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How to Please a Libra man Sexually (7 steamy tips)

Are you looking to take your sex life with a Libra man to the next level? Well, you are in the right place. I have all the inside info you need to turn on a Libra man and make him crazy for you. Whether you’re in the early stages and you’re dating or if you’ve been together some time, it’s never to late to level up your sex life.

Libra Man Secrets has some of the best ways for you to please a Libra man sexually, and enjoy his company in bed.

Let’s take a look at his sexuality traits and how you can improve your sex life with him using that. 

What you’ll discover in this guide:

  • The Libra man in bed: What are his desires?
  • How do you turn on a Libra man in bed
  • Are Libra men good kissers?
  • Are men under the Libra zodiac sign good in bed?
  • What does the Libra man need from a partner sexually?

Libra Man Sexuality Traits

Three personality traits will guide your sex life with a Libra man:

  • He is extremely confident in what he does
  • He likes it his way, and that’s slow and steady
  • He loves to stimulate his partner

What A Libra Man Wants In Bed

First things first, a Libra man is inherently confident. You will see this in their social skills as they are able to charm anyone. This extends to the bedroom too. They use this confidence to take their sex life to the next level. A Libra man in bed tends to be very adventurous and likes to make sure his partner is too, a bonus if you like to wear sexy lingerie.

Secondly, he is also patient, he takes his time. There is no rush in the bedroom and he will take his time. Good for you because that means more foreplay which will eventually lead to some intense and passionate sex. He likes it to be slow, he wants to enjoy every minute of it and admire the beauty of the person in front of him.

Lastly, he will always put your pleasure above his. Libra men are givers by nature and they love pleasuring their partners in bed too. This is what turns them on. So be sure to let him take the lead but don’t hesitate in being dominant either.

Libra Man Secrets offers a number of excellent ways for getting top results from your relationship with a Libra man.

7 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life With A Libra Man

Use these tips as a guide to take your sex life with a Libra guy to the next level:

1. Be Adventurous

A Libra man will go crazy for a woman who is adventurous in bed. Libra men love a sexual experience that is exciting, adventurous, and thrilling. However, they sometimes don’t initiate this as they want this from their partner.

So, you must find new ways if you want to spice things up with your Libra man. If you enjoy making love with your Libra man in bed, why not try different positions or new places. The idea is to surprise him and add some excitement and passion to your sex life.

If you’re a reserved and shy woman in bed then you won’t get far with him. So you must let go of all your boundaries when it comes to sex and explore this with him. Make it your aim to please him by trying different things.

Find different ways to be intimate with your Libra man:

  • Make eye contact when giving him a blowjob
  • Bring sex toys into the mix
  • Play with him, use handcuffs or blindfold him
  • Try blind oral (Blindfold your partner when giving him a blowjob)

2. Pillow Talk

This is also just another part of being adventurous and being spicy in bed. You have to engage in pillow talk (dirty talk) in bed. The best way to do this is during foreplay.

They love foreplay because that is what adds passion to the sex. So, if during this moment you want to turn on his mind and his body then do some pillow talk.

Let your imagination run wild and tell your Libra guy what you want to do to him. Many people have a hard time doing this because they don’t know what to say or they get awkward. But you may like it, you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

So, if you are one of those people who finds it hard to do the whole dirty talk thing, then it is time you research some pillow talk and brush up your skills.

3. Compliment Him On His Abilities

The Libra man really needs a lot of validation and they love compliments. If he’s amazing at oral sex, let him know. Especially if you want him to keep doing it! Even more so if you’re making love with him, this is a great time to tell him how good he is.

This is why they are so confident and charming in social circles. They love to make an impression and validate themselves through compliments.

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This is true for your sex life with him. If you want him to do something for you then give him lots of compliments. If he is arousing you in some way then let him know how you feel about it and how much you like it, he wants a woman to know he’s the man!

Compliment your Libra man on his sexual ability, and his looks. He will become even more passionate with you. They need to feel valued and appreciated in a relationship.

4. Surprise Him In The Morning

Morning sex is the best sex for a Libra man. So instead of waiting for him to tell you just surprise him yourself. Your Libra man would lose his mind if you surprise him with oral sex, what a great way to start his day!

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As soon as he wakes up, surprise him with a quickie and this will keep him in a good mood throughout the day. He will also return this pleasure and make you feel good too. A win-win situation.

Do remember to brush your teeth before you surprise him with a quickie because morning breath is not a turn-on for anyone!

5. Take Charge In Bed

Libra men love it when a woman is dominant in bed and knows exactly what she wants. Libra men crave this trait in their lover, they search for a partner who is able to lead. By the way, a Libra men love women who take control in a relationship, especially a woman who doesn’t hold back. Show him your sexual experience!

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However, you have to be a little careful because Libra men can also be sensitive. So if he doesn’t like it, he’ll show you by his facial expressions. Then, just remember to tone the aggression down a little, it’s all about balance!

So if you become too dominant or aggressive, he may not like this and he’ll be turned off. Instead, be gentle while you dominate so that they can enjoy this side of you.

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Your Libra man wants a woman who is able to take the lead, he will become crazy about you in bed if you can do this.

6. Have A Nice Ambience

Libras are quite sensual by nature. The Libra man loves anything that makes their sexual experience with their partner sensual and erotic. This is why creating a nice ambiance will turn them on.

You can do this by lighting one or two scented candles around the bed, putting on romantic songs, and making sure everything looks great. Once this ambiance is created you can seduce him and make him feel cozy.

Suggest having a bath with your Libra partner, dim the lights, set up some candles and find some relaxing music. Has he ever had a blowjob in the bath? No, well today is his lucky day.

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This is certain to get him going as Libras love such small pleasures in life. He’ll also return this gesture by pleasing you in bed.

7. Flirt With Him As Much As You Can

Keep in mind the Libra man absolutely loves to flirt with their partners, although he wants the woman to make the first move. So, to spice things up by spanking his bum, randomly grabbing it, and shoving yours in his direction. Make sure to flirt with him whenever you two are close. It’s one of the many signs your Libra man wants to feel that excitement and connection with a woman, he’s a sensitive soul and doesn’t want to be rejected.

They love this because it is their favorite part of a woman’s body. Use it to turn on your Libra man by flirting with him.

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8. Dress sexy in bed

Making yourself beautiful is a great way to lead onto a sexual encounter with a Libra man, he finds the art of seduction a turn on. He likes to admire beauty. He feels the need to see things and let his imagination do the rest.

So with that in mind here’s a few ideas to make certain your Libra man is happy and satisfied:

  • Grab his attention by dressing up in sexy lingerie
  • Think knee high socks and nothing else or a garter belt and stockings
  • Find out if he has a fantasy? Police uniform or a nurse? Ask him and go buy it

Who is Libra sexually compatible with?

Gemini’s make the best sexual match for the Libra, both of these zodiacs are curious by nature, which leads to a heightened sexual experience. 

What are Libra good at in bed?

Librans are great lovers and know how to please their partners’ every need. Give and take is their middle name. A Libra knows how to fulfil your every fantasy so get ready for a hot night of passion with this zodiac lover. 

Where do Libras like to be touched?

The Libra’s erogenous zone is tucked into their lower back. If you’re looking for something that will give them an intense sensation, try out the “tickle me” technique on their neck or back. They also enjoy light scratching with nails at the base of their tailbone where they carry stress.

What are Libras turn ons?

Libras are turned on by sensual touches and physical contact. As well as being drawn to raw and natural beauty in a very powerful way.

Are Libras good kissers?

Libras make great kissers as they aim to please, due to their give and take attitude. They are masters of seduction, they are very shy and therefore don’t initiate, but end up getting what they want, a kiss!

How do you talk dirty to a Libra?

For Libras, this means telling their partner what they want him or her do in bed and repeating different phrases which signify how good things feel at any given moment.


Final Words

Well, I’ve covered a few different things in this article. Hopefully you’ve learnt a thing or two about how to keep him happy and satisfy your Libra man in bed. He’s looking for a strong woman who is able to lead. He’s looking for a healthy relationship and that involves balance. 

Check out Libra Man Secrets for some additional advice on how to please your man in bed.

Remember he wants an adventurous lover who is able to show him some excitement, by fulfilling his sexual fantasies you’ll be sure not to his interest in you decline.

Well, you’re ready, you’ve got everything you need to please your Libra man. Have fun giving him what he wants!


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