How to flirt with a Taurus man

Thanks to Venus, their ruling planet, and being an earth sign, Taurus natives are naturally seductive and attractive people.

These individuals know how to charm the heart of any person by offering them a world of pleasures and sensations never before experienced.

But how to seduce these sensual natives in return? What are the tactics to make them unable to get you out of their head?

Read on and find out how to seduce a Taurus man.

What is the flirting style of the Taurus men?

Taurus men are not discreet when flirting with someone. The look in his eye will reveal everything you need to know, inviting you to stay with him and get to know each other better.

He is not aggressive or straightforward in his flirting style. The Taurus guy is sweet and will try to be close to you and make subtle physical contact like touching your hand or brushing against your arm.

These are all messages he’s trying to send you to let you know he is interested. He’ll compliment your figure, personal details, and personal interests and probably invite you to talk about yourself more.

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If you notice that a Taurus man is doing all of these things, take it as a green light to flirt back!

Here is how you can make a Taurus man fall for you.

What does a Taurus man want?

Flatter him

The first step to getting to a Taurus man’s heart is to shower him with compliments. However, make sure not to sound phony, as he will tell immediately. Be honest, say what you mean, and focus on his sexy looks and personality.

Comment on his sweet smell, work ethic, the nice car he drives. Possessions and money are important to Taurus since he works hard to get them. They are a reflection of his success and self-worth.

Make Physical Contact

Taurus, like all earth signs, is handsy. So he’ll love for you to return his sensual vibes. Remember that Taurus guys communicate through their senses since this is how he feels comfortable during a date.

Many things can be transmitted through a single gesture, like sitting close to him or a playful tap on his arm.

Highlight Your Femininity

Taurus men worship femininity thanks to their ruling planet Venus, the goddess of beauty and aesthetics. So don’t be shy about displaying the essence of your feminine qualities with this gentleman.

Use perfume, dress up nicely, and even let him take the lead! If this is your idea of a perfect date, then Taurus seems like an ideal match!

Laugh at His Jokes

If you are interested in getting a boost to Taurus’s ego, then don’t forget to laugh at all his jokes.

This man really likes to have a good time and enjoy himself, so he’ll make sure to say something witty every chance he gets just to see you smiling wide and having a genuine laugh.

By doing so, you’ll also demonstrate that you have a good sense of humor, which he finds irresistible.

Ask for His Opinion

Ask for his advice to give him the chance to display his intelligence. He’ll take this as an opportunity to impress you and will help them take the lead in the conversation.

Taurus men take things slow and are not as eloquent as an air zodiac sign, for example. Therefore, it will be helpful if you ask him to weigh in on a project you’ve got on your mind to spark an interesting conversation.

Besides, by letting him demonstrate his practical skills, you will make him feel important to you. That will score you a few points without question.

Be Subtle

However you decide to flirt with a Taurus man, make sure your approach is a subtle one. Stick to a low-key flirting style unless he gives you signals suggesting otherwise.

If you are too bold or straightforward, he’ll feel like you are moving too quickly or get suspicious about your intentions.

After all, he is jealous, and his imagination can run wild.
Let him chase you a little, like a sexy dance where Taurus won’t miss a single beat.

Don’t Double Text

Taurus guys are slow with technology, so text messages are not their strong suit. So don’t panic if he doesn’t text back immediately because it doesn’t mean anything wrong.
If you start texting him nonstop, he will feel like you are coming on too strong, so make it a rule never to double text. Learn to wait and be patient if you want to land a relationship with this person.

If you look too interested, he won’t feel the urge to seduce you. But if you give him space, he’ll always chase you.

Don’t Cause Excessive Drama

Taurus is a simple man and will quickly run away from drama. So if you are an intense person and live your relationships with too much passion, you will find the dark side of this individual’s personality.

And if you have to talk about something that upsets you, avoid texting. Taurus is not very expressive over text messages, and it is better to handle the situation face to face.


Do Taurus know how to flirt?

Taurus are skilled in the art of seduction and will know when you are flirting when you speak in their language: the one of the senses. So be sure to make physical contact to show them you’re interested.

How do you know if a Taurus man is flirting with you?

Taurus men will make sure you know they are into you by giving you a seductive look, showering you with compliments, and inviting you to talk about yourself.

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you?

To make a Taurus man pursue you, be subtle in your seduction style, give him compliments, ask for his advice, laugh at his jokes, and invite him to take the lead.

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