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When a Cancer Woman Is Done with You - 5 Untold Signs

When A Cancer Women Is Done With You

Suspect that your Cancer lady is ready to move on?

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be hard to tell. Fortunately, there are some red flags that can alert you to her true feelings—You’ll want to pay attention to them in order to potentially save your relationship.

In this guide, I’ll tell you things to look out for—clear signs that your Cancer woman is over you. These astrology-based indicators can help you make the right decision for both you and your Cancer lover. Keep reading to find out whether she is simply upset or if things are more serious.

What Turns a Cancer Woman Off?

Before I get into the meat of the issue, it’s important to know what Cancer women consider turnoffs. If any of the following sounds like you, there’s a greater chance that things aren’t so good between you and your Cancer woman.

  • No Sense of Humor

Can’t take a joke? That’s a big no-no for this zodiac sign. Simply put, these women don’t like men who never laugh and who can’t take a bit of deprecating humor. Learn to be on the bad end of a joke if you want to make things right with her.

  • Shallowness

Equally important, you don’t want to appear shallow. Unlike an Aries or Pisces, Cancer women evaluate men based on the depths of their emotions and thoughts. If you are a vain money-and-sex chaser, then it’s likely that you’ll wear her out quickly. For the health of your relationship, be sure to engage with her in more critical ways as often as you can. This is the type of interaction she will love and seek as the two of you date. It will also help you feel a deeper connection to her.

How to Know When a Cancer Woman Is Done with You

With all this being said, how can you tell when a Cancer woman is over you? Take a look at the following signs to know if it’s time to work everything out or move on:

1. She’s Moody

You may not need astrology to tell you this since it almost seems so obvious—in a way, it comes with the territory. Still, Cancer women are known for their intense mood swings when they see themselves as being trapped. Even if a Cancer woman is done with you, she may not have the courage to break things off neatly. Even if she doesn’t love you anymore, she may not want to hurt you. This will lead to her being moody all the time.

If every little thing you do sets her off, this is a clear sign that she’s ready to leave the relationship. A Cancer woman may get unexpectedly angry at even small things or become intensely sad when you don’t think she has a reason to be. All of this indicates that she’s got something on her mind (you) that she doesn’t like and wants to get rid of.

2. She’s Fretful

Cancer women love to have order and to plan ahead. It’s no wonder, then, that plans of ending a relationship may cause them to become anxious. If your Cancer girlfriend or wife is constantly anxious or fretful, this could mean she’s wanting to end things with you. Without another person to fall back on, ending the relationship could cause her undue stress.

There are many ways this could manifest. For starters, quite unlike an Aries, she may withdraw into herself and avoid going out with you. She may also pick up some bad habits that give her a release from her anxiety (including procrastination, drinking, etc.). Some could even be habits you never expected her to adopt and are totally out of character. All of these are bad signs for the health of your relationship. If you feel she’s acting strangely in this regard, it may be time to confront her (gently) about it.

3. She’s Resentful

A Cancer woman’s decision to leave you could also make her resentful—even if you’ve done nothing wrong. If she feels trapped in life and doesn’t love you anymore, she will take her anger out on you.

It’s not uncommon that she’ll become overly critical of you or hateful with you overstuff she once considered to be small (the way you dress, the way you talk, what you do in your free time—the list is endless).

It may seem to you that your Cancer woman is being hateful to you for no reason at all. This is a bad sign for your relationship, especially if everything you do comes back to haunt you.

Simply put, once women of this Zodiac sign decide they aren’t into you, you will never do anything right. A Cancer’s resentment will cause her to find everything wrong with you—real or otherwise. If you feel that your Cancer woman is refusing to give you a break, it could be because she has an agenda—namely, leaving you. 

4. She’s Irrational

Cancer women who are done with their partners are also irrational. If you’re wondering whether she’s over you, I recommend taking a look at her behavior. Does she do things that just don’t make sense to you?

Let me give you an example: she never goes out with you because she is “too busy,” but she has time to call another person all day or to get her nails done. If these actions become a pattern, this is a clear sign that she’s over you.

You can know for sure what her motivations are by calling her out on her behavior. Cancer women who’ve decided to end it are notorious for their inability to accept criticism. If she responds harshly to your questioning or takes fair criticism way too hard, you can bet this is a sign that your Cancer partner is ready to call it quits.

5. She’s Clingy

This one may not make sense upon first notice. But remember what I said about a Cancer woman’s irrationality? Sometimes, when women of this Zodiac sign are over their partners, they become more clingy. In this way, these Cancer women will seem more like a Pisces than a Cancer.

There is more than one reason for this. For starters, these women are very intuitive and know what their men love and want. As such, clinginess could be a way of spending more time with you on your terms and trying to put the relationship back together.

Just as often, however, a Cancer’s inability to be apart from you shows a more sinister side to her personality. By refusing to give you your own life, she may think she is sabotaging the relationship, or at the very least making you as frustrated as she feels.

If you suspect that her newfound devotion is insincere, I recommend giving it some time. In the event that she’s really just messing with you, you’ll know before too long (the charade can’t go on forever). If she is sincere, you may take this as a chance to reclaim her heart and salvage the relationship.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are some definite ways to find out whether or not your Cancer woman is done with you. No matter what stage of the relationship you are in, you can count on sound, astrology-based advice to help you see what’s really going on between you and your partner—and if there is any love left in her Cancer heart.

In this guide, I covered the five biggest signs that show your relationship with a Cancer is no longer in good standing. Take this advice for a clean breakup or to even get a chance to win back her heart.

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