Leo negative traits

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Leo – the prideful, loud, and unforgettable sign of the Zodiac. It is almost impossible to be indifferent towards them. You can love them or hate them, but you will remember them. Leo’s negative traits are often closely connected to their positive ones. 

Are you interested in a Leo man or woman? Then make sure to check out Leo Man Secrets. It will help you understand your Leo crush better, win them over, and keep them around, just like it helped me. But first, let’s take a look at what Leos are like in general.

What are the positive traits of a Leo?

Before we jump into the negative personality traits of a Leo, I’d like to do them justice by touching on the positive ones. No one is perfect (although a Leo might tell you otherwise), and judging them by all the bad stuff without taking the good things into account wouldn’t be fair. So here are some positive characteristics of Leos:

  • Strength. Much like actual lions, Leos are very strong, both mentally and physically. What Leos can endure with a smile on their face would be enough to break some other signs.
  • Persistence. When a Leo wants something, they go after it like a real hunter. They rarely give up on their goals, which often helps them achieve even the most unrealistic ambitions and dreams.
  • Leadership. Leos are natural pack leaders. But more importantly, when they assume the role of the leader, they actually know what they’re doing. They are, after all, kings of the jungle.
  • Confidence. Sure, Leos can get cocky, but the truth is that it all stems from confidence. Leo knows their worth and won’t let anyone walk all over them. They walk with their heads held high and they usually have great posture.
  • Humor. Confidence and humor often seem to go hand-in-hand. Leos know how to make the people around them laugh, and they take every chance they get to do so. And it doesn’t hurt that it just makes people like them more.

Leo’s negative personality traits

As I said before, the good and the bad are closely connected in Leos. Their negative traits are often the result of a Leo losing control over the positive ones. Too much confidence can turn into cockiness, and too strong of a sense of leadership can become bossiness. So what happens when all these positive Leo personality traits get out of control?

1. They are extremely stubborn

Leos might be persistent, but that often means that they have no idea when to stop. It is borderline impossible for them to admit when they’re wrong, even when they are fully aware of it. This is something that most Leos need to consciously work on if they don’t want to drive people away.

2. Their arrogance is through the roof

It’s no surprise that a group of lions is called a pride. Much like their feline counterparts, Leos are very prideful beings. Unfortunately, they often take it too far. A cocky Leo is not exactly a rare occurrence, and it’s probably one of the traits they are best-known for.

Arrogance and vanity are often the downfalls of a Leo if they’re not careful. They are in permanent pursuit of popularity and recognition, but this can lead them to receive completely opposite reactions. No one likes to spend time with someone whose only topic of conversation is me.

3. They are impatient and inflexible

Because they put themselves on a pedestal, Leos tend to see others as below them. Along the same line, others are often undeserving of a Leo’s time, energy, and attention in their eyes. They won’t waste time or change their ways for anyone, even if they hurt themselves along the way.

4. They are vindictive grudge-holders

Crossing a Leo is never a good idea. If you’ve done something to make a Leo feel wronged, cheated, or unloved, they will never forget about it. Even if they seemingly get over it, trust me – you’ll hear all about it as soon as there is another argument. It’s almost like they keep notes of everything you dared do to them.

Leo never forgets, and more importantly, never forgives. This is one of the most vengeful Zodiac signs. They will go out of their way to make anyone who’s wronged them miserable. In general, this trait seems to be stronger in Leo women, but Leo men can get quite vengeful, too.

5. They can be possessive and jealous

In Leo’s eyes, everyone wants to be them, so they jealously protect what’s theirs. Being in a relationship with a Leo can get draining in that respect because they often give off the impression that they’re questioning the loyalty of their partners.

But don’t mistake their possessiveness and jealousy for insecurity. These tendencies simply stem from their desire to always be the best at everything and have the best of everything. Your Leo boyfriend or Leo girlfriend isn’t jealous because they don’t trust you, but because they don’t trust others.

6. They can be unfaithful

Leos love flirting with people, even when they’re in a relationship. Most times, this is limited to some harmless ego-stroking, but it’s not unheard of for a Leo to take it too far. They have a tendency to go for the person who makes them feel better about themselves, and sometimes, that person is not their partner.

If you’re dating a Leo, though, keep in mind that this is not a rule. There are many factors that go into deciding whether a person is faithful, and not all of them have to do with the Zodiac. So unless you have a reason to believe something is going on, don’t let the fact that your partner is a Leo jeopardize the relationship.

Get to know a Leo better

Getting to know someone calls for more than just listing their positive and negative personality traits. We are all complex beings, Leos included. So if you would like to get to know a Leo better, or perhaps you have a Leo crush you want to win over, I suggest checking out Leo Man Secrets. It helped me analyze and improve my relationships with the people around me, and I have been recommending it to everyone ever since. 

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