauchery. 

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Since Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, they are both rebels and disciplined soldiers. Aries is ruled by Mars, so they are the missing link between these two, representing the pure force of will. 

Where Aquarius paints idealistic dreams, Aries has already started building them. And when Aries is distracted by new goals and loses focus, Aquarius gently sets them straight and motivates them further. They will support each other’s ideas and cooperate beautifully as a team. 

2. Trust & Communication

When it comes to trust, these two have a beautiful thing going on. Aries is an honest sign who cares deeply about their friends. They are warm, generous, and compassionate, and they treat everyone with respect. On the other end, Aquarius is not one to waste time on lies. 

They have creative, inspiring visions for what humanity should look like, and they do their part by being as genuine as they can. They are not ones to cheat or deceit, especially when it comes to their close ones. 

While their conversations won’t be as colorful as those featuring a cheeky Gemini, they never run out of ideas and enjoy each other’s way of thinking. Aquarius can learn a lot from the driven Aries, who also appreciates how wise and inventive Aquarius can be. 

They balance each other out very well and find new, inventive ways of using their talents for the greater good. Or, you know, evil. You never know with these two. 

3. Life goals

This is where some obstacles can arise between the two, especially with a weak foundation. Aries is a self-centered sign, as they are the first of the zodiac. Aries is where the ego is born, nurtured into something palpable. Thus, they are very easily hurt and care a lot about proving themselves. 

But Aquarius sits close to the end of the zodiac, which makes them more emotionally distant, detached, to downright unbothered. They don’t care about proving themselves to anyone because their sense of self is relatively weak. Aquarius might have issues trying to understand their friend’s need to always be the center of attention. 

Plus, Aries needs a lot more reassurance than Aquarius is ready to give. Their emotional detachment can be seen as disinterest in the relationship, especially since Aries is such a warm, friendly sign. But this match is too good to care about such obstacles. 

With caring, vulnerable conversation and a small compromise here and there, these crises should be rare and unimportant. 

4. Humor & Play

Where they don’t amount to much in terms of formal debate, these two make up for in wild, desperate bouts of laughter. There can be some sort of dynamic in which Aquarius exploits Aries’ need for attention to make them do all kinds of dares. And we all know a dare is as sensitive a subject as Achilles’ heel for Aries. Their code compels them to perform. 

And while this might seem one-sided fun, I can guarantee Aries will love every second of it. Plus, they get to boast a perfect record of completed dares, while Aquarius most probably skipped a majority of them. It all evens out. 

In the end, neither will mind each other’s harmless jokes, no matter how harsh they would seem to people around them. That’s just how emotionally impaired signs show their affection. 

Final Words

A friendship between these two signs seems rather peculiar. They don’t have a lot of palpable things that bring them together, as they live in very different worlds. However, if they happen to get together by chance, you can expect an instant bond. 

The big differences in their personalities make this relationship appealing for both signs. On one end, Aquarius loves the new and unpredictable, which Aries can bring in heaps. 

And Aries will probably just want to troll Aquarius for a while until they realize just how kind they actually are. 

Whether they’re building a business, stealing the Declaration of Independence, or performing some obscure ritual they found in a book, they will have lots of fun and massive chances at winning. 

If you’d like to get some deeper insight into the compatibility between these two, I recommend this Aries Man Secrets and Aquarius Man Secrets. It really helped me get a clear picture of most relationships in my life and build stronger connections with people I love. 

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