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How to win back an Aries man (5 ways)

Aries is the opposite sign of Libra, and Libra represents partnerships and relationships. Being the opposite sign of Libra means that Aries natives are incredibly independent, self-motivated and self-reliant. Personal space and freedom are essential to an Aries. Most Aries natives do not need to be in a relationship or partnership to feel complete and happy, and they can perfectly function on their own. It can be challenging to win back an Aries man, as once these men have gone on their own path, it can be tricky to revert their path back to you.

How to win back an Aries man

Entirely motivated by independence and personal freedom, Aries natives do not like being weighed down and when others dictate their actions and their course. You must bear in mind that an Aries man can quickly become put off, overwhelmed and suffocated by a partner who is overly needy, co-dependent and demanding, and will likely not go back to them. An Aries man seeks a partner who matches his level of inner strength and independence. If you can show him you are a strong, adventurous, and powerful woman without him in your life, it is possible to win an Aries man back and get his attention back again.

Will an Aries man come back?

Most Aries men give their all in a relationship, and once they have decided to end the relationship, it is for very valid reasons, and because he feels he cannot make it work no more. Although an Aries thinks that he cannot make it work, it is essential to show him that you are willing to make it work and put the effort in. If you were in a committed relationship with an Aries man, and it was not merely a hookup or fling, then chances are there is still some luck to win his love and affection back.

If an Aries man sees that he has to do everything and put in all the effort, he will get too annoyed and will likely move on. It is essential to show him that you have changed compared to how you were before, as there was probably a reason he left in the first place, and he will not come back if this has not changed. Aries men dislike weak, needy women. Suppose he can see there is a conscious effort, and you are doing everything in your power to be strong, independent, and capable of being happy on your own. In that case, he will likely consider pursuing a relationship with you again.

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 5 ways to win back an Aries man

Tell him your intentions

If the Aries man does not know you want to patch things up and give it another go, he will likely move on quickly and pursue new options. If you do not reach out to him for a long time and he does not hear from you, it can become a case of out of sight, out of mind. Let your Aries man know that you want to change, and you want to give the relationship another try. Tell him you are willing to take as long as it needs, and you are eager to do whatever it takes to make him happy and allow him to feel comfortable with getting back together again.

Give him space

Nothing is more off putting to an Aries man than a needy, co-dependent woman who does not allow him his space. Try not to text and call him every day, and do not push him to stay in consistent contact with you. Chances are he needs some time to process his thoughts and clear his head after all the drama of the relationship and breakup. You consistently demanding his time and attention will not make him want to run back to you.

Show him you have changed.

There was likely a reason why you and your Aries man broke up in the first place. If he is going to experience the same issues, and you are going to behave in the same way that you did before you two split up, it is not going to be worth it for him to try again, and he knows this, and he will likely not come back. He wants an elegant princess with a taste of adventure and copious amounts of courage. An Aries man needs to see you have the inner strength to overcome challenges and hardships and transform yourself into a more powerful, self-reliant, and confident woman before he considers giving a relationship another go. Show him you have let go of your negative habits, and this will go a long way.

Do not be too accessible.

Avoid playing hard to get, but do still let him chase you a bit. The best way to show him that you are independent is to not consistently be available at his beck and call and keep him waiting and guessing regarding what you are doing and what you are up to. Aries men like a challenge, and they want to be the one to chase the object of their affection, not the other way around. If an Aries feels that you are too easy to get to, even if you were in a relationship before, it will take the excitement of the challenge away, and he can likely get bored, move on, find something more exciting, and probably not come back.

Listen to what he needs and compromise.

Aries men are more aware of their own wants and needs than others’ needs, as hyper self-awareness is what this sign represents. Chances are, an Aries man is not going to be willing to compromise on his side; as an Aries man will be very stuck in his ways of doing things. Pushing an Aries to change and compromise is likely not a good idea, as this can irritate him and cause him not to want to be with you. The change and the compromise will have to come from your side. Listen to what he does and does not like, and make sure you adapt and adjust yourself accordingly if you want another chance at a relationship with him again.

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