Dating a Taurus Man

Dating a Taurus man

Taurus is the zodiac sign that comes after Aries which is all about learning who we are and what we are capable of after taking action and going through different experiences.

When we understand who we are and how different experiences impacted us through Aries energy, Taurus steps in to find what we value in our lives. Taurus is one of the zodiac signs that represent beauty and it loves to indulge in the senses.

So if you are dating a Taurus man, expect to be surrounded by pampering and comforts of all kinds. 

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As an Earth sign, the Taurus man is:

● Self-reliant
● Resourceful

And this man strives to pursue what he values.

On Earth, we seek money, comfort and possessions and these are what make us feel stable. Because a Taurus man has a determined outlook on life, he will plant the seeds that will allow his goals to manifest which often make these men successful in the long term.

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As Taurus men obtain their values in life, they develop self-esteem and efficiency. Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which is a symbol of strength, seriousness, and willfulness. You will find that a Taurus male is typically well-balanced and sensible.

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Qualities that describe a Taurus male are:

● Slow and steady
● Practical
● Sensual
● Indulgent
● Stable

The Taurus zodiac sign is associated with the planet Venus, the planet of:
● Love
● Appreciation
● Compromise

A Taurus male must learn how to experience pleasures and even pragmatism in moderation because they attract earthly pleasures easier than most other signs.

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Dating a Taurus man (4 top tips)

Always put effort in

This is two-fold, always make yourself look like you’re going on the first date. Taurus men like their dates to dress and look beautiful, shave those legs and arms, brush your hair and put on your favorite dress. Has he commented on your dimples or freckles? Wear makeup in a way to make him notice these even more. 

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Taurus men have an acute attention to detail. Moisturize your skin, have a manicure and pedicure. Wear clothing that’s soft to touch, wear a perfume that’s light and uplifting. Your Taurus date is sure to shower you in compliments if you put in lots of effort.

Be flexible

Taurus men like to be in control of the relationship, it’s generally on his time and when he wants to do things. Let him be, don’t try to push him too much.

Be patient

Be prepared for cancellations and rain checks. Taurus men tend to overthink about their own insecurities. If he cancels last minute, try to be understanding and not too pushy, mention you were looking forward to seeing him, but don’t be too aggressive. 

Give him plenty of affection

A Taurus guy likes his date to be elegant, classy and beautiful. But he also wants affection. Your focus needs to be on him, don’t be checking out other guys. He’ll take it pretty badly if he catches you looking at other men. 

Even though Taurus guys tend to be quite patient, they are also quick to take offence and react badly to what they think is rejection.

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Just keep your eyes on him, be interested in what he has to say and show him plenty of affection and you’ll be fine.

Taurus men are true romantics

A Taurus man may not be comfortable dating you and will even be quite anxious if you are a person who goes about life in a way that is risky and lacks a plan of action when going after your desires.

Strong ambition and intention is great, but I do not suggest jumping haphazardly from one career or relationship to the next while making a lot of mistakes. This may make Taurus males decide that pursuing you is a waste of time.

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When dating a Taurus man, be a person that sees your actions all the way through before getting distracted instead of only moving where the wind takes you.

If you are not committed to your goals and get distracted often, the Taurus man may not understand you because these men typically do not jump from one interest to the next without seeing it through. He takes things one step at a time.

Although Taurus males can make you feel at ease and are receptive to your feelings, they are not oversharers and this quality gives these men an air of mystery to their personality.

Equal energy exchange is important, so I recommend avoiding revealing an inappropriate amount of personal information when dating a Taurus at the beginning of a relationship. A little mystery is beneficial in all relationships and it will keep Taurus men on their toes and he is patient enough to take the time to figure you out.

Taurus resonates with practical communication. These men feel that excessive details and dramatics are unnecessary. I suggest you should not be:

● Confrontational
● Overly aggressive
● Uncompromising
● Rude

He does not like these behaviors shown towards him or others as it is a big turn off.

When dating a Taurus man, he would like for you to keep yourself up and treat yourself well. He can relate to this because these men do the same for themselves. Time and attention to your grooming display your values and standards which he would love to meet up to. It’s best that you often feel and look beautiful, sexy and attractive to appeal to his sensual desires.

How Not to Date a Taurus Man

A Taurus man is turned off by someone who puts a lot of passion and motivation into things that are high-risk and that lack practicality. They also like and value what makes sense and if you live your life based on pure luck and spontaneity, a Taurus guy does not want to be associated with that kind of chaotic energy and will not chase a relationship.

The Taurus man has good taste. He can sense your particular style, the things you surround yourself with and will correlate that to how you balance your life.
If you live in material excess, the Taurus will be able to see that you have underlying issues you are compensating for.

Strong expressions of feelings and overdramatic demonstrations can be irrelevant to a Taurus man. Because they are ruled by Venus, they value relationships, but their love language is expressed through showing and that gives them reassurance.

He is not very spontaneous. He knows what he likes. Just as a bull likes to graze in the fields and soak up the sun, it’s very difficult to get a Taurus man to do something they don’t want to do.
Try not to push him into trying new things very often because you will get to see a stubborn side that he will not hesitate to express.

If you are an adventurous person and want to experience more excitement in a relationship with a Taurus, I recommend persuading him into trying something new that he can relate to in a way that speaks to his senses.

I suggest telling him your date idea plans in advance so he can still follow his daily routine. Also, make sure to follow through with those plans you’ve set up.

The Perfect Date

A Taurus dates you slowly because he is an observer. He may like to have someone he can be with forever because that appeals to his comfort level so he is checking off the qualities of his perfect mate as he dates you. This is a trait of most Earth signs.

If you are dating a Taurus man, he is typically traditionally monogamous and his actions may be predicated on showing and proving his appreciation for you through tangible gifts and doing things for you. He wants you to see his actions and take them into account as a sign of his love and appreciation.
He will engage your senses.

His Venus nature wants to indulge. So you may find that a Taurus man would love to take you shopping or even get a massage with you. He expects the best of what life has to offer so he loves good food and experiencing elegant surroundings. Allow him to take you to high-end restaurants and walks on the beach or in the park.

Taurus men love comfort and they will find ways to provide for your physical well-being too. A Taurus man would appreciate a planned date of staying in where he can wrap up under cozy blankets with you, eat his favorite foods and be surrounded by his favorite things.

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