How to Know If an Aries Man Likes You

Is your Aries colleague or neighbor flirting with you? How can you be sure he’s into you or just being friendly. I’m going to reveal all in this article.

When you talk about an Aries man, you mostly refer to them as people who are too lost in their own world to be able to pay attention to others.

However, the is not true. An Aries man will be extremely obvious when he comes to liking you.

I can assure you that you will be able to tell all of this once you go through the list of signs I have prepared for you.

These will help you instantly tell whether or not an Aries man likes you. So, stay tuned to find out. 

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Fiery, confident, and ambitious, Aries men make great lovers. Despite their bold nature, however, it’s not always easy to tell if these men are into you. This is especially true if you’re unfamiliar with the common personality traits of this zodiac sign.

In this guide, I’ll break down the Aries man personality type and go over some obvious signs an Aries man is into you. If you’re not sure if that sexy Aries in your social circle is crushing on you or just being nice, keep reading to find out!

Aries Man Personality Traits

Before you can truly understand if an Aries man has the hots for you, you must first become familiar with his personality. Understanding how an Aries man thinks will help you understand his flirting style and whether or not the two of you will ultimately be compatible. 

Generally, Aries men are:

  • Confident and Assertive

A fire sign, Aries men are naturally confident and assertive. They are the leaders in any situation and always believe in their ability to handle and control what comes their way. In a relationship, an Aries man will like to call the shots, and in the workplace, he will likely be striving for a management position or entrepreneurial role (if he’s not in one already). 

An Aries man’s confidence will constantly lead him into new situations, and he’ll expect a lover who can go there with him without being worn out or falling off the grind. 

  • Spontaneous and Unpredictable

Aries men also tend to be spontaneous and unpredictable. Because they are confident in their ability to control their destinies, they may see opportunities and take chances that other zodiac signs would shy away from or even think are preposterous. This is all part of an Aries man’s charm, however, as this spontaneity makes him one of the most exciting members of the zodiac. 

The flip side to this is that Aries men tend to be impulsive, which can lead to trouble in some situations. At times, an Aries will be headstrong and act more on instinct than logic, which can cause clashes both in his personal and his work life. 

  • Virile and Romantic

Despite this, Aries men make some of the most exciting lovers due to their virility and love for sex. These men know how to work it under the sheets and possess a fiery passion for their lovers. It’s here that an Aries man’s natural assertiveness and confidence can pay off huge dividends for a relationship, as he will absolutely take control in the bedroom. 

Because these men are unpredictable, they may be considered kinkier than other zodiac signs and often engage in spontaneous sexual acts, making a relationship with an Aries man thrilling and fun.

Signs an Aries Man Likes You

With all this being said, how can you tell if one of these men has a thing for you? In many cases, these confident men will let their affection be known in not-too-subtle ways, meaning it can sometimes be quite simple to determine if an Aries man likes you. 

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If you’re still unsure, however, you can get a better idea by looking at the common signs below:

1. He Flirts with You

If an Aries man is truly into you, he’ll make it known with over-the-top flirting. These men bring incredible passion and energy to their flirting game, which means you can expect a plethora of compliments and passes when you’re in his company. An Aries man likes to build up his partner, which means you’ll likely receive flattering compliments about your appearance and your ability.

It’s also possible that he’ll be touchy-feely. He’ll give you hugs and be close to you. His body will also be open, as he’s completely comfortable around you and wants you to feel the same. Great communicators, these men will also say all the right things to get you feeling special. 

Still, however, Aries men are known flirts, so you’ll need to look at some other signs, as well, to make sure he’s really into you.

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2. He Wants to Do Fun Things with You

An Aries man in love will want to do all types of fun activities with his crush. He may ask you to come out for a hike with him, accompany him to the beach, or even do crazier things like join him on his bungee jumping trip. When discussing these activities with you, he’ll be brimming with youthful energy. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries men are vibrant and almost childlike in their ability to embrace the fun aspects of life.

And they’ll want you to be all in on it with them if you’re the target of their affection. If you’ve received requests to engage in spontaneous activities with that Aries man in your life, this is a sure sign that he’s into you and wants to get to know you better. 

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3. He Inquires about Your Personal Life

While the confidence and assertiveness of Aires men can be attractive, it also has its downsides: namely, they often have little interest for those who aren’t themselves. If an Aries man is constantly asking you about your life, hobbies, interests, and dreams, then, you can bet it’s because he’s into you. These men are genuinely interested in the lives of the people they love and are willing to listen to even the longest of stories about your day and what you plan on doing in the future if they find you attractive. 

Remember: from his point of view, his interest and conversation are an expenditure of his valuable time. If he’s spending it on you, it’s because you’re someone he wants to get to know on a deeper (and likely romantic) level.

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4. He Shows Off 

Aries men are big show-offs when they find someone they like. An Aries man will love to show you how fast, strong, or smart he is, and he’ll be willing to take on any dare if he thinks it will impress you. While this is risky behavior and isn’t to be encouraged, it is also an endearing sign that an Aries man sees you as someone of interest. 

This showing off can come in a variety of ways, from solving difficult problems in the workplace to lifting something heavy—you name it, and he’ll want to do it for you. This is even the case if the Aries man in question isn’t quite adept at what he’s trying. Because these men are impulsive, they often act first and think later, which can lead to some tight situations if he’s not careful.

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5. He’s Protective and Public

If an Aries man is into you, he won’t be afraid to show it to those around the two of you. PDA is a common theme with these men. He’ll want to put his arm around you in public, and he’ll also be the perfect gentleman while the two of you are out and about. He’ll hold the door for you, let you out of the car, walk on the dangerous side of the sidewalk, etc. These masculine men view themselves as protectors and love keeping their women safe by their side. 

An Aries man will also introduce you to his friend circle. When an Aries is in love, he wants his partner to get in with his group of friends, as well. He’ll also have no problem introducing you to his family—a surefire sign that he’s looking for something more long-term with you. 

6. He Asks You Out

Seems simple, right? While many guys of other zodiac signs may be afraid to ask you out at first, that won’t be the case with an Aries man. These men are sure of their ability to win over the objects of their affection and are also man enough to handle rejection. For this reason, they will often be direct about what they want and simply ask you out. 

If you haven’t been asked out by your Aries crush, however, it doesn’t mean that he’s not into you. This is especially true if he’s displaying the other signs in this guide. 

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The Bottom Line

By now, you should have a better idea of whether that Aries man in your life is into you. If your cute Aries crush displays one or more of these signs, there’s a very good chance that he’s looking for a relationship with you, even if he hasn’t come out and said it yet. By understanding both the personality of an Aries man and some of the common ways he acts when in love, you can get a better idea of how to act in your own relationship with an Aries.

Confident in his love for you? It may be time to make the first move! Whatever the case, make sure to use this guide as your go-to reference for understanding how an Aries man acts when he’s in love!

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