Why Are Aries So Good In Bed

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There is so much to say about the fiery, first sign in the zodiac reel – the Aries.

Aries is a fire sign, alongside Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is ruled by the mighty and passionate planet, Mars.

In astrology, Mars is the planet that governs over energy, drive, aggression, but also sexuality, desire, and sensuality. This is a part of what makes Aries so irresistible.

However, this prompts the question: Is the Mars rulership the only reason why Aries signs are so good in bed? Or is there more to the sexuality and sensuality of Aries?

Let’s find out.

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Where do Aries like to be touched sexually?

In astrology, Aries rules the head. Mars rules the forehead, amongst other body parts.

One of the biggest turn-ons for Aries signs is touching their scalp, their face, and their head in general.

Aries don’t let just anyone touch their face, so some trust might be needed before you touch them. I suggest playfully asking if you can give them a head and neck massage.

Who is going to turn down a delightful massage? I recommend touching their hair, maybe whispering kind, yet sexy compliments.

 If the two of you are already close and personal, I suggest that you touch their neck; you can kiss it as well. Maybe nibble on their ear slightly to let them know that you have a deep desire for them.

Touching Aries’s ears is an enormous turn-on, however, it requires some trust, apart from a lot of passion. If you feel like you have a steady connection with Aries, I suggest going over their ear slightly with your tongue, perhaps even slightly sucking on the lobule.

When the passion is already high, I recommend that you touch their stomach gently. If you want your Aries to go wild, graze your fingers around the part of the stomach where the navel is. If you don’t believe me, try it and see what will happen. (Wink-wink)

 Here is a summary of the erogenous zones of an Aries:

  •     head (scalp and face)
  •     neck
  •     ears
  •     stomach

Aries love taking the lead in bed. So, show them the signs that you want Aries, but let Aries be the one to take off your clothes and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. You will be in for an unforgettable night.

We have already established that Aries love their hair being touched. When you are getting hot and heavy, try slightly pulling on the hair of your Aries or let Aries be the one to pull your hair. This will make the sexiness level go from 10 to 100 – easily.

Not every Aries sign is kinky, but one thing that I can guarantee – every Aries sign is interested in learning about your kinks, fetishes, and fantasies.

Aries are known to be bold, and if you can return this energy to them by talking about your deepest desires… Let’s just say that you will have a great time with the Aries.

 How to easily turn on an Aries:

  •     Let Aries take the lead.
  •     Hair pulling.
  •     Talking about kinks and fantasies.
  •     Sex in dangerous or public places.

Who is Aries sexually compatible with?

Aries is a fire sign. So, who is Aries the most compatible with, sexually? You guessed it! Other fire signs.

The signs that Aries is most compatible with are:

  •      Other Aries signs
  •     Leo signs
  •     Sagittarius signs

However, the attraction doesn’t stop here. Fire signs are similar in their nature and in how they understand the world around them. Other zodiac signs tend to be wildly attracted to Aries signs and be extremely compatible with them.

In astrology, there are cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. Aries is a cardinal zodiac sign. Cardinal zodiac signs are known for their go-getter attitude, their social and emotional intelligence, and dynamic personality.

Other cardinal signs are highly attracted to the energy of Aries and tend to be extremely sexually compatible with them.

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Other zodiac signs that are sexually highly compatible with Aries:

  •     Cancer
  •     Libra
  •     Capricorn

The sexual dynamic might be great between Aries and Cancer signs, however, these two tend to clash if their relationship goes any further than sexual adventures.

The zodiac sign that is the least compatible with Aries (and should likely stay away from them):

  •     Pisces

Water puts out fire, and that’s exactly what happens once these two try to get passionate. At their core, they are just too different to make it work.

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Why are Aries so hot?

Here are some of the main reasons why people find Aries and sex with Aries so hot:

  •     High sex drive
  •     Adventurous in bed
  •     A natural seducer
  •     Know what they want and how to get it

Some of the reasons why people enjoy Aries’s sexuality is due to the fact that this fire sign likes to get down and dirty often. Aries are known to have an extremely high libido, meaning that they tend to want sex multiple times per day.

If you can handle “the Aries lust”, I recommend staying well-hydrated and nourished since you and your Aries won’t be able to get enough from each other. If you know what I mean…

Others find the Aries natural (sexual) aura particularly attractive is the fact that Aries enjoys being a hunter. When Aries wants someone or something, Aries finds a way to get it. They know exactly what to say and what to do to get you turned on and aroused like never before.

Aries tend to be adventurous in bed. However, long foreplay isn’t usually something that Aries is into. I suggest teasing the Aries a bit. It will be like a form of enjoyable torture for the Aries, after which the Aries will explode in passion.


Aries signs are loud, impulsive, spontaneous, and fun-loving. Especially in the bed. However, as you can see, this high-libido zodiac sign isn’t for everyone.

If you can handle the steamy energy that Aries signs bring to the bedroom, now, you have the ultimate recipe for an unforgettable night. (Or nights. Wink-wink.)

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