What is the Taurus spirit animal?

Taurus Spirit Animal | The Taurus and Their Bear Spirit Animal

When it comes to Taurus, they’re very easily identified. They trust and exhibit the nature of their spirit animal, which may not be the horned bull you think.

Taurus is very often associated with the bull, due to their representation in the stars. As the story goes, the Greek God – Zeus – seduced the Phoenician Princess – Europa – by appearing as a stunning white bull. And, after their three sons, he immortalized her essence in the stars with the tribune constellation of the Taurus bull.

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However, as a fixed Earth sign, the Taurus spirit animal is likened to another member of the animal kingdom: the bear.

And there are a few reasons the Taurus and their bear spirit animal are much like one another. In fact, they’re the reasons the Taurus needs the grounding of their spirit animal to enable their characteristic strength.

The Taurus spirit animal is:

1. Calm

This will not be the first emotion or personality trait to be associated with a Taurus. Although, you will come to realize their calm demeanor when you take a deeper look into their life.

Being an unpredictable person, they take each new stride of life with a level of sharp wit and concern. Which, in turn, allows them to remain calm and collected much like the bear. The Taurus and their bear spirit animal remain silenced until the final moment.

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2. Comfort-Lovers

Again, the Taurus spirit animal is guessed to be closer to the associations of the bull. They’re perceived to be aggressive animals at heart. And, although the Taurus does show the sign of aggression in their daily comeuppance, they are big comfort-lovers.

Instead of seeking the best cave with warmth for the winter and cooling for the summer, they find roots alongside other zodiacs. Here is where the Taurus spirit animal might resemble a beaver, as they relish in the comfort of family.

3. Confident

Every bear that takes their stride through the trees is confident. Every bear that protects their young from other predators in the area is confident. And every bear that creates a stable foundation is confident.

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These very traits of confidence are mirrored within the Taurean way. The Taurus spirit animal – when taking their influence – will even enjoy the prospect of an obstacle.

4. Independent

The independent bear roams the forest woodlands with ease and caution. This is very similar to the Taurus as their counterpart in astrology. Externally, the Taurus born might seem shy and introverted, only showing their reactive nature. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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The Taurus and their bear spirit animal are a solitary kind that thrives in an independent environment. That said, when they make deep connections with others of the same solitary nature, they tend to roam well with them as they are still comfort-lovers.

5. Maternal/Paternal

Despite being solitary in nature and of the younger zodiacs, the Taurus has a strong sense of maternal and paternal care to their family. This extends to anyone they love as they show protection.

This is very apparent with the Taurus spirit animal of the bear. The mother bear often nurtures their cubs with a strong bond until the moment of family-breaking. So, you’ll often find a Taurus stays very close with their family and extends the same caring nature to others, yet only those who are very close to them.

6. Reactive

The Taurus spirit animal is very reactive; the bear only acts against forces but acts with strength and aggression. This is reflective of the age representation of the Taurus zodiac.

The Taurus and their bear spirit animal are both considered toddlers in their actions and reactions. Second in age depiction, after the infant Aries, the Taurus is only using innate physical force to combat their obstacles rather than the calm of a Cancer.

7. Sleep-Lovers

The Taurus-born individual relates strongly to the path of the bear. As hard-working individuals in all walks of life, they’ll find themselves needing longer periods of sleep than others. Akin to the Taurus spirit animal’s cycles of hibernation.

Sometimes considered a lazy zodiac, their tire only comes through their persistence and strength. Traits they never miss to portray during their woken hours. Whether in the home, relationship, or office, the Taurus channels their spirit animal in stable and sleep-loving traits.

8. Stable

The Taurus and their bear spirit animal are the perfect match under the zodiac. And a reason for this is their ability to persevere and remain stable in their choices.

Calling on their other traits as comfort-lovers, the Taurus prefers to remain grounded in their roots. With their family, their friends, their home, and their career. They may be unpredictable, they may show aggression, but they are consistent in their goals for comfort.

9. Strong

It comes as no surprise that the fixed Earth element of the Taurus and their bear spirit animal are a strong breed. As with the young nature of the zodiac in age order, they are reactive individuals. They use instinctive actions like strength and confidence to combat obstacles in their path.

The strength they portray may seem stand-off-ish when you don’t know the Taurus by heart. But, when they open-up, you’ll watch this strength becomes part of their maternal and paternal way of protection and stability.

10. Unpredictable

As calm people, the Taurus spirit animal also carries the trait of being unpredictable. Their calm demeanor with their inner strength allows them to approach, attract, and attack new angles.

As we know, the Taurus is a pleasure-seeker. Especially when it comes to independence, stability, and strength alongside being a comfort-lover. So, the Taurus spirit animal will guide the individual into slight risk-taking and chance-seeking realms. However, these can make them appear unpredictable to other zodiacs like Cancer.

And it’s these exact traits of the Taurus that bring them ever closer to the Taurus spirit animal of the bear. While not grizzly in appearance, they are grizzly at heart. And they’ll always seek to appease their audiences; whether it’s family, colleagues, or lovers.

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