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Aquarius women have a reputation as being strong, independent, and logical—but that doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt. If you feel as if you may have hurt that special Aquarius woman in your life, you’ll want to find out quickly and fix the situation ASAP. These free-thinking women aren’t the types to put up with someone who degrades their sense of self-worth.

Coming up, I’ll go over some specific details regarding the Aquarius woman personality, as well as some common ways an Aquarius woman acts when hurt. Before jumping in, I urge you to check out Aquarius Man Secrets, which is full of zodiac-themed content and information you may not have seen before!

With that being said, let’s dive in!

Aquarius Woman Personality

Let’s start by taking an in-depth look at an Aquarius woman’s personality. By understanding how she operates at default, you’ll be better able to spot the signs that she’s been hurt.

Specifically, an Aquarius woman is:

  • Logical

Unlike a Pisces, an Aquarius woman is not one to let her emotions totally control her. Instead, she’ll try and think through every situation rationally, even if they pertain to her love life. She believes that this is the best way to get to the bottom of things and to solve any issues that may arise. 

That’s not to say, however, that an Aquarius woman will never be emotional. As you’ll soon find out, her emotions can take over when she’s been hurt—and sometimes the two sides of herself can be quite at odds with one another.

  • Independent

Aquarius women pride themselves on their independence. They aren’t bound to the lifestyles or opinions of other people—even those with whom they are very close. Instead, these smart women are free-thinking and motivated by their own self-confidence.

When an Aquarius woman is hurt, then, you can expect her to use this independence as a crutch to get her through any difficult times. 

How an Aquarius Female Acts When Hurt

With this basic overview out of the way, it’s time to take a look at how an Aquarius woman acts when hurt. Try and spot whether or not your own Aquarius partner has been exhibiting any of the following behaviors:

  • She Gets Wildly Angry

One of the most common responses from an Aquarius woman is that she will get angry…and wildly so. It’s very possible that she’ll see any betrayal as an affront to her time and effort, and instead of making her sad, she will instead become irrationally angry. This goes back to what I said about Aquarius women being fiercely confident. 

She may even confront you to find out how you could do such a thing to her. Whatever the case, if your Aquarius partner has been brooding the last few days, it could be a sign that you’ve hurt her—and that she’s ready to blow her top. 

  • She Draws Away from You…

She may take a more reserved approach, simply choosing to withdraw from you. This could be because she wants to think about the situation or simply because being alone makes her feel better. Sometimes, when an Aquarius is hurt, she simply wants to sit back and wall herself off from outside distractions. Ruled by Saturn, women of this zodiac sign are completely comfortable being alone with themselves. 

For this reason, you’ll want to pay attention to your partner’s behavior. If she’s starting to shut herself off, it’s best to confront her directly to see if she wants some more space or if she’s comfortable talking about what’s on her mind. This may be enough of a gateway for the two of you to discuss any problems and move on with your relationship. 

  • …Or Starts to Move On

She may, however, do a different type of moving on. An Aquarius woman isn’t one to feel down on herself for too long, so you had better watch out if you know you are constantly hurting her. If you exhibit behavior that constantly makes her feel bad or less worthy, your Aquarius partner will inevitably start to move on. These women simply value their freedom too much to spend time with someone who can’t appreciate them. 

This means, simply, that an Aquarius woman drawing away from her lover could simply be a sign that she’s moving away from the relationship in general. This is especially true if she’s still taking the time to go out with friends and socialize with just about everyone but you. You’ll want to pay special attention to this warning sign so that you can potentially salvage your relationship.

  • She’ll Overthink

There’s also a chance that you’ll need to save her from her thoughts. Though members of the Aquarius zodiac sign are proud of their logic, they can also cause themselves extra stress by overthinking. When an Aquarius woman is hurt, she may sit back and try to analyze everything about your relationship to find out where things are going wrong and what she can do to make a relationship better. She will try to break everything down bit by bit to see who the problem in the relationship is and what, if anything, can be done to solve the issues between the two of you.

In order to keep her from spiraling down this rabbit hole, you may need to step in and apologize and talk things out with her. This will help her from using that big brain of hers to draw deeper divides between the two of you and let her connect with you both rationally and emotionally. This will help her to feel better emotionally, in no small part because she’ll have more evidence on which to base her decision.

The Bottom Line

Aquarius women are famous for their big brains and surprising confidence, but underneath this exterior, they hurt just as much as any other member of the zodiac. With the information in Aquarius Man Secrets, you’ll be able to tell when that special Aquarius woman in your life has been hurt and have a better idea of what to do to cheer her up.

Ready to set things right with your Aquarius partner? Start by following the above advice!

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