How to get a pisces man back after break up (5 things to remember)

How to get a Pisces man back after break up

Did you lose your Pisces man after having an amazing relationship?

Do you miss him and want things to go back to like they were before?

Was your Pisces man the love of your life but for some reason the relationship just didn’t work but you think it could?

Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach dives deep inside the Pisces mind and exposes his weaknesses which help to get a Pisces man back after a break up. I encourage you to read this in-depth guide, it’s called Pisces Man Secrets.

Or keep reading, with my guide, you will get your Pisces man back in no time.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the reasons for him leaving and how you can get him back.

Why Pisces Men Walk Away?

Here are a few reasons that may have caused a Pisces man to walk away from you:

  • Constant disrespect from your side
  • Boredom
  • Taking him for granted all the time
  • You stopped making an effort in the relationship

Don’t forget a Pisces man is extremely loyal so it takes a lot for them to walk away from a relationship. If you did these four things consistently then that might explain why he walked away.

However, there is a high chance that he is still thinking about you every day and wants you back but he will never make the first move even if he wants you back. Self-respect is everything to the Pisces man. This is why all your efforts should be directed towards making him feel valued.

You need to know the Pisces man is extremely selfless and they don’t like it when people take them for granted. As they say that even the nicest people have their limits so maybe that was another reason he decided to walk away.

Ways To Get A Pisces Man back After A Breakup

As you probably know, it’s not easy to win back the heart of a Pisces man. That being said it’s not impossible. You will have to go the extra mile and make consistent efforts to make your Pisces man come back.

Has your Pisces man moved on with someone else? or did one of you cheat? It doesn’t matter, if you’re looking to wipe the slate clean and start again, you need to read this, Pisces Man Secrets.

Anna Kovach, explains how to use your secret weapon to your advantage, and make sure you get your Pisces man back.

If you want the best chance to make your Pisces man come back after a break up, you’re going to have to follow these tips:

Make Him Feel Valued

Now, that you have lightened the mood with your Pisces ex and you are talking to him again. It’s time to make an effort to show him you still care. Think about the activities he used to like when you were together and what made him genuinely happy. Especially after a break up, your Pisces man needs to know that you still value him.

Do those things for him again so he can also see how great you are and why he used to like you.

Here are a few thoughtful ways you can do to let him know that you value him and get your Pisces man to come back:

  • Write a poem
  • Sing a song
  • Draw or paint something for him
  • Make a card for him
  • Write a short story

If you have an artistic side then channel it to making these efforts for your Pisces man. Don’t get too overly sentimental. It should just be enough to get his attention. Small gestures go a long way.

Provide Him With The Space To Heal

If you broke up because you hurt him significantly in some way then you have to be willing to give him some space. This is because the Pisces man does not easily forgive and forget, he will take his time to heal, especially if he’s heart broken.

The Pisces man is sensitive and empathetic. This is why once they are hurt it can take a while for them to heal and talk to you again. If you do decide to talk to him then make sure you are being genuine and honest.

They know when people are being insincere so be honest and tell him why you hurt him. Clear it out if it was intentional or not and where you were coming from.

Being vulnerable with them is the best way to let them know how you are feeling so they can understand you better. Only do all of this once you have given them ample space to heal and think about your relationship.

Make sure you’re willing to change

In order to win back the heart of your Pisces guy and begin a new relationship, you first need to be willing to change. For whatever reason you two broke up, I’m sure there’s changes that can be made both sides in order to have a chance of a new successful relationship.

Take some time to think back to conversations you had with your Pisces guy, perhaps look at old text messages where he’s highlighted some of your issues or bad habits. Don’t get too hung up or depressed reading old messages, try to remain optimistic that you can turn this around. Look at fixing these first, remember you can’t fake it. You’ll actually have to change if you want your Pisces guy to come back, he’ll soon know it’s a all a facade.

Show him you’d like to change and that he can take his time.

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Focus On Lightening The Mood

There may still be a lot of things unsaid after the breakup and so you may notice that there is a certain tension in the air from both sides. This is why you will have to work on making it light so you get his attention.

The best way to do this is to start a conversation about what he dreams of and wants to accomplish in life. This is because Pisces men are dreamers so use this side of theirs to your advantage.

In simple terms, you will have to be friends with your Pisces man again so he can talk to you and share his thoughts with you. This way you will regain his trust and he might just consider taking you back.

Mention something he likes doing and you will lighten the mood enough for him to share with you again.

Make sure to stay in his life

But try not to go overboard, and by that I mean you’ll need to give him some breathing room but just give him a text every now and then. You need to think of ways where he’ll see your name or picture pop up in front of him, so think social media postings or something online that isn’t too invasive.

Sending one or two texts to your Pisces man a day is a good way to stay in touch without him feeling pressured, he’ll appreciate it. However don’t send him constant text messages, he won’t like it. You need to remain strong, remember it’s the long game of getting your Pisces man to come back.

Show him you’d like to support him but try not to be overstep his boundaries.


If you have made all of this effort then there is a high chance that your Pisces man will have talked to you by now. So, take a leap of faith and ask your Pisces man if he wants to grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat with you.

This will give you a moment to reflect and communicate on your relationship. Choose your words carefully and don’t blame your Pisces man for anything. Apart from that, don’t make him feel bad either.

The past is the past and that is where you should suggest leaving it. Instead, focus on the present, and if there is a chance you both can begin a relationship.

Do apologize for whatever it is you have done and ask your Pisces man how you can make it better. This way both of you can work together to give yourself a fresh start on a relationship so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Keep your Pisces man Hooked

After doing all this, if your Pisces man has come back then good for you. Now you have to work on keeping him hooked so he doesn’t walk away again. To do this you should learn from your mistakes.

This time around be honest, be consistent, and value your Pisces man as much as you can but be genuine with it. Once you do you will be sure to keep your Pisces man hooked to you.

Final Words

Of course, it’s important to use your past experiences with your Pisces man as lessons for the future. If you do get your Pisces man back, be sure to not repeat the same mistakes.

Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach will explain how to show your Pisces guy that you’re the one, she reveals untold secrets inside Pisces man Secrets.

Read about it here.

Afterall, the Pisces man is sensitive and full of empathy so always care for them and make him feel appreciated.

This will keep your Pisces man with you for a long time!

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