How do Aquarius act when they like someone

How Do Aquarius Act When They Like Someone

Find out what attracts Aquarius men

The zodiac sign Aquarius rules friendship and collaborative efforts that enhance society, so they usually have a lot of friends or acquaintances. It rules social awareness and technology. They love talking to a lot of people.

Aquarians are very independent and unique in their thinking and the way that they express themselves.

Also, they are very enamored with their own thoughts and prioritize their minds above romance.

It can be difficult to know if an Aquarian has a crush on you because they are so friendly and genuinely want to get to know and understand people. They are very inclusive and can make you feel wanted and needed, especially in a group setting.

They keep their friends for a long time and don’t burn bridges when it comes to all relationships. Aquarians can even remain harmonious friends with their exes because they are so emotionally mature.

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Keeping you in the friend zone is their superpower because romantic relationships tend to come with deeper emotions that they don’t care to deal with. It really takes time for an Aquarius to like you more than a friend.

Aquarians are ruled by Uranus so they love their freedom. When someone else evokes feelings of sadness, heartbreak, jealousy and other deep emotions, they feel a loss of control and freedom, which is why they like platonic relationships so much.

Aquarians are also ruled by Saturn and they enjoy their alone time. They are not the types to pursue a romantic relationship straight away. It’s best to work on creating a solid friendship before trying to date them, but they are attracted to you for your strong opinion on what they consider to be important issues.

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How Do Aquarius Act When They Like Someone?

They give you space

Having a lover and a friend is the ideal relationship for an Aquarius, so they may spend some quality time with you, but then not communicate for a while because they need to get back to their sense of normalcy, which is spending time by themselves.

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Aquarius is emotionally detached, so when they like you, they need to give themselves space and create room to analyze the feelings they have for you. This is part of their logical and mature nature, yet this can be confusing if you like them as well.

An Aquarius will care for you with what makes logical sense over feelings and emotions.

This is how they protect themselves from being taken advantage of emotionally.

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You’re on their level mentally

An Aquarius will like you when they feel you are at their mindset level and can hold intellectually stimulating conversations with them.

If you’ve found a way to their deep inner thoughts, you’ve got them.

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They “research” you

Aquarius is naturally friendly, but when they like you, they dig a little deeper into your life and your interests.

If they follow you on social media, they’ll bring up your posts and inquire more.

They may also talk to others about you and closely observe how you interact with other people.

They are great listeners and are good at figuring out what makes you comfortable so they can please you. If they figure out what little things you like and they do those things for you, they really like you.

It will also be a surprise because Uranus is the planet of shock and catching you off-guard.

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They ask about your future plans

They may express to you that they like the way you think and want to understand you more.

They’ll also ask questions about what you see for yourself in the future because they are trying to figure out if they can fit themselves in it.

They give you quality time

An Aquarian operates on his own time and is known to be changeable and not always very mindful of others’ time.

They are known to be the social butterflies of the zodiac and are comfortable engaging with one group to the next because this helps them not be so attached. Although they are a social sign, they can be private about their own lives, so if he starts opening up, even flirting, he likes you.

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If an Aquarius likes you and wants to be more serious than just friends, he’ll make one-on-one plans outside of the friend group and stick to them. He will feel comfortable showing you his quirky activities because he believes you will be open-minded toward them.

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You will be invited into the inner circle

Aquarius likes group activities in general, but when they like you, they will invite you to hang out with their closest group of friends.

They will be comfortable enough to bring you to their home and show you their hobbies and discuss their plans on how they will save the world.

They may also attempt to integrate themselves into your group of friends to try to indirectly learn more about you.

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You will be friends first

Platonic relationships are what they thrive on, so if an Aquarius likes you, you are a friend first.

Although they have a lot of contacts, they are not necessarily close to all of them. If you begin to sense a closer friendship forming, and they share more intimate details with you, it is a sign that they like you.

Aquarius is an air sign; it doesn’t like to be weighed down. Romantic relationships aren’t the end-all and be-all for them because they have so many interactions, which is why they can be distant. They appreciate the experience of what it is like to be with you but think it’s okay to move on when necessary.

So if an Aquarius devotes himself to you, then it’s more serious compared to when many other signs commit. Many zodiac signs get into relationships without the intention of being a faithful partner, but when an Aquarius makes a romantic commitment, it is a big sign that they are really into you and they will be loyal.

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