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Signs a Capricorn Man Wants to Break up (6 Obvious Signs)

Do you feel that your Capricorn man is distant with you? He’s there but he’s not really there? Perhaps your fond memories of how you first got together are a thing of the past and his whole vibe has completely changed. If that sounds familiar then I’m sorry to say, there’s a chance he may want to break up.

I’m going to explore a few important characteristics of the Capricorn male and then list the signs to look out for.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

The Capricorn male tends to be considered as the most mature of the Zodiacs, they fall under the cardinal sign. Which means Capricorn men are driven, ambitious, normally a strong leader. As Capricorn men fall under the earth sign, this makes them dependable, responsible and practical.

The Capricorn sign is ruled by Saturn, the steady-moving planet of authority and planning. While their good traits involve them being motivated and hard-working which naturally means they are great entrepreneurs or business men. They do have several negative traits; Capricorn men are extremely stubborn, once they have decided upon something it is almost impossible to change their minds.

I re-iterate how important this part is, once a Capricorn man has made up his mind it is nearly impossible to change it, you’ll have to make the judgement call whether to call it quits or whether to try and change his mind.

If you’re wondering if a Capricorn man wants to break up with you, relationship astrologer Anna Kovach has some additional answers. Her book Capricorn Man Secrets has some great advice.

If he’s fallen out of love with you, then he won’t be able to hide the signs that he wants to break up.

Here’s the most obvious signs a Capricorn man wants to break up with you.

Signs a Capricorn Man Wants to Break up

1. He doesn’t appreciate you

Capricorn men offer their support wherever possible for the people they truly care about. They shower them with compliments and notice the subtle things that other people may not notice. Due to one of the Capricorn traits; being motivated this includes motivating others to succeed. If the Capricorn man has stopped doing this, this is one alarm bell for sure. As this shows that he doesn’t care if you succeed any longer.

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Other things to look out for:

  • He isn’t pushing you to take up a hobby
  • He isn’t showing appreciation for the extra things you do e.g. when you cook him a new meal or take him away for the weekend
  • If he takes you for granted in front of his friends

2. He’s distant

Capricorn men are a little shy, some would see this as them being reserved but they will always be there for the ones they love and care about. If your Capricorn man doesn’t seem interested in your relationship, or he starts making plans every weekend to see his friends instead of you. Then this is a dead giveaway that he’s moved on emotionally and is preparing for a breakup.

Signs that your Capricorn man is distant:

  • He’s always on his phone when you watch films together
  • He actively looks for ways to spend times apart
  • If he plans nights or weekends with his friends when he said he’d do something with you
  • You and him only have small talk

3. He doesn’t trust you

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, without it then everything can begin to fall apart. This is no different for Capricorn men, they need to be able to trust their partners. It is a big deal for a Capricorn man to open up and be emotionally connected with their partner. If your Capricorn man trusts you, then he’ll confide in you about things such as; anxious thoughts, his career struggles and any emotional issues.

However, if your Capricorn man has stopped confiding in you about his stresses, thoughts or secrets then this is another sign that he’s thinking about breaking up with you.

4. He avoids plans with you

If your Capricorn man often makes plans with you but then will cancel suddenly often on the day or hours before the event, then this is a sign that he no longer cares if you’re upset. Often Capricorn men are unaware of this subconscious behavior, at the time he’ll agree to things to please you. But then he will begin to think, and the thoughts inside his head will tell him that he doesn’t enjoy your company any longer.

5. He tends to lie often

When you look at your Capricorn man and notice he’s telling you something he thinks you want to hear, pay close attention to him as there’s a chance he’s lying. If he’s reached the stage where he no longer respects or appreciates you then he doesn’t care if he’s lying or telling the truth, in fact he probably doesn’t notice he’s lying. This is a terrible sign.

Capricorn Man Secrets provides everything you need to know about if a Capricorn man wants break up with his partner. I highly recommend it!

6. He’s stopped communicating

This is without a doubt the most important trait of a successful relationship, if your Capricorn man has stopped texting you when he’s out or making an effort to talk to you when he’s at home, then pay attention. If he used to call you on his lunch break, or text you several times throughout the day but just doesn’t do these things anymore then it’s a clear sign he’s losing or lost interest completely.

Other examples:

  • He only calls you when he’s in the car going somewhere
  • The calls are very brief and about small talk
  • He no longer sends you random text messages attempting to make you smile
  • His messages are blunt and often only one or two words


If you’ve noticed your Capricorn man showing more than two of these six signs, then it’s time to take a step back and evaluate the relationship as he’s thinking about breaking up with you.

Check out Capricorn Man Secrets for some more top tips.

As I mentioned earlier, Capricorn men are extremely stubborn so if he’s thinking something there’s 99% chance, he’s going to do it. Take this into consideration as you might be better off cutting your losses than wasting your energy to try and bring the relationship back to life.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck. Just remember to spend some time and energy on yourself, being happy with yourself and not attaching that happiness to another person will help you reach ultimate happiness.

I hope you found this useful,


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