What a Taurus Man Wants to Hear

You can either love Taurus men or hate them. There’s no in-between. For those of you who can see the beautiful gifts these men can bring into a relationship, you might wonder how you can show them the same level of affection. 

Truthfully, making a Taurus man happy isn’t exactly rocket science. They’re pretty conservative in this aspect, so a home-cooked meal and a kiss on the cheek will do more than you realize.

And when it comes to late-night conversations and confessions of love, there are some things that you can say to him to seal the deal. No Taurus man will resist a woman who regularly tells him everything he wants to hear. And that’s quite simple to do, on your part.

Having these sentences in your back pocket will give you a massive advantage in this relationship because you will know precisely how to put him in a great mood. With only a few words. Without further ado, here is what a Taurus man wants to hear. Use these wisely.

And if you’re trying to get extra points, just because, I also suggest reading this guide. It goes into great depth over how their mind works, so you can understand why these phrases work so well.

I can see your efforts.

Taurus men often try hard to make their lovers happy, but they’re not flashy about it. As a result, his efforts might go unnoticed, especially if you’re overly focused on what’s wrong. Moreover, if you’re not used to his slow, routine-based way of doing things, you might think he’s pretty bored of you. Or you might think that he’s doing nothing to help your relationship grow.

But it takes a great deal of effort for a Taurus native to accommodate someone else into their life. Their ways of doing things are usually set in stone; they have particular ways in which they prefer doing things. So, when they get into a new relationship, they might feel like they’re entirely giving up control. And this can be very hard on them.

On the outside, it might seem like they’re not doing much, especially since they don’t like showing they’re struggling. They need to appear in control, be the big, reliable men you can count on. So it’s important to remind him that you appreciate his efforts. You’ll quickly see how much he’s doing just to make you feel welcome. You just need to pay some attention.

We are a team.

It’s easy to get lost in the storm of a Taurus claiming he’s right about everything. The smallest of arguments can quickly elevate to record heights because he’s probably having a hard time managing his anger. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not about you; that’s just the way he’s wired.

When you see him blowing off some steam, the best thing you can do is the exact opposite of what your instinct is telling you to. Instead of repaying the favor and breaking some plates of your own accord, you should try to remind him that you’re not his enemy.

Telling him, you still think the two of you are a team will do wonders for your relationship even when it doesn’t seem so. Over time, he’ll learn not to take things so personally and step down whenever he’s feeling entitled to the last word.

I only have eyes for you.

One of the nastiest bugs a Taurus man can catch in a relationship is jealousy. These natives are extremely possessive, and the slightest doubt about your loyalty will turn them mad with worry. No matter how adjusted your Taurus man might be, this feeling is ingrained into their very cores.

Remember that Taurus rules the 2nd House in astrology, which asks, “what is mine?”
As a result, Taurus natives need to have a stronghold over whatever they view as “theirs,” including romantic partners. This is why trying to make them jealous is probably one of the worst things you can do.

Instead, try reminding him often that he’s got no reason to be jealous. Don’t act overly excited about any of your male friends, don’t try to be one of those open-minded, ethical non-monogamous people. They really can’t stand that, even though some of them might act like it doesn’t bother them. You know, to be hip.

Telling him that no other man will ever compare to him might be a bit overboard, but that’s exactly what your Taurus man wants to hear. Making sure he’s got no reason to be jealous will ensure that your relationship will stand the test of time.

You make me happy.

Lastly, we all know that the most important thing to hear in a relationship is that we’re valued. Our biggest goal in a romantic partnership is to make the other person feel safe enough to be vulnerable. We should be able to cheer them up when they’re feeling down. When we think that we’re not doing our job, we might become sulky or downright depressed.

And this is a vicious cycle because the feelings of inadequacy will also make our partners feel bad about themselves. This pesky problem can be easily solved by reminding our partners that they make us happy. A Taurus man is all about that home life, and they care a lot about making their loved one feel good with them.

Even if you’re not in one of your best moods, you should strive to remind your partner that you feel safe and comfortable with them. Remind him of all the things that made you fall in love with him in the first place, and they will repay you by trying harder in those departments.


That’s it! In reality, these phrases are not much different from what anyone wants to hear in a romantic relationship. But they were specially picked so they could soothe a Taurus man’s biggest worries. So if you take the time to build him up by repeating these phrases to him at the right times, you will have a Taurus who’s head over heels for you. And over the moon with happiness.

When he’s content, you can be sure that he will do the exact same thing for you—further your education on Taurus Man 101 with this handy guide. There’s no such thing as too much effort when it comes to a relationship with a Taurus native.

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