Signs A Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted To You (10 signs)

Modern-day dating can make it extremely hard to figure out whether or not someone sees you as just a friend or if they are sexually attracted to you. It can be easy to misunderstand someone’s intentions if you meet them online. You might not be able to see them in person, so it can be hard to know what they really think about you. 

Instead of anxiously and awkwardly trying to figure out what your connection is to a person, let astrology and its wisdom come to your rescue.

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Astrology offers us unique insight into ourselves, but also – others. Since each zodiac is different from the other, they each have a particular way of behaving in all walks of life. This comes in particularly handy when it comes to romance, sensuality, and sexual attraction.

If we use the knowledge that astrology carries, we can more easily and accurately determine what the biggest signs of romantic or sexual attraction are.

If you want to know more about the Taurus man likes in a woman and how he forms an emotional connection, you are at the right place.

Whether you want an emotional, romantic relationship, or just a physical connection – here are signs a Taurus man likes you/feels attracted to you.

Taurus men: Who They Are

In order to notice and acknowledge how a Taurus guy behaves when he feels attracted to a woman firstly, we need to understand who the Taurus man is, what he is like in his everyday life, and how he thinks of love and all that it encompasses.

The Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac wheel, and their ruler planet is Venus. Taurus is fixed by modality, meaning that they can be quite set in their ways and that it’s difficult to change their mind. They are represented by the Bull, and they are well known for being reliable, patient, and a little bit stubborn. The Taurus guy likes the finer things in life and, deep in his heart, Taurus is the definition of a hopeless romantic. The Venus rulership makes the Taurus man more in tune with his sensual and amorous side. He is a believer in true love, even if your Taurus guy might not admit it at first. They carry lots of love in their soul and they are often very family-oriented.

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Deciphering The Taurus Guy: Flirting, Body Language and Turn Ons

Taurus men tend to be hard to decipher when it comes to flirting and romancing. That’s why we are going to combine astrological knowledge with male psychology in order to decode the Bull of the zodiac. If you’ve been wrecking your head about whether or not your Taurus guy sees you as just a friend or something more, fret no more. It’s time that we demystify Taurus men and the main signs he displays when he likes a woman.

One important thing to know about Taurus men is that they tend to have periods of shyness. This is what I like to call the Taurus awkward phase. During this phase, he’ll either have periods of being extremely quiet or non-talkative, or he will start babbling on about just about anything – just to fill the air. During this phase, don’t be surprised if he suddenly starts giving you unprompted dating and relationship advice or if he mentions other women. Think of this phase as a period where he is still unsure about opening himself up and acknowledging that he likes you. During the awkward phase, you will likely feel like you are getting mixed signals from the Taurus. The best advice for this period would be: don’t make it a big deal and try to make him feel secure. It’s, sadly for the Bull, just a part of his internal process. Remain confident during those weird moments, and as time goes on, you’ll start seeing his true and emotional side and that that phase – was truly just a phase.

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The Taurus turn ons

Taurus guys are known to love physical contact. They are a sucker for long hugs, cuddling, gentle touch, and so on. If the embrace lingers, or if he randomly touches you, that’s a clear sign of attraction. Try randomly touching him, gently and maybe somewhat teasingly – you’ll see that the Taurus guy will start getting flustered.

Taurus men are very sensual, so you are going to want to wear a beautiful yet seductive perfume when you see him. When a woman feels comfortable and confident, that’s when she is the most beautiful; and that’s definitely something that a Taurus man can pick up on. If a certain hairstyle, make-up look, or outfit heightens your confidence levels, do it when going on a date with your Taurus man!

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Ten Signs A Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted To You

The behavior of a Taurus man is somewhat unpredictable, especially if he feels a romantic connection, that’s ok. I’ve explored the ten obvious signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you:

One-on-one time

Taurus tend to have “spending time together” as their love language, this is a good sign that a Taurus guy has feelings for you. He’ll let you know whenever he has free time, and he will make an effort to spend quality time together. This can mean special dates full of amorous activities, cuddling, or just meeting up to talk. This is one of the more obvious signs since Taurus doesn’t spend time on just anybody.

Showing interest

If the Taurus man shows genuine interest in you and your interests, know that the Taurus man likes you. Most of the time, the Taurus man misses 85% of what is said in a conversation. If he likes you and feels an attraction towards you, he will be paying attention to you and what you are talking about. You will notice that he will put more effort into the conversation by asking you questions specific to your interests, and he’ll start asking to hear your opinion about certain things.

A Taurus man is tactile, takes you seriously, and has an active interest in your likes, hobbies, and overall existence. Believe me, the Taurus man doesn’t have the capacity to talk to other women like this; he only has eyes for you. Learn about important things that interest Taurus men. Getting the best out of yourself and having good looks goes much further.

Open body language

If you’re not sure about how he feels about you, start paying attention to how open his body language is towards you. A good indicator for you to know if a Taurus feels attracted to you is how physically affectionate he is towards you. Since the Taurus man is naturally very sensual and tactile in romance, if the Taurus man hugs you a lot, plays with your hair, shares gentle touches with you, or shows the desire for your physical touch – it’s one of the most accurate signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you. Touch is like a primal psychological trigger for the Taurus, therefore physical affection is simply a “must” when it comes to Taurus attraction.

Shows his romantic side

Know if a Taurus isn’t afraid of displaying his romantic side – he is definitely into you. With Venus as his ruler planet, Taurus is a bit more amorous and in touch with their sensual side than other zodiac signs. If he is into you, you can expect anything from cute, small romantic gestures to grand gestures. These types of things only come into play if he feels sexually attracted to a woman, so you can take this as a clear sign that he wants you.


One of the more subtle signs that a Taurus likes you is that he will try to help you in practical ways. This isn’t a super obvious sign, since Taurus guys tend to be extremely helpful and practical by nature, meaning that they will help literally almost anyone (unlike many other signs). However, if he, for example, offers his help to help you set up a new coach at your place or something similar to this, know that this is a way for the Taurus guy to show interest and attraction. Pay attention to helping sessions where it’s just the two of you in a location that allows for privacy.

Future plans

A great sign that a Taurus man likes you is that he will openly want to make plans with you that will take place in the future. This is his subtle way of letting you know that he sees you in his future and that you are dearly wanted there. He’ll start casually mentioning when he has free time, and then he’ll gradually fill you in with the details of the events in the future that he will be or wants to be attending – hoping, but also assuming, that you understood this as what it is: an obvious sign that he wants you there because he is certain that he sees you in his future.


Since Taurus signs tend to be very family-oriented, his family and their opinions are extremely important to him. If the Taurus guy wants to introduce you to his (entire) family, that isn’t just a clear signal that he likes you. This also shows that there isn’t any other woman present in his life, apart from you. This is also a good sign that there is way more than a sexual attraction in your connection.

The Taurus man only introduces his family to a woman once he is thinking about making it serious and making it official, a.k.a. entering a relationship. Another, more subtle, hint that he is into you is if he casually mentions family or asks family-related questions. Since his family is important to him, he’ll ask you carefully formulated questions to see if you’re the right person for him.

If you are already at this step, try not to worry. I know that is easier said than done, but Taurus men tend to come from wholesome families. You’re already much deeper in his heart than you probably thought you were, so all you need to do is show why you click so well and that you are feisty enough to take on this zodiac sign, and all will be more than great.

True feelings

Even though he has a plethora of deep feelings, the Taurus hides them from most of the world. If he isn’t afraid to show you his most real and honest feelings, it’s one of the signs a Taurus man likes you. He’ll tell you about his dreams, his favorite childhood memories, and pivotal moments in his life. This is one of the more obvious signs since you can expect an emotional confession of love if he’s at the stage of sharing childhood secrets and babbling about failed projects.

Pay attention to his words

Even when a Taurian man is at the peak of feeling in love, he’ll remain a careful communicator. Just put in a little bit of extra effort and really hear what they are really saying – even when the Taurus man is being playful. For example, he’ll “casually” mention words such as “relationship”, “girlfriend” and sometimes even “marriage”. This way, he is testing out how you would react to those words, meaning that it’s a sure sign of attraction, along with some romance.

Eye contact

It may seem like a very minuscule thing, but in reality, it’s a great sign that the Taurus man likes you. Men born under this sign usually aren’t great at talking while looking into someone’s eyes. They tend to usually look around, or make visual contact only in short intervals. If he maintains eye contact with you, that means that he feels a strong emotional connection between the two of you and that he feels comfortable with you.

Final words of advice

Now, you know almost all of the signs that a Taurus feels an attraction or connection. If not now, you will eventually find out that one of the biggest signs that the Taurus man likes you is that the Taurus man shows his jealous side to you. No one is perfect, and neither is the Taurus. When he is in love or when he starts developing feelings for someone, he’ll slowly show that he’s in actuality a bit of a jealous person.

All in all, the practical yet enticing Bull isn’t impossible to read. Use this knowledge, and see if you can spot some of the mentioned behaviors in your Taurus man!

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