Signs a Capricorn Woman Has Feelings for You

Signs A Capricorn Woman Has Feelings For You


Ambitious yet practical, commanding yet sensitive, Capricorn women are among the most unique—and misunderstood—of the zodiac.

Because a Capricorn woman moves slowly, it can be difficult to gauge her intentions when it comes to relationships.

Indeed, it can often appear that Capricorns are too caught up with the practical aspects of life and their career to care about their romantic feelings. 

But this isn’t the case. In fact, it’s not hard for a Capricorn woman to fall deeply in love.

For this reason, I will examine some of the clear signs a Capricorn woman likes you, as well as go over some important Capricorn woman personality traits and what these women are looking for in relationships.

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Capricorn Woman Personality Traits

It’s impossible to tell if a Capricorn woman is falling in love without understanding the core aspects of her personality. As such, let’s spend time looking at some of the most important traits that characterize women of this zodiac sign.

  • Driven

An earth sign, Capricorns are driven and utterly practical about life. A Capricorn woman sees the world pragmatically and doesn’t spend too much time living in her head. Rather, she pays much attention to her career and how she can advance in it, with extreme focus on the financial success of her life. Capricorns aren’t satisfied just to talk about their hopes and dreams; instead, they tend to put all of their incredible amounts of energy into actually doing. 

As a result, many Capricorn women are highly successful, conscientious individuals who measure the world and the people in it in practical terms. It also follows that a Capricorn woman is a natural leader with an inordinate measure of disagreeableness, though that doesn’t mean a Capricorn female can’t open up and be more sensitive if she falls in love.

  • Loyal

A Capricorn woman is also loyal. Whether it’s about her career or dating, this busy woman will always find the time to give her utmost to the task at hand and could never imagine turning on the people or the institutions she loves. This is partly because, as an earth sign, a Capricorn woman is grounded to the past and has an instinctual aversion to change. These women want the world play out according to their own visions, and it’s simply not in their nature to celebrate or look forward to change—even romantic change. 

For this reason, a Capricorn woman rarely finds partners outside of her immediate social circle and remains focused on individuals she has known for a long time when seeking a relationship.

What a Capricorn Woman Wants in a Partner

Given this vital information about a Capricorn woman’s personality, let’s now turn our attention to a related matter: what a Capricorn woman is looking for in her future partner. Namely, women of this zodiac sign seek:

  • Stability

Remember what I said before? Most Capricorn women develop feelings for men who are already in their social circles. This is because they have already had a chance to study and get to know these men and are more or less comfortable with their feelings for them. Unfortunately, it can take a long time for a Capricorn woman to fall in love, which goes part in parcel with the stability she is seeking in a partner. Even from the beginning, a Capricorn girl will begin to fantasize about marriage and other future goals that her partner may not be comfortable with yet.

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Of course, she’ll also place emphasis on financial stability. Because women of this Zodiac sign see little separation between career and self, they will care deeply about the career and finances of their partners, which can be viewed as a negative but should not necessarily been seen as such. 

  • Honesty

A Capricorn girl also wants someone who is honest. As honest individuals themselves, Capricorns are seeking people who aren’t afraid to be direct and upfront, as they see this honesty and disagreeableness as a necessary ingredient to success in life. Without a doubt, you can always expect a Capricorn woman to be honest with you, even bluntly so at times, which is why Capricorn women sometimes have a reputation of being too cold or emotionally insensitive. 

Signs a Capricorn Woman Likes You

With all this being said, how can you tell whether a Capricorn woman is falling in love with you? Let’s examine some common signs a Capricorn woman likes you and sees you as relationship material. 

1. She Talks to You

Capricorn women stay busy. You likely already know just how much that Capricorn girl in your own life doesn’t have free time. It’s not uncommon for Capricorn women to work from morning until night, often without breaking their serious, calculated, and somewhat cold façade. That’s why you shouldn’t take it lightly if a woman of this zodiac sign casually talks with you. This is one of the clear signs that a Capricorn girl is either falling in love with you or is at least after your affection.

A Capricorn woman in love may spend time with the guy she likes in any ounce of leisure time she can get. This could be in between breaks at work or after a long day on the job, when she will call him out and ask to meet. If this is happening in your own relationship with a Capricorn woman, you can bet it’s because she sees you as a potential partner.

2. She’s Supportive

Though Capricorn women can often be domineering and controlling, they are naturally caring and supportive people to the people they love. A Capricorn girl will expend incredible amounts of effort on behalf of the people she cares about and will often show her support in non-verbal ways. Instead of sitting down to talk about the issues, she will bestow money or find ways in which to increase your money flow. A Capricorn woman in love isn’t afraid to use the (often considerable) resources at her disposal to get you out of a bad situation.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that she won’t be there to hear you out. Despite their cold exteriors, Capricorn women understand the importance of emotional connections and can become incredibly focused on your desires and life plans in order to ensure your life goes well.

3. She’ll Enquire about Your Career

Part of doing this is enquiring about your career. As mentioned, a Capricorn woman can be quite serious about work, even to the point of losing the separation between work and personal identity. Though this can be a negative in some situations, you can rest assured about one thing: if a Capricorn woman is asking after your career, constantly giving you career advice, or helping you advance, it’s likely that she has some interest in you that’s not purely platonic. 

Though it may seem unfair to low-income workers, a Capricorn girl cares deeply about financial considerations and money in general, often not in a vain way but in a pure practical “How can we be secure without the proper resources” type of way. For this reason, you’ll want to put more effort into that domain of your life if you suspect that a Capricorn woman is falling in love with you.

4. She’s Submissive

Generally, Capricorn women love making the decisions in a relationship. They love being in control of their career and their personal lives and are generally interested in people who can accept their natural commanding presence. 

One way to tell a Capricorn girl is in love with you, then, is to see how submissive she can get around you. In bed, particularly, these women love to submit to the men in their lives, finally taking a break from the domineering persona that so regularly characterizes their conduct in public life. 

5. She Talks about the Future

A Capricorn woman in love will also begin to engage in more emotional conversations. While these women are never ones to wear their hearts on their sleeves, they do enjoy having conversations—both romantic and practical—about the future. This is in part to see if their potential partner is on board with where they want to go in life and in part because these secretly sensitive women enjoy the prospects of having a family and developing a real and meaningful life in that domain. 

During these talks, a Capricorn girl will appreciate any advice (and will likely be the one giving it) about the future and the world and will likely fall more deeply in love with those men who are own the same wavelength with their personal and professional goals. 

6. She Makes Time for You

There’s nothing quite so important to a Capricorn woman as time. As these women tend to focus on work, earning money, and other professional endeavors, it is quite rare to see them wrench themselves away for social reasons. If a Capricorn woman falls in love with you, however, she will begin making time for you, even at the (minimal) expense of her work. 

Therefore, if you notice a Capricorn woman spending more time with you, this is definitely among the signs a Capricorn woman likes you.

7. She’s Relaxed

It’s not easy for a Capricorn girl to let her guard down. These practical and driven women are used to speeding through life at 90 miles per hour, regardless of what speed everyone else around them is moving. When a Capricorn woman falls in love, however, she will begin to slow down somewhat. She’ll stop to smell the sweet roses of your budding relationship and won’t always be so business-y in front of you.

You’ll notice at this time that a Capricorn’s strong and unique sense of humor will start to come out. A Capricorn woman in love will begin to laugh more often and open up her body language. They’ll also spend more time with you away from professional settings to establish that intimate connection necessary for a long-term relationship.

8. She Will Be Curious about You

Capricorn women are also naturally curious about the people they fall in love with. One of the signs a Capricorn woman likes someone is her curiosity regarding that person. If she is deeply in love, she will want to know everything about you, from your past to your future aspirations. A Capricorn girl will want to get at the heart of your personality to find out if you are someone who is compatible with—and even someone who can put up with her commanding personality over the long-term. Of course, she’ll also be measuring you on the basis of loyalty and your respect for her feelings, either spoken or unspoken.

9. She Goes Out with You

More agreeable women might find it difficult to turn down the advances of potential suitors, but Capricorns don’t face this problem. For a Capricorn girl, “No” is one of the most easily uttered words of her vocabulary for the simple reason that she doesn’t have a problem with letting her be known and executed, even at the emotional expense of other people. 

If she begins going out or dating you, then, this should tell you that she sees you as more than just a friend. Indeed, it’s a sign that she’s already begun to relax around you and is willing to take time out of her busy life to be around you. 

10. She’s Trusting around You

Due in part to their fears of change, Capricorn women are natural skeptics. They look at every situation with a bit of doubt and don’t find it very easy to trust people, either. It can be a long time before a Capricorn girl feels free enough to actually open up about herself, and if she doesn’t trust the people around her, she never will. 

For this reason, you should take it to heart if you notice her being franker and more personal around you. This is a sign that she’s more trusting of you—and that she likely has some deep-seated affection for you. 

The Bottom Line

Commanding, driven, and loyal, Capricorn women take a long time to let their feelings be known. If a Capricorn woman is in love with you, however, she’ll take no issue in making her emotions clear to you. In this guide, I went over ten of the most common signs a Capricorn woman likes you—from opening up with her great sense of humor to looking after you—as well as reviewed some important personality trait information for Capricorns and provided a relationship profile to help you better gauge the extent to which you match with a  Capricorn woman.

Think the Capricorn girl in your life might have feelings for you? Use this guide to make sure!

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