how to make a leo man fall in love with a scorpio woman

How to make a Leo man fall in love with a Scorpio woman

Are you a Scorpio woman? Are you trying to make your Leo crush fall for you? 

By understanding the Leo psyche, you’ll be able to talk to your Leo crush like never before. 

Coming up, I’ll spill the details on everything you need to know about the Leo man. The Leo aura is bright and attention-grabbing. They can be hard men to read.

I remember when I was back at college I was dating a Leo guy called James, he was creative and fearless, he oozed confidence which is what caught my eye. But, I couldn’t seem to say the right thing, often found myself looking stupid in front of him. 

I decided to do some reading, I started with those horoscopes in the back of the newspaper and magazines but it was complete junk and totally generic. A friend of mine, recommended me a fresh new take on Astrology.

It was called Leo Man Secrets, and as the name aptly suggests it contained a plethora of information, step by step methods that were proven to work and a complete walk through on his personality traits and what he likes.

It gave me a new found confidence. So, I started talking to James in a different way, and instantly he was more responsive. He started asking me questions and showed genuine interest in my life! Before I knew it, he was chasing me.

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The zodiac sign Leo is symbolized by the lion and is ruled by the sun. The sun represents vitality and life force so that everything on Earth can sustain life. Leo represents external, expressive, creative energy.

Leo embodies:

  • Generosity
  • Warmth
  • Enthusiasm
  • Charisma
  • Pride
  • Dignity
  • Outward ego expression

The fixed energy of Leo operates with a concentrated focus. It works with what it has in the present moment in order to manifest its desired outcomes.

Scorpio represents intensity, privacy, and the expression of deep emotions. Its animal symbol is the Scorpion. It is a feminine energy that is characterized by the water element. Mars and Pluto are the planets that rule the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Mars represents:

  • Assertion
  • Directness
  • Passion
  • Fighting


  • Death
  • Explosive anger
  • Renewal
  • Manipulation
  • Power
  • Taboos

Scorpio and Leo are both fixed signs. Once they commit to a relationship it takes over a big part of their focus. Both are signs that have the traits of working it out or fixing the relationship when things get tough.

How to make a Leo fall in love with you

In relationships, if a Leo man has made up his mind to commit, he will be a partner who is:

  • Loyal
  • Affectionate
  • Uplifting

As a fire sign, a Leo man has innate leadership qualities and like Aries, he likes to feel as if he is number one.

Leos value feeling important. When it comes to a relationship, the Leo man values appreciation and even a little admiration. If he is a Venus in Leo, this is his ultimate love language.

A little genuine ego-boosting can probably work well in your favor if you are a Scorpio woman who wants to make a Leo man fall in love with you.

A Leo man is intuitive like Scorpio, but his intuitive sense works in a fiery way that can be impulsive and quick-moving.

If you are a Scorpio woman who wants a Leo man to fall in love, be romantic.

  • Leave love notes around
  • Surprise him with gifts and trips
  • Give compliments

Be emotionally generous

If you are a Scorpio woman you are naturally abundant with emotion and can also be generous when in love.

As a Scorpio woman who is in love with a Leo man, show him generosity.

Be generous in your admiration, expressions of feelings, gifts, etc. He will love all the emotional depth you have to give to him.

Have respect for yourself and others

The Leo man needs to take pride in his partner so have something meaningful going for yourself that you and others can be proud of.

He will want to show you off and admire you if you have pride in yourself.

Why are Leos so attracted to Scorpios?

The Leo man and Scorpio woman share in common focus and drive. She has the capability to focus her energy on one person and a Leo man loves that very much.

Don’t dwell on negative emotions

A Scorpio woman will have to be conscious of expressing how she feels. The Scorpio person is also a fixed sign who can be rooted in their emotions. She can over-analyze them and dwell until she explodes.

Leo, as an externally expressive masculine sign, can be explosive too, but he prefers to deal with issues (or have a tantrum) sooner than later. He does not like tensions and grudges to build up.

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The fiery energy of a Leo man does not hold onto or dwell on emotions when having an argument. Fire signs can move on quickly and become playful again. If the serious Scorpio woman can let go easily and accept Leo’s exaggerated truths, this puts the Leo man at ease.

What does a Leo man want from a Scorpio woman?

Be a cheerleader

The Scorpio woman and the Leo man both share the trait of being able to uplift and show support to others.
Just as the sun is vitally important for human existence, a Leo man senses that he has an important purpose in life. If you want him to fall in love with you, he loves support in the areas of life that he puts a lot of effort into. If you can give him inspiration and support with lots of affection and admiration, he is yours.

Build a relationship on a foundation of trust

The Leo man will notice the Scorpio woman for her desire of bonding and intimacy. Leo’s and Scorpios both appreciate loyalty in relationships.

Scorpio embodies:

  • Processes of life and death
  • Sex
  • Private matters
  • Mystery

The fire sign Leo man can appreciate the fiery side of the Scorpio woman especially when she expresses her Mars through physical pleasure.

They both also honor truth and honesty.

The Scorpio woman and the Leo man can bond through a shared activity that they are both passionate about.

Through this activity, you will always have something to talk about and be occupied with each other.

You two are happy to compliment and admire each other and together, you enjoy the commitment and intimate relationship that you share.

Accept the tensions, obstacles and challenges

These two signs together represent in astrology what is called a ‘square’. A Leo man and Scorpio woman work well when they understand that opposites attract.

The Scorpio woman is private and shy’s away from lots of attention while a Leo man basks in the light he receives from others.

When a Scorpio woman compromises or understands that her Leo man wants to shine they can be in harmony with one another. He will respect her for her trust and admiration and he will give the same back to her.
If the Scorpio woman enjoys sitting back, watching and observing her Leo man entertain the crowd, this is a good match.

Make sure your Leo man is an emotionally deep match

Although a Scorpio woman loves an emotionally deep and serious connection, she will have to understand Leo’s love of glitz and glam and attention-grabbing behavior. All Leo’s may not be able to provide the depth that a Scorpio wants.
Leo is a fire sign that is, “What you see is what you get.” They are direct and expressive in what they want.

Although Scorpio is reserved and can hesitate to express emotions or vulnerability, if she can make an effort to be more open, the Leo man can connect. Because of Leo’s fixed energy, he is also willing to work with her to help her open up.

A Scorpio woman must get comfortable being vulnerable and expressing her emotions in a mature way that doesn’t belittle or disrespect her Leo man so that he can be empathetic, non-judgemental and stay committed.

The Leo man is protective of his relationship, but the Scorpio and Leo energy aren’t naturally flowing. A Leo and Scorpio relationship will take a lot of trust and respect and it can work very well especially if this is established at the start.

Still unsure how to get that dreamy Leo man to fall for you? It’s time to try a new strategy. Leo Man Secrets is the ultimate playbook to understand your Leo man, dive deep into his soul and heart and come out with him chasing you!

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