11 Things a Capricorn Man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

Dark, manly, and probably rich – the Capricorn man is an intriguing one. At least for the fans of a wildly popular – and exceptionally naughty – book series. If you’ve got your eyes on one of those, I can understand the appeal. 

Below the mysterious gaze of a Capricorn man, there’s a truly gentle soul. His views on romance are quite old-fashioned but in the best possible way. Yet, this native won’t make it easy for anyone to get to his heart. There are many things a Capricorn man likes and dislikes in a woman, and he doesn’t like a compromise. 

I’ve listed a couple of things you will need to know if you want him to choose you. But if you still feel like you need some help afterward, I’ve got just the thing. Capricorn Man Secrets will help complete the puzzle if you’re dealing with an exceptionally tricky one. 

1. The Capricorn man likes stability.

Capricorns can be quite stern and often appear detached and unemotional. This is not true, but they do have an expert mastery of their emotions. They are reliable, disciplined, and hard-working. Most times, what you see is what you get with one of these natives. 

So he really doesn’t like elements of chaos. A woman who is moody, wishy-washy, or indecisive will throw him off-balance. This man prefers things to be predictable, so he generally steers clear of women who are too spontaneous. If you would consider yourself a wild card, he’s probably not the one. 

2. The Capricorn man needs a graceful partner.

The Capricorn man views romance like a Victorian novel. He is charming, quite formal and detached, and always elegant. In turn, he is usually attracted to graceful women. Women with a soft aesthetic who are kind and compassionate. He doesn’t appreciate drama or bad attitudes. 

He prefers women who know how to listen and who aren’t vulgar, judgemental, or loud. If you like your latte with a side of gossip, you probably won’t appeal to him very much. The Capricorn man can be a real Prince Charming, but he also needs a princess. 

3. The Capricorn man wants a smart woman.

While most of us would prefer an intelligent partner, some people don’t care about that very much. Not the Capricorn man, though. Your brain is going to be one of the first things he notices about it, and it will make or break your relationship. 

There’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders of a Capricorn man, and his partner must be ready to help. Thus, he prefers smart, independent women who he can rely on. He won’t tolerate ignorance because he knows knowledge is power. And no one is quite as power-hungry as a Capricorn native. 

4. The Capricorn man won’t tolerate dishonesty.

Through thick or thin, for better or for worst, the Capricorn man will be there. He is loyal and dependable, and he does not tolerate mind games. For him, a relationship means a team, and he expects nothing but honesty from his woman. 

He will give the same in return because he knows lying is just a waste of time. Plus, his reputation is his business card. He puts much value on his word, so you can expect him to deliver on his promises. But for you to keep him yours, you will have to give him the same kind of respect. It’s the only way it will work. 

5. The Capricorn man is attracted to independence.

This is not to say he won’t like a cuddle here and there. His hard, formal shell hides a very gentle, loving soul. You can melt a Capricorn man right off with the right loving words or affectionate touch. But you can’t turn yourself into a burden. 

The Capricorn rules the 10th House, the House of Enterprise. He is, through and through, the ultimate businessman. This is a man who needs his freedom and who won’t have a lot of time to cater to your needs. To be with him, you need to preserve your life and leave him to his own devices. He will make up for it during your allotted time. 

6. The Capricorn man needs a passionate lover.

It should come as no surprise that the sexy side of a relationship is crucial for a Capricorn man. This is a man who is determined to be the best in any area of life. He will devout himself to be your perfect lover, but you need to step into the game. 

When in love, Capricorn natives will set fire to your bedroom. They are full of intense desires, unmatched stamina and view intimacy as sacred. For this side of him to be fulfilled, he needs a passionate partner who isn’t afraid to explore this realm with him. Make sure to leave your insecurities at the door. 

7. The Capricorn man dislikes casual people.

If you aren’t completely pumped to achieve all of your goals, why are you interested in a Capricorn man? A King can be with nothing but a Queen, and this is especially true in his case. He will work hard to climb the ladder and fulfill his potential. 

He can only match with someone who will do the same. If you have a casual, happy-go-lucky atittude about your life, you won’t get far with the Capricorn man. He expects his partner to understand his drive and work alongside him, so they can both reach the top. 

8. The Capricorn man hates drama.

Midnight crying sessions and petty arguments have no place in the life of a Capricorn man. Mostly because they take a lot of time he isn’t willing to waste. When you are in a relationship with one of these natives, what you see is what you get. 

He will reassure you of his feelings and intentions, but you’ll have to take his word for it. There has to be impeccable trust and communication between the two of you because that’s the most efficient way to do things. So if you’re looking for a Romeo and Juliet type thing, you’d be better off searching elsewhere. 

9. The Capricorn man can’t stand selfish women.

This man is the archetype of the provider. He has no issues working long hours so his woman can take care of the house, and he will do his best to serve her any way he can. And he doesn’t even ask for much in return. But you should be receiving his efforts gracefully. 

It can’t be all about you in this relationship because Capricorn men need a lot of love. They put themselves through many hardships just so they can see you happy. The best thing you can do is to show your appreciation by making things about him once in a while. Throw him a business meeting or something. 

10. The Capricorn man is looking for long-term relationships 

As an Earth sign, this native likes to know where he stands. He’s not a fan of flings and situationships. He does not like to waste his time or anyone else’s. So, if he’s serious about you, he will probably be pretty easy to commit. 

In turn, he expects the same from you. You won’t manage to trap this man in a neverending cycle of break-ups and make-ups because he doesn’t work like that. When you two get together, you should expect to be a part of a long-term relationship. He will request you to put in the work alongside him. 

11. The Capricorn man won’t tolerate disrespect.

As an extension of your graceful atittude, you will always want to show respect when you’re with a Capricorn man. Not to him, necessarily, although that would be a great idea. But you don’t ever want to be rude, condescending, or entitled. 

He maintains an air of formality to him, and it’s really important that he preserves his social connections. So the best way to make him uninterested is by disrespecting him, his family, friends, or anyone in-between. Treating people with respect is generally a great idea, but for the Capricorn man, it’s an absolute must. 

Final Words

If you think of the Capricorn man as a really manly man, you’re probably not going to have any issues getting his attention. He mostly treats everyone around him like he’s in a workplace, so that’s a great way to start. Couple that with a white summer dress and some natural make-up, and you’re suddenly his muse. 

Well, we both know it’s going to be harder than that. But it’s certainly a good start. Plus, if you’d like to build on that knowledge, you can also try Capricorn Man Secrets. You will probably find the answers to some of the questions you still have about the Capricorn man. Don’t worry; we’ll get you in his Google Calendar!

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