How Can You Tell If a Scorpio Man Loves You?

How Can You Tell If a Scorpio Man Loves You? - 5 Best Ways

Think that sexy Scorpio man in your life has the hots for you? Don’t know if his increased attention is a sign of affection or something else?

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Don’t worry—in this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Scorpio men in love so that you can find out once and for all if he has feelings for you. Specifically, I’ll go over what attracts a Scorpio man and clear signs that one is falling in love with you.

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Keep reading to find out whether a relationship with a Scorpio is possible for you!

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What Are Scorpio Men Attracted to?

Naturally guarded Water signs, Scorpio guys can be hard to read, not least because they keep so many of their thoughts to themselves. Fortunately, you can get a leg up on a relationship with a Scorpio man simply by knowing what he is attracted to. When it comes to dating a Scorpio, I suggest keeping this information in mind:

  • Passion

Nothing quite gets a Scorpio man going like passion—particularly when it pertains to sex. Scorpio men are known for their charming nature and their relentless love of all things sex. Knowing this, make sure to show him how passionate you are if you want a relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to lay it all out there, of course—Scorpios love mystery, so the more you tease, the better. Make them want to know you more through passion and mystery they are sure to love.

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  • Being Goal-Oriented

Getting a Scorpio man to fall in love with you can be as easy as being goal oriented. As you might already know, men of this Zodiac sign are ambitious and effective when it comes to their careers and other life goals. It goes without saying that they expect the same from their partners. Demonstrating the drive to grind and get what you want will be a huge turn-on for your Scorpio crush.

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Signs a Scorpio Man Loves You

Knowing this, it’s time to take a look at clear signs a Scorpio guy has feelings for you.

1. He Gives You Lots of Attention

Scorpios can naturally be a little self-absorbed. These men love spending time with themselves and working on the issues that directly affect their lives. For this reason, it should make you feel special if a Scorpio man starts giving you more attention. This could manifest in a variety of ways, even in things as simple as him sitting next to you more often, texting you more, and touching you more when the two of you are together.

If you’ve known your Scorpio crush for a long time, it can be easier to gauge. Is he spending more time around you than he used to? If he is, and inordinately so, you can know for sure that he’s doing it because he’s into you.

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2. He Shares Personal Information with You

Scorpio guys always need to be in control—it’s part of their MO. That’s why you shouldn’t take it lightly if your Scorpio man opens up with some revealing personal details about his life. In doing so, he is ceding control to you and opening himself up to criticism. That is a big deal.

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If you have feelings for that Scorpio male in your life and want to make things work out, be sure to listen and respond well when he shares personal information with you. Keep his secrets and show him you are trustworthy, and you can be that your relationship will go well.

I also Suggest to read Scorpio Man Secrets to uncover facts about the Scorpio man in your life. Download it and find out if he’s fallen head over heels with you or simply just wants some company!

3. He Introduces You to His Family

Like Virgos, Scorpios are a water sign, which means that a Scorpio man values his family and intimate relationships above all else. A Scorpio man in love is one who wants to show off his partner to those he trusts the most: his family. If that Scorpio guy in your life is inviting you into his personal sphere, it’s a sure sign that he’s into you.

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Importantly, you want to be sure you create a good impression on his family. It’s super important that you play by the books and come off dignified and professional. Scorpios really care what their families think of their lovers, so you want to take care of any social awkwardness or other issues you may have before meeting with them. In doing so, you can grow the love and bond between the two of you.

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4. He Gets Possessive

Unfortunately, a Scorpio man in love doesn’t always act properly. Depending on your viewpoint, a Scorpio’s possessiveness can be a good or a bad thing, though their jealousy can become overbearing at times. If a Scorpio man is in love with you, he will want you to be his alone—and for everyone else to know it. If that Scorpio guy in your life has started getting more possessive (i.e., wanting you to spend more time with him, getting jealous of other guys, and—yes—even investigating you if he gets suspicious), you can know without a doubt that he has feelings for you.

This possessiveness can force you to feel like he is the wrong choice, but it’s important to understand that, as strange as it sounds, a Scorpio male is coming from a place of love when he gets jealous—so long as he doesn’t take it too far, of course. One thing is for certain: if your Scorpio crush is acting possessive around you, he’s definitely crushing on you, too.

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5. He Gets More Intimate in Bed

You will know things are going well between you and your Scorpio crush if he is getting more intimate in bed. While Scorpio males are notorious for their high sex drives, there’s a marked difference in their sex pre and post feelings. Notably, a Scorpio man in love will take his time in the bedroom and be more considerate of his partner’s emotions. He will get to know every aspect of your body and treat it with adoration. He will concentrate on your pleasure as much as his own.

If that Scorpio man in your life has started doing this for you in the bedroom, it’s because he is in love with you—guaranteed. As such, be sure to capitalize on the opportunity to seal the deal and become official if you haven’t already.

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The Bottom Line

If you weren’t sure if that special Scorpio man loved you before, now you can be positive. If the Scorpio guy you like displays any of the above behavior, it’s a sure sign that he is in love with you. When it comes to love, you don’t want to leave any room for doubt. For this reason, I suggest making this guide your go-to reference for identifying whether that dreamy Scorpio is falling in love with you.


How Do You Know if a Scorpio Man Is In Love?

It’ll be fairly easy to spot when a Scorpio guy is head over heels in love with someone as he ensures to go the extra mile in all that he does for her. While Scorpio natives are romantic souls and lovers, they also like the thrill of the chase, they seek to win which makes them quite intense to deal with. 

What does Love mean for A Scorpio Man?

Scorpio men like I said are old school romantics, they believe in love at first sight and soul mates. Scorpio guys are seeking traditional relationships, they opt for serious commitments over one night flings. They give everything for a relationship, which is why it’s important for them to seek the perfect partner. Scorpio natives are loyal, brave and are very black and white when it comes to relationships, and by that I mean it’s all or nothing. Like their own personality trait, they crave honesty and don’t care for games or manipulation. 

What’s a Relationship like with a Scorpio man?

While Scorpio men have several positive personality traits such as Honesty & Loyalty which means that they are great partners. Unfortunately, they like Gemini’s have a bad spell of negative traits which include Jealously, Stubbornness & they are often very controlling. 

Scorpio men can be very controlling when it comes to what their loved one does or doesn’t do. So, don’t be surprised if they be their self known as the boss in the relationship. 

Do Scorpios Fall In Love Easily?

Scorpio men do not fall easily, this is because they are searching for their perfect partner to give everything to, they don’t want to do this and get hurt. Firstly, a Scorpio man craves a partner who is alluring and mysterious, this gets his attention and excites him. Next is the chase, and ensuring you’re worth his time. Once he knows you’re the one, he will do everything in his power to make you happy and meet your needs.

How Do You Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love With You?

Scorpio men crave alluring and mysterious women, they use their imagination to create wild fantasies based of the smallest of details. So, use this to your advantage. Drip feed him stories and information about yourself. Don’t give him everything at once as he’ll soon lose interest. Try and get in a habit of seducing him with his own imagination, this can be done easily when texting him or sending him sexy pictures. Always leave him wanting more, make him work for it.

What does a Scorpio man want from a Relationship?

Scorpio men that are truly in love, he put will your happiness above his own. But before he commits to someone, he needs to know that they have certain qualities similar to his.

The Scorpio men is craving the following personality traits:

1. Loyalty

When a Scorpio is committed to a person he chooses, he will stick with it. Through thick and thin, you can be certain he’ll be there for you. At first, it can be hard to earn their trust, but once a Scorpio man trusts someone, he will give their entire soul to that person. 

As Scorpio men give so much to their soul mate, they also want an assurance of Loyalty to be returned. Scorpio men do not take being betrayed lightly, they are not the forgiving type. If someone does cross a Scorpio, they will have to earn that trust back.

2. Honesty 

Scorpio men while they like to maintain a certain level of mystery and letting their imaginations run wild. When it comes to certain parts of the relationship, they are seeking their partner to be 100% honest. They have little to no care for being messed about or playing games.

3. Privacy 

A Scorpio man in love, enjoys spending moments alone with his lover, where he can be fully immersed and engaged with his partner, without distractions. He’s seeking a connection, once he is in love with a woman he’ll be looking forward to creating romantic moments. 

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