How to Make a Taurus Woman Feel Guilty

How to make a Taurus woman feel guilty

Taurus women won’t always feel guilty for doing something wrong. Making a Taurus feel guilty isn’t easy. They aren’t super sensitive to the feelings of other people. You can make a Taurus feel guilty for hurting you if you make your feelings obvious, call them out for what they did, and make it clear how their actions have affected you.

Call Her Out

Relationships with a Taurus woman or Taurus man can be hard because the sign of Taurus doesn’t always notice the emotions of other people. They are not in touch with their own emotions and don’t always pay attention to how other people feel.

People born in the sign of Taurus don’t deal with emotions well. They might not always realize they’ve done something to hurt their partner.
Honesty is the best policy in a successful relationship. You need to call a Taurus woman out if she has hurt you. She might feel bad if you tell her everything she did to hurt you. Don’t get too angry but be firm with her. Do not let her ignore you and explain yourself until she understands.

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Ignore Her

You can hurt a Taurus and upset them if you ignore them. When Taurus women hurt you, you can make them feel guilty with the silent treatment. Ignore her and turn down her attempts to spend time with you if you want to get your point across.
A Taurus woman will miss you when you’re not around. She may have a hard time if you refuse to see her. A Taurus woman might give you an apology for what happened to make you pay attention to her again. She will feel guilty for pushing you away and try to get you back.

Tell Her How You Feel

If you hate talking about emotions, you need to get out of your comfort zone to make a Taurus feel guilty. You need to talk to a Taurus woman and tell her your true feelings if you expect her to feel bad for whatever she did to you.
Be honest. Tell her that you feel sad, angry, etc. Explain exactly how her actions made you feel the way you feel. Tell her your true emotions and don’t hold back. Make her understand how what she did affected you.

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Act Disappointed

Taurus is a bull-headed astrological sign. Getting angry won’t always make them feel remorse. A Taurus woman might get the idea that your emotions aren’t her problem unless you make them her problem.
If you want to know how to make a Taurus woman feel guilty, act disappointed in her. Taurus men and women like to make their friends and partners happy. They don’t want to disappoint them. A Taurus woman will hate it if she knows you are disappointed in her actions.

You will get your point across better if your Taurus woman knows you are disappointed in her. A Taurus woman isn’t a person who handles disappointment from the people she loves well. Tell your Taurus partner that her actions are disappointing. Let her know that you know she can do better and you hope she changes her actions in the future.

Don’t Fight Taurus Women

Taurus is represented by the bull. The Taurus zodiac sign is extremely stubborn. You won’t make them feel guilt by fighting with them. Try not to hold grudges or treat a Taurus woman poorly. She won’t feel guilty. She’ll just get mad.
Taurus is a fixed sign. If you start a fight with a Taurus woman, she will double down. Fighting is a sure-fire way to ensure Taurus women won’t care about hurting you. She will just fight back and you two won’t solve anything.
Be calm when explaining what a Taurus woman did to upset you. She is a girl who will let her anger get the best of her if you are too confrontational when talking about your feelings. Do not yell at her or try to place blame on her. Just explain yourself rationally.

Do Your Own Thing

Life with a Taurus isn’t always easy. If you are upset with her, you might need to take time away from her.
Do your own thing after a Taurus woman has hurt you. Go have fun without her. Live your life without worrying about her. She might recognize her mistakes if she sees that you are having fun with other people while avoiding her. She will hate that she has pushed you away.
Taurus women will feel terrible if they know any negative feelings you have only apply to them. Go have fun with your other friends and make sure she knows about it. She will miss you if you push her away. She will wonder what is the matter.

Explain What She Did

The Taurus sign has many positive traits in addition to negative traits. They are stubborn but you can also appeal to them with logic. They are rational people as long as they are calm.
Taurus women actually have a great sense of rationality. The Taurus personality can be just as logical and rational as a Virgo or Capricorn. You can appeal to the rational side of her if you want her to care about something negative she did to you.

Explain to her what she did to upset you. Be patient with her and try to logically let her know what she did. State the facts. She might feel bad once she understands what she did.

Show Less Affection

You can make a Taurus woman feel guilty by making your relationship a less affectionate one. A Taurus woman loves a lot of physical affection in her relationship.
If you have explained what your Taurus woman did and she doesn’t feel guilty, pull away from her. Don’t initiate physical contact. Pull away if she tries to kiss you and turn her down whenever she tries to show affection.
She will start to feel remorse once she sees the consequences of her actions. She might become afraid that she’s ruined your relationship as well. If you want her to apologize, this is a great way to get her to do that.

Smile Less

If you are a person who smiles a lot, a Taurus man or woman will know something is up when you stop laughing and smiling all the time. If she knows she’s done or said something you didn’t like, she may start wondering if her actions are what took the smile off your face.

Mope around a little after a Taurus girl hurts you. Don’t laugh at her jokes. Have sad body language. She will start to feel immensely guilty if she knows she’s the reason you’re feeling down.

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