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How To Attract A Taurus Man With Texting: 7 Top Tips

Attract a Taurus Man : 7 Tips on How to Attract a Taurus Man via Text

Taurus or the bull – April 21 – May 21

If there is one thing for certain about a Taurus man, it’s that he loves to flirt. Honestly, he loves a volley of back-and-forth texting with his crush.

Do you find yourself wondering how to attract a Taurus man with texting? Read on and learn a little bit about getting his attention.

Is there a Taurus guy you really like, but every time you pick up your phone to text him, you are tongue-tied?

A great trait about Taurus guys is that they are romantic souls. This article will help you to attract a Taurus guy via text.

I found a powerful way to read a guy who was so blunt. I found out what he desired and how he was actually feeling. It was like a secret playbook, I had all the answers.

This newfound knowledge taught me that everything I was doing prior to this was wrong. When I thought I was teasing him, I was actually pushing him away.

I wrote this article so hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes I made with a Taurus man. The Taurus Man Secrets guide by Anna Kovach was extremely helpful to me. I would highly recommend it to any other women looking for ways to text a Taurus partner.

You might be wondering if those star signs can really help attract a Taurus man? Isn’t it just mumbo jumbo? It doesn’t actually work, right?

I’ll be honest I was apprehensive and didn’t believe it myself. But I kept hitting brick walls, so had nothing to lose and gave it a try.

This discovery was astounding.

So keep reading and learn how to attract a Taurus man via text.

If you’ve just matched with a man on a popular dating platform such as Tinder, ease into the conversation with some general questions. You could try to find out when his birthday is. This allows you to work out what Zodiac sign you’re dealing with.

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Once you have established that his Zodiac is the bull, you can proceed to follow these genuine rules.

The Zodiac sign Taurus or the bull likes to flirt especially with someone they are into. Taming the Bull with the right phrases and words is one step to sparking his fire.

Most modern-day romance begins with a fun and thrilling round of texts.

Lost for words? Follow these 7 simple yet brilliant rules to capture the attention of a Taurus man.

These great tips are sure to get your Taurus man to chase you.

7 Texting Tips To Attract Taurus Men

1. Make the first move

The Taurus man doesn’t like to make the initial move, in case he’s rejected or ignored. So it’s down to you to reach out and send the first message.

Don’t go in too heavy. Start off with a simple “Hello, how was your weekend” or an intriguing question such as “If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go and why?”

These types of questions are interesting and open the playing field up for more intriguing questions to be asked back and forth.

Things to avoid at this stage:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Slang
  • Shorthand versions of words such as “How r u” (It can be seen as lazy and shows little effort toward the conversation.)


2. Keep it light and Be friendly

Most Taurus men are friendly, warm-hearted, and are looking for the same. So, show him that you’re a good person that he’ll want to have a friendship with.

Taurus guys tend to take their time; you could be messaging for several weeks before you meet. He loves to be comfortable with you before he decides to ask you out on a date. So just be patient with him, and allow the conversation to flow with warm-hearted banter and jokes.

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3. Strike intelligent conversations

The Taurus man likes to indulge in intelligent conversations since one of the traits that he finds attractive in a partner is intelligence. But be careful. Don’t go too heavy and start talking about which political party he supports as this will be a big turn-off.

Instead, find a common ground. Look at his pictures for clues on subjects to talk about, such as if he’s well-traveled, by allowing conversations to open up about where he would like to go next or the favorite places he’s been. Think of something fun and interesting to send him, making sure to keep it light and not serious. Keep the conversation focused on his experiences, but also add suggestions on places to try.

Some ideas for text messages to send Taurus guys:

  • Music – “I see you went to a gig – what’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?”
  • Films – “What are your top 5 favorite films?”
  • Hobbies – “I see you went hiking in one of your pictures; what’s the best hike you’ve done?”
  • Food – “If you were stranded on a desert island with an unlimited source of any one type of food, what would it be?”
  • Travel – “If you could teleport to any destination right now, where would you choose and why?”
  • General – “What are you most attracted to in a partner?”

You may have already discovered that Taurus men don’t like to talk about anything too serious, so I recommend to avoid talking about politics and religion.

Top tip: When ending some of your text messages, make sure you put “lol” or “ha ha.” This will make him feel comfortable and show him you’re easy to talk to.

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4. Don’t let the conversation flow END

So you had a wonderful first night of texting your Taurus crush back and forth. It was engaging and you like him even more than you did before. But now it’s the next day and the conversation has died.

Try and pick up where you left off. Think of something witty or relevant to your conversation the night before. Send him a text message such as “Oh wow I had the best sleep, 11 hours of heaven” or “I watched that film that you suggested – I love that actor!” Taurus guys can talk for hours and hours, so don’t let that conversation die!

If he messages you when he wakes up, this is a fantastic sign that he really likes you!

You still don’t know how to text an irresistible Taurus man? Discover the secrets of the Taurus Man with Anna Kovach’s book Taurus Man Secrets.

5. Send him some cute pics

The Taurus man has a wild and creative imagination. Send him a cute selfie while you’re taking your dog for a walk or when you’ve just woken up.

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Try to look as cute as you can; this will pull on his heart strings. He had a flirty and engaging evening of conversation with you, already thinking he likes you. and then you show him a picture of you being cute. Another thing he’ll be intrigued by.

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6. Keep it fun and Flirty

Whether you have been texting a Taurus man for some time or have just met, the secret to winning or keeping his attention is being playful.

Taurus men like to flirt. Flirting makes them feel desired, which is a nice boost to their ego. Make sure you give him a few compliments such as “Wow your eyes are amazing! – so blue” or “Your beard game is strong.”

Making him smile or laugh while texting him is key to getting him to like you.

Taurus men desire intelligent, confident women, so flirting with him and being a little cheeky can go a long way.

Anna Kovach’s book –  Taurus Man Secrets will teach you how to text an irresistible Taurus man.

7. Make him feel in control

A Taurus man will like to get comfortable with their crush, to avoid rushing into things and getting rejected. He loves to flirt and be playful, building up his trust and confidence with you. So try to sit back and allow the conversation to flow, keep him interested by sending him a few pictures and checking in from time to time.

A Taurus man has a laid-back approach to texting. Often he won’t reply, but when he’s settled down without distractions, the conversation will start to flow and when it does, let him lead the conversation.

Let things build up naturally. This could take days or weeks, sometimes months. But it’s important to let him ask you for a date.

Slowly but surely wins the race.

Taurus men hate drama or confrontation within their relationship. So avoid this wherever possible.

Avoid talking about heavy stuff like politics.

Don’t be condescending, aggressive or overly sarcastic.

Keep in mind that a Taurus man doesn’t like to be rushed into anything such as a relationship, so let him take his time.

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Taurus men hate drama or confrontation within their relationship. To avoid this wherever possible.

Avoid talking about heavy stuff like politics.

Don’t be condescending, aggressive, or overly sarcastic.

Keep in mind that a Taurus man doesn’t like to be rushed into anything such as a relationship, so let him take his time.

Don’t send him multiple messages asking him why he has not replied—just leave it. This is a sure-fire way to turn the Taurus man off, and when that happens, it’s hard for him to be attracted to you again.

Final thoughts on how to attract a taurus man

These 7 guidelines will help you to understand a Taurus man instead of making the same mistakes I did.

Although Taurus men are hard to read and to please, they make great partners in a relationship. Attracting a Taurus man can be difficult, but keeping his attention is a whole different ball game. But if you follow these rules, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll attract his attention, with the hope of falling in love.

You might have experienced the impromptu and alluring romance of a Taurus man. It’s an exciting and new dating experience. Then a week later, he’s completely blunt, you’re left feeling confused and wondering what you did wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this way, by making a few simple changes to your approach, he’ll open up to you.

The best bit of advice I can give you when it comes to texting a Taurus man is to have patience. He may be tough to understand at first, but stick with it by following the guidelines above and you’ll soon see an improvement in conversation flow.

I hope you found this article helpful. I’ll be updating my website with lots more relationship situations. Keep posted!

Remember to also download Anna Kovach’s book – Taurus Man Secrets it will teach you how to text an irresistible Taurus man.

My joy is sharing love,


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