How to Please a Sagittarius Man Sexually

How to Please a Sagittarius Man Sexually (6 Steamy Tips)

You’ve finally made it official with that steamy Sagittarius man—great! Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same thing: Sagittarius guys are some of the best lovers around. Passionate and open-minded, these men are willing to try just about anything in the bedroom.

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So how can you keep up? In order to keep your relationship strong, it’s crucial that you know how to please a Sagittarius man in bed. In this piece, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to blow that sexy Sagittarius away under the covers.

Let the fun begin!

What Are Sagittarius Men Attracted to?

Before you can offer him mind-blowing sex, you’ll first need to know what a Sagittarius man loves.

The last personality type of the Zodiac, Sagittarius guys are unique in that they aren’t solely focused on the body.

In fact, much of what turns a Sagittarius guy on happens in the head.

Specifically, these men like their sex:

  • Passionate

Sagittarius guys live in their feelings for you. When they have sex with you, it’s like a scene from a romance novel—intense, emotional, and oh-so passionate. Of course, it goes without saying that they are attracted to women who can give them the same: total, unbridled passion in the bedroom. If you follow this sexual advice, you’ll be certain to give Sagittarius men what they like.

  • Experimental

You know this by now: a Sagittarius man is intellectually curious and loves exploring new ideas. This same pattern applies to the bedroom, where Sagittarius guys love experimenting with new positions and different types of sex. If you really want to turn him on, you can’t be absolutely vanilla behind closed doors.

How to Satisfy Sagittarius Men in the Bedroom

With all this being said, what steps should you take to please your Sagittarius man in bed?

Let’s take a look:

1. Be Mysterious and alluring

Remember what I said about the Sag man and curiosity? This is crucial in having success with your sex life. One thing that a Sagittarius man finds irresistible is mystery—don’t let him know what comes next! Tease him by saying you have something big in store for him later and spark his sexual desire by building it up. You want to dramatize the mystery.

Sagittarius guys love trying new things, so if you can spin your seduction in that direction, go for it.

The important thing is to not let on what your intentions are—and to follow through with what you’ve promised.

If you give him a regular night in bed, it could fall flat after all the buildup.

2. Engage in Foreplay

One sexual trait from Sag men that you may appreciate is their love of fore play. Simply put, these aren’t the bang-and-go type of men. Instead, they enjoy working up to their climax. If you really want to turn him on, start out with kisses and heavy fore play that will work him (and you up). Focus on his erogenous zones, as well, which, for a Sagittarius man, is located in the thighs (both inner and outer).

The good news here? He’ll love giving you fore play as much as he likes getting it. This means Sagittarius guys are some of the best to make love with—and I really mean make love. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better partner in the bedroom than a Sagittarius guy who’s treated the right way.

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3. Role Play

You know what else your Sagittarius man enjoys? Role play. Dressing up and playing an act can bring a new level of thrill to the bedroom. Play out both of your fantasies, no matter what they are, and watch as your man comes to life. Role play is a great way for him to let out some of his creative and intellectual steam with the woman he loves most.

Have a doctor-patient fantasy? Maybe teacher-student is more your style. Whatever the case, be sure to strike a balance between your fantasies for maximum pleasure.

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4. Have Fun Outside the Bedroom

Who says you have to keep it in the bedroom? Spark up your sex life by taking the fun outside of your private quarters. No, I’m not suggesting you do anything risky or illegal—just consider taking your sexual escapades into different rooms of the house. If no one’s around, make the kitchen or the living room your domain. Your Sagittarius man will absolutely love it—guaranteed.

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That’s because it offers him two things this Zodiac sign loves the most: adventure and passion. He’ll like the fact that you’re seeking new thrills, and he’ll also recognize the passion you have for him—especially if it happens spontaneously.

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5. Surprise Him

This leads me to my next point: surprise him. What’s more romantic than being swept up in a sudden fit of sexual passion? Not much. Show your Sag man a good time by getting freaky with him with no warning. Good chances are that he will respond accordingly and that he will want you all the more for it.

Whether this means springing lustful sex upon your Sagittarius man in bed or surprising him with sudden moves during a Netflix session, one thing is for sure: your spontaneity will take your relationship to the next level.

6. Take It Slowly

Conversely, you can also take things slowly. One of the defining sexual traits of Sagittarius guys is their ability to handle progressive sex. What do I mean by this? It’s pretty simple. While your man will also enjoy if you make love all of a sudden, he’ll also enjoy the challenge of waiting.

Remember what I said about fore-play? If you take this philosophy to the extremes, it can make for an extremely wild night with a Sagittarius man. Sometimes it’s better to simply make him wait.

Touch him, brush by him—but don’t go all the way. This will stir him into action and make him want to have sex with you. While pleasing your man in bed, as well, you can take things slowly by dragging out fore play, trying different things, and working it slowly until he can’t stand it anymore.

The Bottom Line

Pleasing your Sagittarius man in bed is easier than you may think. By following the information in this guide, you can avoid the turn offs and give your man exactly what he wants in bed. Just as important, these tips will crave him even more because they will lead to incredible sex for both of you.

Be sure to follow this guide to hit on his sexual traits and give your man what he’s been craving.

In Sagittarius Man Secrets, Anna will be talk about the sexual needs of a Sagittarius man and how you can satisfy those desires.

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