Signs A Gemini Man Is In Love With You

Signs a Gemini Man is Falling in Love with You - Clear Signs he's in Love with You

Are you in a relationship with a Gemini but he hasn’t come around to say he loves you yet?

Well, there is more than one way saying you love someone without actually saying those words.

Here, I have compiled all the ways that your Gemini man might be telling you he loves you without saying it outright. I also want to show you this awesome PDF – Gemini Man Secrets, which can help you understand the zodiac in general and those close by.

You might think he is not serious, but you shouldn’t judge your Gemini man to be only funny and good all the time. If he is with you, then he is surely serious about his commitment to you. So, let’s take a look at how you can determine that a Gemini man is in love with you. 

There are many different ways to show your love for a Gemini guy, but if you want him to feel secure and satisfied in return then it’s important that these 7 signs be addressed.
The following list will tell what needs attention – keep reading!

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1. He Will Want To Spend All His Time With You

It will be clear that a Gemini man is in love with you when you see him wanting to hang out and spend all of his free time with you. There is a lot that this says. They will take out every possible time that they can to spend with you.

Who does that? Only people in love with you, especially if he is a Gemini man. You will find them going out of their way to try to spend their time with you. How adorable is that?

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These are all clear signs that this is a Gemini man in love and wants to get to know you more on a long term romantic level.

2. He Will Want Your Attention

Not every man wants the attention of their woman at all times. When it comes to a Gemini man, they crave for your attention every day, and will always want to spend their free time with you.

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A Gemini guy falls under the air element and will demand it every chance they get because they wish to be the center of your attention. It is pretty cute when you think about it. They are also considered to be a little bit like children since they would like to be with you all the time and want your attention as well. This tells you that the Gemini guy is falling in love with you.

When a Gemini man falls in love, he actually does think of his partner more and wants to spend time with her. This means giving up some free moments but at that point, they’re willing for it because the feeling is so strong.

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The Gemini zodiac sign known as “the twins” has two very different sides: one where everything seems all right but then there’s also another side which shows how deep emotions can go- both good things like being happy or even sad depending on what’s going around them when these people are experiencing those feelings inside themselves rather than just having someone else do it.

3. He Might Just Tell You

Geminis are known for their air of mystery and tarot card reader’s tell us that the key to getting them open up is telling them how much we care. If you want a Gemini man’s heart, just say “I love You!”

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“It takes all kinds but once they’re sure about you – well then watch ’em go! They might even come right out an’ spill sumthin’. Like: “Hey girl…you got me locked down here.””

There is no sure shot of this, but if his feelings are true and he sees a distant future with you, then there is no saying that he will not say these three words to you. He will be more than happy to you tell you how much he loves you.

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4. You Will Get To Know His Secrets

When you’re dating a man from the Zodiac Gemini, you should know that he will have no secret from you.

Everything he does and all of his secrets will be wide open right in front of you, he is someone who wants to share a deeper connection with you and by doing that he will open up and let you know things about him that his close friends or family do not know about him.

Geminis are usually good at keeping secrets and wouldn’t let anyone know about them. But if they starting unwinding their secrets to you, then that means that they trust you. Also, this clearly shows that they are completely in love with you as well. Since, they’re telling you their secrets, they believe that you two are going to be together for the long run.

5. He Will Get Jealous

Now, a Gemini man is not normally considered the jealous type. This is true when he is not in a serious relationship. But when things start getting serious, he will show some signs of jealousy.

Keep in mind that jealousy does not mean the extreme kind. Instead, he will try to make subtle hints that you’re his girl and others should back off. For instance, he might pull you a little closer to himself when he is feeling jealous in a public space. 

6. He Will Show You Off

One thing is for sure that when a Gemini man falls in love with you, there is nothing that will stop him from showing you off everywhere. Whether it is his friends or his family, you will be paraded and talked about at all times. This shows that he wants you to be in his life long term.

They will be low-key obsessed with you and would want everyone to know about you. Only a man in love would do these things, so maybe you might want to pay attention to these things that he does. 

7. He Wants As Much Experience With You

When you’re with a Gemini man and things start getting serious, the one thing you will note is that he will want to experience new things with you. They want their first experience at everything to be with you because doing things alone just doesn’t make sense to them anymore.

You’re an important part of their life and they wish to ensure that you know it too. So, you will be heading on to a life of new adventure and experience with them once they realize how important you are to them. 

8. He Is Sweet And Romantic

Gemini men are sweet generally, but not entirely romantic. So, when your Gemini man starts getting romantic, you will know that things have become different and moved onto more of a deeper level and this also shows he is a Gemini man in love.

He is professing his love for you in different ways. You get to experience his romantic that no one else gets to. So, you’re surely in for a treat as you will get to know that he loves you like this. There is not denying this at all. He won’t want to run away from your relationship!

9. He Showers You With Gifts

Another thing that you will notice is that your Gemini man will start showering many gifts on you. He will want to give you everything that you need and will try to show how much you mean to him by giving you all kinds of gifts.

These will not be limited to the gifts you receive on your birthdays or other occasions. Instead, they will be on very random days and he will surely make you realize how much he adores you with them. 

10. He Will Go All In

Now, there is no denying that when a Gemini man falls in love, he will go all in. So, you will understand why he is doing everything in his capacity to be with you. He will be there to support you and love to for a long time. All of his actions will tell you how much you mean to him. 

Keep a lookout for all of these actions when it comes to your Gemini man, you will surely understand the he does actually love you very much even if he doesn’t say it. 

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