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When an Aries Woman Is Done with You - 5 Untold Signs

Suspect that your Aries woman is ready to move on? It may not be too hard to tell. Unfortunately, women of this Zodiac sign have no qualms making their feelings known—even if you may not like them.

An Aries woman who is over you can be downright cruel (among other things), so it’s important that you identify the problem quickly in order to make the right decisions regarding your relationship.

In this guide, I’ll tell you some major turn-offs that drive Aries women away, as well as go over five clear signs that your lady is done with you. Keep reading to find out if she’s simply upset or if your relationship is on the rocks.

What Turns Off Aries Women

If your Aries woman truly is looking for an escape, it’s likely you did something she doesn’t like. Take a look below to see if you’re guilty of any of these things:

  • Constant Criticism

Here’s a pro tip: never rag on your Aries girl. While she can accept and may even like constructive criticism from time to time, she is a sensitive person and will easily take your criticism to heart. If you always make criticisms of her actions or appearance, there’s a chance she’s checked out of the relationship and is no longer happy. If she hasn’t, there’s still the potential that she would if you keep acting in a manner she doesn’t want you to act in.

  • Disloyalty

Here’s the catch: you don’t need to be overtly disloyal to make that special Aries lady want to leave you. These women are the jealous type, and they will hate that even the appearance of you around other women if they perceive them to be a threat.

If you spend a lot of time and is the start of a daily routine around another person, even friends, it could cause her to drift away. Therefore, be sure to make her completely the center of attention in any situation and treat her well.

How to Know When An Aries Woman is Over You

With all of this in mind, it’s time to take a look at some specific actions your Aries woman will take when she’s done with you. Use these signs to gauge your relationship status and see if it can still work or is going to inevitably fall apart.

1. She’s Extremely Critical

Does your Aries girl have nothing good to say about you? Maybe it goes beyond even that.

If she’s constantly criticizing you on your actions, words, or appearance, this is a major sign that she’s upset with you—and potentially even wants the relationship to be done. Specifically, her criticism is a way of channeling her frustrations with you about some unsaid problem. She may feel trapped in the relationship and unable to leave and choose criticism as the best way of forcing you out. In her mind, this will be easier than being honest breaking your heart.

Ask yourself this: has your Aries woman been exaggeratedly angry with you? Perhaps she sometimes makes small mistakes into huge problems. If so, it’s safe to say she is considering calling the relationship done. This is especially true if another person can interact with her without these bad problems.

2. She Doesn’t Hang Out with You

Another sign from this zodiac sign that your Aries woman is done with your relationship is if she’s avoiding you and generally excluding you from her personal social life. Importantly, she will likely not do this with the intention of hurting you.

Instead, she simply may feel happier without you (I know—that doesn’t make things any better). She will increasingly like to become more social and go out on her own or with one of her friends, and she will start to decline your requests to go out together she will start to act single.

In other words, she doesn’t want to be around you anymore. In fact, you may find that she might hang out with every one of her friends and new people on a daily basis but not you.

In severe cases, you might find that she would stop talking to you altogether, saying to you she is too tired for conversation. She will no longer share anything personal in your relationship either. If she’s fallen out of love and feels you no longer share compatibility with one another, she will never associate with you optionally even if she doesn’t breakup. This is not a good sign for your relationship and indicates that she is, mentally at least, already going far away from you in an attempt to try and live her own life.

If you don’t want her to be done, you’ll need to make major new changes in order to get her to love you again.

3. She’ll Keep Breaking Up and Getting Back Together with You

The zodiac sign Aries aren’t known for their resoluteness. As such, you may undergo several mini breakups before you endure the real thing. When Aries women are ready to move on, they will break up multiple times simply trying to test the waters. To you, it may seem as if there is little reason, but to her the action is valid.

These women worry a lot about their futures daily and aren’t willing to put their lives in jeopardy over a single breakup. Still, you shouldn’t take her getting back together with you as an altogether great sign. Rather, this merely indicates that she’s looking for something or someone else to like and provide her stability when she makes the breakup final.

If your relationship with this zodiac sign has gotten to this point, I recommend sitting down and finding out the facts with what’s really on her mind. While the chances of you put everything back into order actually are slim and the Aries woman is done with you, and believe that you’re entitled to one last go to make things work—and to leave with dignity if you must.

4. She’s Cruel

Things may be even bleaker if she turns cruel. While Aries women aren’t known for their cruelty, these women can get nasty when they feel trapped in life.

If you hurt her, especially, you can expect her to turn downright mean when it comes to you. She may sometimes rag on your appearance or embarrass you in front of other people over something minor, she will make you feel bad—anything to let you know how discontent she is. She may pick on every little thing you do. By acting this way, she will hope to make you feel like you want to leave first, saving her the trouble.

While it’s in zodiac signs Aries nature to be kind to the people they love, there’s no end to their nastiness when things have turned sour. If your relationship reaches this point, I suggest it needs a clean break to save both you and her unnecessary pain. And—you never know—perhaps a bit of distance from you is all she will need to want you back.

For the Aries woman, understanding is a lot more than just knowing what your partner wants and needs. For them it’s essential that you know every aspect of who they are in order for there relationship be successful; this means having perfect knowledge about how he or she operates on an emotional level as well!

5. She’s Vengeful

She will be rude, offensive and all of this will make you want to break up. If you have cheated on her in the past or are guilty now-a days then don’t even think about how she’ll react! She can spot a lie with precision so if there’s any chance that may happen again just stay away from this woman at all costs!!

She might seem like an amazing person when first meeting but rest assured; as soon as things get more personal than necessary – trust me what I’m saying here makes sense because we’ve been through too much together not talk openly without judging one another.

The same logic applies if she turns vengeful. Understand that a Vengeful Aries will be all the harsher in her punishment if you’ve wronged her first.

If you’ve cheated on her when you said you would never do that to her or committed another grave relationship error while she was in love with you, you can expect her to come at you swinging (metaphorically, of course) because she feels she has a justifiable reason to do so.

Slight mistakes will soon cause her to plot against you, and she won’t let anything by her when it comes to the two of you. She may attempt to exert control or manipulate you in a bid to get even with you.

To put it frankly, she will act with no loving side towards you at all and will show hate.

If this is the case, understand primarily that there is no one thing you can do to alleviate your Aries woman’s anger. Instead, attempt to sit down and listen to her feelings, and don’t pretend that you know all the answers.

If you wish to have any hope of salvaging your relationship, I recommend forgetting what you want and making her the sole focus of your sincere attention. Let her share her strong thoughts. At the very least, this may show her your devotion and cause her to feel for you in a less sinister way.

She will be rude, offensive and all of this will make you want to break up. If you have cheated on her in the past or are guilty now-a days then don’t even think about how she’ll react! She can spot a lie with precision so if there’s any chance that may happen again just stay away from this woman at all costs!!


The Bottom Line

It’s not very fun when an Aries woman decides she is done with you. Still, maybe that’s not what’s going on in your relationship. Make sure to study these signs closely to find out if your partner exhibits any of this behavior.

Remember: there’s always the possibility that she is still in love with you and that things aren’t going the wrong way.

You’ll want to carefully examine the status of your relationship and talk to her directly to get to the bottom of things. Fortunately, you can do just that with this astrology-based guide!

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