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When a Leo Man Is Done With You

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Is your Leo man playing games with you? Was he charming and lovely when you were in the honeymoon stage and now he’s become rude and distant of late? If so this could be two of the possible 11 signs that he might be done with you. 

If this sounds familiar, carry on reading to discover 11 signs that show when your Leo man is done with you.

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Leo men are very proud. Leos possess a heightened sense of self-importance. They do not allow anyone to break them down, belittle them, or make them feel inferior. Have you done something wrong that has upset the Leo man in your life?

Once you cross or upset a Leo, it can be tricky to win their forgiveness. When you offend a Leo, their ego takes a knock. Once a Leos ego has been damaged, it isn’t easy to get it back to its original state. If the Leo man in your life is not behaving as they should, you must’ve done something wrong. 

If you crossed the line with them, the Leo is likely planning on breaking up with you. Leos are direct, and they do not hide their feelings. You might notice some anger and aggression in their behavior when they do not feel the same about you. Below I will give you some signs to look out for when a Leo is done with you.

Signs a Leo man is done with you

Have you noticed your Leo man acting a bit weird lately? Here’s 11 signs to keep an eye out for. If he’s acting like one or the following signs, then I’m afraid it’s possible your Leo wants to end it. However, all is not lost. It might be possible, to change his mind. Think about, some or any of the issues he has highlighted recently as problems in the relationship, and try to work on these first. 

The following signs will help you to figure out when your Leo man is done with you before you end up having your heart broken. 

Keep reading to find out more about each of the 11 ways.

1. They become stagnant

When Leo men are experiencing relationship troubles, they will lack motivation. If a Leo man is not as motivated as they used to be, it means something is troubling them. A Leo man can only focus on achieving their goals if everything in their life is in perfect order. An unmotivated Leo man is a surefire sign of a Leo who has lost their taste for life. Lacking motivation is usually linked to Leo experiencing troubles in their love life.

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2. Insecurities come to the surface.

Relationship problems can cause Leos to feel inadequate and insecure. When Leos are expressing their inadequacies and insecurities, it means they have lost confidence in themselves. A Leo man needs a healthy, functioning relationship to feel secure and grounded. Love from others makes a Leo love themselves. A lack of passion and romance in their life will cause them to become cynical and pessimistic, leading them to criticize themselves and everything and everyone around them.

3. Suspicions arise

When a Leo man’s trust has been broken, they will start to question everything. They will become skeptical and suspicious. Every move you make and everything you say will be taken into question. It can feel like nothing you do pleases them, and they expect the worst from you. If a Leo only sees bad in you and fails to realize the good you do for them, the Leo is done with you. Leos can not have a healthy functioning relationship if they cannot trust their partner.

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4. Less cooperative

Another way to tell if your Leo man is over you is if he’s stopped being cooperative with you, instead he actively looks for ways to conflict with you. When Leo men do not feel the same about you anymore, they lose interest in the activities that once brought them happiness. They do not want to engage in activities they once did before. What gave them joy before does not anymore. The pastimes you once loved to do together as a couple, they have zero interest in anymore. If a Leo is less willing to help you as your partner with the tasks and chores you need to tackle, they do not care anymore.

5. Displays aggressive behavior

Being a fire sign, Leos can be quite explosive when angry. When Leos are acting hostile toward you, it means they feel negative emotions toward you. When Leos are upset, they can be rude and insulting. Aggressive, angry behavior will become more frequent. If a Leo is breaking you down instead of building you up, they do not feel the same about you anymore. He’ll be more triggered, even the smallest things you say or do could make him angry.

6. Lacks respect

When Leo men do not show you the respect they once did, it is a very bad sign. When Leos disrespectfully speak to you, it is clear they do not respect you anymore. Leos cannot be in a relationship with a person they do not respect. If you are experiencing this behavior from them, chances are the relationship might be ending soon.

7. They push you away

Leos will become cold and distant when they are done with someone. They will not engage with you. They will not tell you what is going on in their life. If a Leo starts to feel more like a stranger instead of an intimate partner, it means they are beginning to move away from you.

8. They do not listen to you.

Another way to tell if a Leo man is done with you is if he’s stopped listening to you. When Leo men do not allow you to speak and talk about your emotions, it is a sign they do not feel the same about you anymore. When you try to tell them how you feel, they become aggressive, leading to an argument. If you push them to listen to you, it can lead to the end of the relationship. When it becomes frustrating to have a mature conversation with a Leo, it can mean the end of the relationship is near.

9. They become more absent.

When you notice your Leo man is not around as often as usual, it is a sign they have lost interest. The less you see them, the more it is a sign they are trying to remove themselves from your life. A Leo that is in love wants to experience every waking moment with their partner. They need to enjoy the joys of life with the one they love. If a Leo does not include you in their life, they likely do not feel the same about you anymore.

He’ll want to spend more time with his guy friends. Expect most of his weekends to be taken up with plans with the guys with little to zero consideration for any plans you made. He’ll make plans without even asking you if you’ve arranged anything prior. 

10. Lacks interest

Leos will not give any time or attention to someone they are done with. If you try to tell them about yourself and your life and they do not care, the Leo is no longer interested in you anymore. This disinterest is a sign of the Leo pushing you away. Once Leos have lost interest, it is impossible to win their affection again.

11. You get ignored when in public

Public image and impressions are very important to Leos. They need to impress others and look good in the eye of the public. Leos will always treat the person they admire with the utmost respect. They want to show off the person they love. Suppose a Leo is behaving rudely toward you in public, and they are ignoring you. In that case, it is a sign they do not want to be around you, and the end of the relationship might be near.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand the psychology of the Leo Zodiac sign. If any of these signs seem more than familiar to you, then it’s time to think about whether you want to try and fight for your relationship. Also, download Leo Man Secrets for some more useful advice. 

Are you still in for the long haul with your Leo man? or do you think you deserve better? Now is the time to think long and hard about what you want. Normally with a Leo man, it’s his way or the highway, so it could be tough to try and change his mind.

Once a Leo man has lost interest he turns into a real ass, so the Leo guy that you fell fall will be a distant memory from this rude and disrespectful man in his place. 

It could be time to move on from your Leo man and find a different partner who’ll give you the respect and treatment you deserve. Remember that YOU, deserve better.

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