Will a Taurus Man Miss You?

Will a Taurus Man Miss You?

I would like to welcome you to the “I used to date a Taurus man” support group. Every Wednesday, we gather up to eat some of our exes’ favorite foods and gently roast them. Some of us love our newfound freedom. Yet, some still miss the neverending Netflix nights with their Taurus men. To each their own. 

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If you’re still thinking about your ex, you might ask yourself whether a Taurus man will miss you. Well, it depends on the reason why you broke up in the first place. But, don’t fret. Even if he isn’t missing you now, there are ways for you to make him regret losing you. I wrote a crash course on surviving a break-up with a Taurus man below. 

Yet, if you still need some more information, you will find everything you need in this guide. It contains a few tried and true ways of making your way back into your Taurus man’s heart. 

Do Taurus Men Regret Breaking-Up?

For a Taurus man, a breakup is the same as losing something he really cares about. These men are fierce about their possessions, and they view their relationships as things they “have” and need to take care of. In a birth chart, Taurus rules the 2nd House, which deals with matters of property as a means to feel secure. 

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This means that losing something, even a romantic relationship, makes Taurus natives lose their sense of security. It really throws them off balance. As a result, most Taurus men will deeply regret losing a relationship, even if they were the ones to end it. 

They would prefer to get back together with their ex in most cases, especially since they can be very resistant to change. Going through a break-up puts Taurus men into new, unknown territory, and this scares them. Yet, most of them are generally too stubborn to admit they were wrong. 

Sometimes, they were even right to end things. But unfortunately, this breeds a strong internal conflict that can tear them apart for months after the break-up. So, most times, the answer is yes. A Taurus man will miss you a lot, but they will be too heady to show it. Especially if you hurt their ego, they need a long time to come to terms with the situation.

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How Do You Know if a Taurus Man Misses You?

It really depends on the reason why you broke up in the first place. If they feel like they are entitled to be mad at you, they will do anything not to show they are hurt. So it will be pretty hard to tell whether they miss being with you. 

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Yet, there are a few ways to tell, even in those cases where they build solid walls around their hearts. Even if you’re on bad terms with your Taurus man, he won’t reject you if you need his help. If he genuinely misses you, you can ask for his help, and he will come to your rescue. He might be salty about it, but he will come through. 

Taurus men are very reliable and won’t let you down if you actually need their help. So, you can capitalize on that. Plus, it’s important to note what he’s doing after the break-up. A scorned Taurus will have no time to jump right back into the dating pool. 

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He might want to spend some time alone, at home, tending to his wounds. If he’s not as active on social media or if you haven’t heard from your common friends that he’s looking for a new relationship, there are pretty good chances he still misses you. 

Taurus men are known for their loyalty and stability. They can be very stubborn, but they also have a deep sense of commitment to the people in their lives. If you’re wondering if your Taurus man is going to miss you, this guide will help you find out!

You’ll learn the secrets of what makes them tick, why they act so distant at times, and how to make him fall for you.

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How to Make Your Taurus Man Miss You?

You can’t really make a Taurus man miss you, as he already does, most probably. Although, it’s common for them not to admit it, even to themselves. Their stubbornness won’t generally let them do that. If you want your Taurus man back, there are a few ways in which you can show him he’s wrong about you. 

First, you should make sure he knows you’re not dating someone else. Making him jealous won’t help your case, so embrace the single life for a while. Moreover, be resilient in showing him you want him back. Just as your ego is hurt, his sensitive heart won’t let him make the first step. 

Showing him, you can get past your ego will make him feel special and cared for, which is the first step to soften his heart. Whatever you do, be gentle. Don’t make a scene, don’t cause any drama. They really don’t like that. Slow and steady wins the race with these guys, so show him you have the patience to wait him out. 

Sooner or later, this will work in your favor. Although they can be pretty determined, all Taurus men loosen up with time. Generally, they can admit they were too harsh on occasion, but only after enough time has passed. 


Making a Taurus man miss you is more of a waiting game than anything else. If your relationship ended, you could be sure he’s not too happy about it. Your only job is to reassure him of his feelings and not date anyone until he’s ready to admit he was wrong. 

This might take a while, but it’s the safest, and really, the only way to get back together with a Taurus man. The best thing you can do is show him you never stopped caring, and he will come around sooner or later. 

While you wait, I suggest you go through this online guide. There’s a ton of information on how the mind of a Taurus works, which will prove invaluable in this battle of wits. I used it successfully to smoke out a gloomy Taurus, so I bet you’ll find it useful for your particular situation. 

There’s nothing else you can do, anyway. 

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