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5+ Signs A Capricorn Man Likes You

Suspect that adorable Capricorn man in your life is falling in love with you? Think he sees the two of you as more than friends?

In this guide, I’ll help you confirm (or deny) those suspicions. Specifically, I’ll go over some common ways Capricorn men act when they are in love, as well as review some qualities a Capricorn male likes in a partner.

Capricorn Man Secrets by Anna Kovach is a wonderful book! This book has been an invaluable guide for me to dating and relationships with the zodiac signs. Her book tells you everything you need to know about a Capricorn man and how to determine if he is interested.

Keep reading to find out if that Capricorn guy you know would like to date you!

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What a Capricorn Man Likes

Before jumping into some signs that your Capricorn friend actually likes you, let’s review some of the traits that would make him want to date you in the first place:

  1. A Sense of Humor

One thing’s for sure, a Capricorn will make you laugh often and loudly. It’s a central part of his personality that comes out, even more, when he likes you. Still, it’s unlikely that a man of this zodiac will want to be in a relationship with someone who’s stiff. If you’re someone who loves joking around, there’s a chance he likes you as more than a friend.

  1. Hard-working

Say what you want about a Capricorn man, but these men love to work. A Capricorn man like to always on the move, even if his work takes him to unexpected places. He wants to succeed and loves to win—and seeks the same things in a partner.

How to Tell If You’re More Than a Friend

Understanding this, let’s take a look at some clear signs that your Capricorn man likes you as more than just a friend:

  1. He Spends More Time with You

Has your Capricorn friend been spending more time with you? This little sign can say a lot about the potential future of your relationship. Simply put, Capricorns love being around the people they love, and they make no pretense about it. He will actively clear out space from his schedule to be around you and might even schedule some “couples” activities for the two of you.

Feel that the two of you are spending a lot of time together? Take advantage of it! Instead of being shy, you can use this opportunity to reveal your feelings for him, as well.

  1. He Acts Different When He Does

It’s not just that your Capricorn man will want to be around you more—he’ll act differently when he does. Every time he’s around you, he’ll go out of his way to make you feel special. may also like to pay attention to the small details about your appearance and life, noticing new haircuts, and following up on details from conversations the two of you had a long time ago.

All of these are good signs that you are more than just a friend to your Capricorn acquaintance. If you’re looking to pursue a relationship with him, make sure to repay his interest and also talk to him about things he likes. This will help him open up even more and give you an avenue to start a relationship that could last long term.

  1. He Will Agree with You About Everything

Notice a distinct lack of disagreement? It could be by design. When a Capricorn man loves you, he’ll make sure to try to minimize conflict. One way he will do this is simply by agreeing with you. He’ll want to help build you up and go along with what you think is the right thing to do. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he will just submit to your will, but he will give your desires preference over his own.

Similarly, he’ll want to know what’s on your mind, and he’ll treat every idea you put forth seriously. The Capricorn man will do his best to understand your positions and not be self-centered. These actions are obvious indicators that he feels strongly about you as a potential romantic partner.

Capricorn Man Secrets is the perfect read for those interested in dating and relationships with Capricorn men. It provides you everything that needs to know about them, from what they’re looking for from their partners all the way up through how one can determine if he’s single!

  1. He Flirts with You

Sure—this is a sign that a man of any Zodiac sign likes you. Still, you can expect Capricorn men will make the first move as well as to open up and flirt with you when he’s got his eyes set on you. A Capricorn likes to really woo you away with their creative flirting and intense attraction. If your man is displaying these qualities, it’s a sure sign that he wants you to play a more important role in his life.

My advice? If you like him, don’t look the other way. Instead of playing hard to get, you’ll be able to make better ground with your relationship if you simply return the favor and flirt back.

  1. He’s Sensitive About You

A Capricorn man who is in love with you will also begin to act sensitively when it comes to you. This could mean getting upset if his friends talk badly about you or going the extra mile to make you feel comfortable more than anyone else in his life. He’ll also want to know how you’re doing at all times—even when the two of you are apart. If he can’t reach you directly, he’ll contact your friends to find out your status and what’s going on.

All of this indicates signs that the Capricorn man is crazy about you. Rather than just having a friend’s passion toward you, he’ll regard you with more care—which could also make him jealous. If he sees you with other guys, it might make him envious and even angry, and you can expect him to bring it up when the two of you are together.

The Bottom Line

By now, you should have a good understanding of whether that Capricorn man likes you as more than a friend. If the man in your life is exhibiting these qualities, it may be time to give dating some serious thought.

One thing’s for sure: a Capricorn man who acts in the above manner definitely sees you as someone to be in a relationship with—and not merely as someone to be friends with.

There are many wonderful secrets in The Capricorn Man Secrets written by Anna Kovach! My experience with this book has considerably improved my dating and relationship skills with the zodiac signs. This book teaches you all you need to know about Capricorn men.

Sound like good news to you? Use the information in this guide to help build a special relationship with him!

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