Why Are Pisces So Different?

The main girls who will always insist they are not like the others must be the iconic Aquarius and Pisces duo. When it comes to Pisces, it’s impossible not to notice a mysterious, dreamy, almost sacred air about them. On brand with their Water element, these signs are very emotional, intuitive, and creative.   

There is a certain mysticism associated with this sign, due to the fact that it sits last on the zodiac wheel. People love to say that Pisces is a combination of all the other zodiac signs, which might give them some sort of special powers. But is that true? And if it isn’t, why are Pisceans so different from the rest of us? 

The answers to those questions, along with many more, can be found in the lines below; light some incense up, and let’s jump right in. 

Oh, and since I know you can’t really stop the spirit train once incense has been lit, here’s a link to some additional study materials. You know, for science. 

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Why Are Pisces So Unique?

Right off the bat, I should answer the most pressing question of all. Are Pisces a culmination of all the other zodiac signs? And what does that even mean? 

Well, this belief is closely connected to the Hinduism beliefs in reincarnation. They believe that the twelve signs act like train stations. A soul will be born as a certain sign until it can learn the lessons associated with it and then be born again in the following one. 

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This information alone pretty much confirms our assumption. Pisces sun signs got where they are by trial and error, learning each of the signs’ lessons through hard work. During this lifetime, they need to learn one final lesson, that of Pisces. It concerns making a distinction between the individual and the world and balancing out altruism and selfishness. 

Pisces is where a soul finds the ultimate balance and finally becomes peaceful. One with the Universe. But this does not mean we should start looking at Pisces as an ancient, wise magician. Some of them can be pretty narrow-minded and demonstrate many negative qualities, depending on the rest of their chart. 

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The Spirit inside a Pisces is, indeed, a very old, wise, and mystical one. However, most people live their entire lives not being in tune with their Spirit. Thus, they act according to other astrological influences, or Earthly ideas and programs instilled in them by other people from a young age. 

What I am trying to say is that Pisces can also be real assholes. Since their last lesson is balancing their two contrasting personalities, they are prone to channeling one more than the other at times. And each of those two personalities can reach the highest levels of intensity. 

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This means that a Pisces native can present themselves as highly emotional, warm, and empathetic. But they can also be downright evil. 

What’s So Special about Pisces?

1. Their appearance.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Pisces is their appearance. They usually have big, bright, dreamy eyes, most usually in a beautiful blue color. They are generally tall, slender, and very elegant, a look they pair with a big, stunning smile at all times. 

Closely watching their movements can remind you of a fish, funnily enough. At times, they are slow and flowy and can almost look like they’re levitating. Yet, they can also channel a quick, silverfish startled by danger and showcase lightning-fast moves. 

Either way, they almost always are a pleasant sight that can even give you a sense of fascination. They look like they just stepped out into the real world from a magical, mysterious dream. 

2. Their heart. 

It’s no surprise that Pisces’ emotional abilities are one of the most special things about them. They are highly sensitive and usually rely mostly on intuition rather than logical reasoning. They are caring, warm and inviting, and can easily pick up other people’s feelings – for better or for worse. 

Judgment is not a trait of character for Pisces, as they work on a level of supreme compassion and understanding. Underneath their own spiritual struggles, Pisces just want everyone to feel good, share love and light, and deeply connect to other people. 

3. Their expression.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is sometimes called The Mystic. This is a planet that rules deception, illusions, and escapism. Yet, it is also a planet that grants boundless creativity, a love for beauty, and an unbreakable connection to the divine. 

Ruled by Neptune, these natives have a magnetic connection to art in all its forms, especially music. There’s something quite beautiful in the way Pisces sees the world and relates to it. The way they express their profound feelings adds a layer of sacredness to the act of creation. And we absolutely live for it. 

Why Are Pisces So Confusing?

1. They have a dual nature. 

In Greek mythology, Pisces was represented by Dionysus, the God of Wine. His name translates to “born twice” or “child of the double door.”  Furthermore, the glyph for Pisces stands for two fish swimming in opposite directions, connected by a string. This is a metaphor for Pisces’ life lesson – learning to balance opposites to attain perfection and peace. 

For this reason, Pisces natives are usually wishy-washy, indecisive, and prone to lying and deceiving for their own gain. But also prone to being absolute sweethearts and sacrificing themselves for the good of others, so don’t be too quick to throw them under the bus.

You can’t have Pisces without their two contrasting attributes. Good or bad, expansive or individualist, creative or lost, masculine or feminine – all these pairs work as teams. Your Spirit’s final task is learning how to balance them out because one does not mean anything without the other. 

It makes sense that Pisces can express any of these energies individually at different times. They are, through and through, the ultimate playground for these energies to manifest before finally achieving stillness. 

2. They are more sensitive than most other signs.

The Water element means body; it concerns the physical bodies of natives. And emotions are nothing more than physical sensations we can feel in response to external and internal factors. For this reason, Water signs are generally in tune with their emotions and highly empathic. 

Pisces makes no exception, and they are sometimes called emotional sponges. This is because they can easily pick up “vibes” from their environment and feel them physically in their bodies. While this makes them excellent listeners and friends, it can also wreak havoc on their mental states. This is why Pisces can be very moody, prone to spiraling, escapism, and highly intuitive. 

3. They sometimes lack individuality. 

With Pisces being the last of the signs, it compiles certain traits and pieces of wisdom from all other ones. This makes them very resourceful and blesses them with good fortune and overall easy life. But an unadjusted Pisces will find it very easy to renounce his individuality for this exact reason. 

Just like they need to learn to balance their altruism with their selfishness, some Pisces fall a bit too far on the altruist end. This makes them entirely devote themselves to the service of others and forget to forge their personalities, hopes, and dreams. And since they are also prone to escapism, it’s effortless for them to leave reality and swim away, far away into the clouds.

A very selfish person cannot evolve because they are trapped in their small, personal world. On the other hand, when Pisces is too altruistic, they have issues setting boundaries and lose their sense of self in the grand, treacherous mist of idealism. 

Final Words

Each sign is unique and equal because they all represent equitable steps our soul needs to take towards perfection. Pisces sometimes get a mystical reputation since it occupies the last stage of this process. Their duty might seem harder than ours, but the Universe balances this out by mostly blessing them with good times, lightweight and fortunate lives. 

It’s important to note why you might hear Pisces is “better than other signs.” But you need to remember that we all have a role to play, and neither is better or worse than the other ones. We are at different stages in our spiritual journey because we’re supposed to help each other grow. 

You can find some more insight into the personality of Pisces at this link. I bet it will answer some of the questions I couldn’t cover in this article. Go, research, have fun, and remember that you developed a sense of consciousness so you can explore and observe the world. 

Curiosity is the best tool to fulfill your purpose, so you need to actively cultivate it every chance you get. 


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