How to Text a Cancer Man (5 Rules to Follow)

How to Text a Cancer Man (5 Rules to Follow)

You’ve got your eyes set on that sexy Cancer man in your social circle but aren’t sure what to say to get his attention. Men of this Zodiac sign can often be hard to read, and it’s not always easy to find things to say to them, especially when texting.

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There’s where I come in. In this guide, I’ll tell you just how to text a Cancer man to win over his attention. Whether he’s a budding crush or a beleaguered boyfriend you want to win back over, your Cancer guy will surely respond to the texting tips below.

Before I continue, it’s worth checking Cancer Man Secrets. It’s the ultimate step by step guide on how to text your Cancer guy. 

Keep reading to find out how to take your romantic texting game to the next level!

Why Texting Is Important When Dating Cancer Men

Before delving into the how-to, I first want to take a moment to tell you just why good texting is so important when you’re after a Cancer man. A water zodiac, Cancers are ruled by their emotions and value any time spent with their partners.

This means that even text messages for them are a major way they share their feelings and connect with the people they love.

If you know how to text a Cancer man, then, you’ll be able to forge a deeper bond with your partner and better show him how much you love him.

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How to Text a Cancer Guy

Want to win a Cancer man over through your texts? Make sure to follow the advice below:

1. Don’t Leave Him on Read

Remember what I said before? Cancer men tend to follow their emotions. At times, this can make them sensitive, especially if they feel that the people they love don’t care for them the same way. For this reason, you don’t want to leave your Cancer man on read for a long time.

In his mind, this could be a sign that you don’t care for or have interest in what he says, which can deal an emotional blow to him and at the very least make him want to keep more to himself.

If the two of you have yet to enter a relationship, a Cancer man could mistake your lack of texting back as disinterest in being with him. Because he will send text messages quickly, he will expect you to do the same, even though this isn’t exactly a fair expectation.

For this reason, be sure to always respond to your Cancer crush as quickly as possible through text—yes, when the two of you are just getting to know one another, as well.

2. Compliment Him

You’ll also want to pay him sweet compliments through your texts if you’re looking for a relationship. It’s as simple as this: Cancer men love to feel loved, and one great way to make them feel that they are is to compliment them.

If you have to be away for a long time, tell him how much you miss him (and be specific about it!). You can also let him know how nice he looked that day or how much better he makes your life. Be considerate of his feelings.

Compliments like these can help instill confidence in your Cancer man and give him the sign he needs to be more proactive in the relationship. Make him feel better about himself and your budding relationship with a sweet compliment that could pay huge dividends for the two of you.

One thing’s for sure: your Cancer guy will certainly pay you compliments if he’s interested in you.

3. Don’t Go Over the Top

Still, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to go over the top. Not only is it unnecessary, but it can be off-putting for a Cancer man. While it’s certainly true that a Cancer man in love will do just about anything for his partner, he can grow uncomfortable if all the attention is placed on him, even if it’s just through texting. Therefore, you want to keep your flirting concise to make it effective.

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Sending him one or two romantic texts every other day will be enough to ensure him that you like him. If the two of you are still courting, doing any more than this can make you seem a little too attached, which a Cancer’s natural insecurity might subconsciously buck. Therefore, be sure to play it the old-fashioned way with your Cancer crush so that you get and keep his interest.

4. Get Personal

Cancer men love feeling exclusive, especially when they’re in an official relationship. Some of the most loyal men out there, these guys feel strongly about the ones they love. It should come as no shock, then, that they love their text messages to be personal.

In a Cancer’s mind, your texts are your own private world. Make it special by bringing up your favorite memories, things you like about him, and talk of your hopes and dreams.

By keeping the space personal and positive, you can woo a Cancer man or make one fall even more deeply in love with you. For this reason, be sure to always keep your texts a special, exclusive space that truly builds the two of you up.

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5. Don’t Be Too Sexy

Like all men, Cancer men are primarily visual. These men like sexy texts and photos as much as the next guy, but they’re unique in that it’s not just about the looks for them. For them, a little bit of personality goes a long way, so you’ll want to be creative when sending risqué texts to these men.

If you really want to spice it up with your Cancer crush, consider sending him a text of you wearing sexy lingerie. Leave much of it to his imagination. This will make him fall even more head over heels for you and want you more in the bedroom.

The Bottom Line

Texting a man of the Cancer zodiac sign can be tricky. You’ll need to be affectionate but not over the top, sexy but not too sexy, and personal but not too mushy-gushy. I know—not exactly the easiest of tasks. Still, understanding how to text a Cancer man can truly help you grow your relationship.

Whether you’re just courting or have been dating for years, use the tips in this guide to build your relationship with your Cancer man and let him know just how much you love him.

Still feeling unsure of how to talk to your Cancer man via text? Here’s a walkthrough to make it even easier for you. Astrologer Anna Kovach essentially created a manual to get into the heart and soul of a Cancer man.

You can check it out here.

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