How to Love a Libra Man? (6 Tips to Follow)

Ah, the unmistakable smile of a Libra man. This perfect socialite has amazing taste, knows just the right words to make you swoon, and never misses an opportunity to make a new connection. 

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If you happen to be the one giving love to one of them, you already know just how fulfilling a relationship with them can be. At the same time, you probably also know just how frustrating it can get. Sometimes it all becomes way too confusing, and you find yourself asking how to love a Libra man without setting him on fire. 

For those of you who are at your wits’ end, I have just what you need for a better relationship with this breezy social butterfly. Some of these tips I discovered I found in Libra Man Secrets really opened my eyes towards the reasons Libra men act the way they do. 

Libra Men and Love: What Does He Want?

Right off the bat, it’s important to note that Libra represents partnership. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and they rule the 7th house in a natal chart, which is the house of the spouse. 

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The very essence of Libra is represented by their glyph, the scales. These natives are all about balance, which is why they are usually focused on creating harmonious relationships. They want to work together with someone towards a life they’ll love. They want to make compromises and find solutions that work for them, as well as their partner. 

As an air sign, Libras are also very communicative and outgoing. They love being out and about, meeting new people, and establishing connections. Naturally, when it comes to love, Libra men would prefer someone who is charming and able to win everyone’s hearts in a room. 

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Their partner must be perceived as high status and invest a lot of effort into building a social network. Libra men generally want the prettiest, most refined women, especially if they have a lot of men lusting after them. 

The second criteria is communication. For a Libra man to feel safe in a relationship, he needs to be able to express everything he thinks without the fear of being judged. His significant other must be able to receive criticism and assert her boundaries in a healthy way. 

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Libra men aren’t too keen on clingy women, who make scenes and pressure him. For him to give you all of his love, he needs to know that you will be completely fine without him. If he senses any sign of dependence on your part, he will stop viewing you as an equal partner. 

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How to Keep Your Own in a Relationship with a Libra Man?

I imagine it’s pretty difficult not to let one of these Prince Charmings trample your boundaries. They know exactly what to say and how to say it to convince you to do whatever they want. Coupled with their great looks and charming smiles, they’ve got the perfect formula to keep you addicted. 

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But air signs, such as Libra, are prone to get bored easily, which means that you need to put on a fair fight whenever he’s sieging your boundaries. If you aren’t OK with him maintaining contact with his ex, you will need to sneakily convince him why that’s a bad idea. 

Making a scene and blaming him won’t work. On the contrary, it will push him further away. So, a relationship with him is a game of preserving balance. On the one hand, you want to trick him light-heartedly, so he doesn’t always get his way. But, on the other hand, you need to keep the harmony, which means you can’t call him out when he’s less than perfect. 

The battles happen in the smallest, most innocent-looking conversations with the Libra man, so you will need to use those nervy moments to assert yourself. If you can put him in his place without showing any hostility, the game is already yours. 

How Can You Be the Perfect Partner for a Libra Man?

1. Become a trophy wife. 

If you want to enter any social event at the arm of a Libra man, you will need to dial up femininity. Wear your best dress, apply a full face of makeup, take out those high heels. Sprinkle some perfume and put on that red lipstick. 

Social status is vital for the Libra man, and he will want to show you off to his social circles. You can’t turn up looking crusty and disinterested. When you two go out, he will see you as an extension of himself and take it personally if you don’t make an effort to stand out. 

2. Show him the magic of partnership. 

There’s probably nothing he wants more than the concept of a partner. Libras usually try to emulate the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend when they’re in a relationship, and that’s because they want the same thing in return. You’ll make him very happy to communicate whenever something is wrong, plan regular date nights, and team up to accomplish your goals. 

He will seek your counsel whenever he needs it, which is why he will probably be thrilled if you will go to him for advice. Devise a simple plan for who’s paying on dates, so everything is fair, take some load off of him. That’s how you build a relationship with anyone, especially the man who values harmony so much.

3. Learn to navigate his duality.

Libras are dual air signs, making them very prone to sudden changes of mind. While sometimes you will see him as the sweetest, most peaceful man ever to walk this Earth, other times he will show you another face. And, usually, with Libras, that face is a raging one. As diplomatic and socially adept as Libras might be, they have a very short fuse, and they’re hard to keep in check once they explode. So, to have a happy relationship with your Libra, you will need to learn and recognize their triggers. Plus, it would be helpful if you could figure out how to calm him down when his blood starts boiling. 

Not only will this show him you are paying attention to him and putting an effort to get to know him, but it will serve you well in the long run. Having the ability to disarm a Libra blinded by rage will save you a lot of headaches and potential resentment.

4. Give him space. 

I am not reinventing the wheel here, but air signs usually need a lot of space, and not just the kind where he’s alone in the bathroom. Libras are probably the most sociable of all of the signs. They need to feel the pulse of the city, go out with their friends, meet new people. When it comes to many Libra men, this usually means meeting new women on the regular and sustaining the constant attack from people who want them around. 

Of course, their own shameless flirts will usually be the cause of all of their issues, but there’s little they can do about it. Your best bet is to sit back, relax and enjoy the hoards of women trying to catch his attention. Jealousy will be a killer for a woman in a relationship with a Libra man. This is why you need to let him roam free and maybe get a little bit of extra attention for yourself on the side. I promise he won’t mind.

5. Be decisive and take the initiative. 

No matter how many times Libra says they want an ideal romance, I bet some just want to get in a relationship so they won’t have to decide what to eat ever again. To make sure you don’t put a lot of pressure on your Libra man, let him know you can make your own decision. 

They are prone to overthinking, which usually poses a lot of obstacles when it comes to taking the initiative. And the current gender roles don’t really help much, as men are required to always make decisions and employ that masculine, unbreakable confidence. 

He will certainly appreciate it if you show him you saw his indecisive nature and decided to help, rather than judge him for it. Whenever you get the chance, ask the 8-ball or flip a coin. The actual decision is not as important as the fact that he won’t have to make it. 

6. But don’t pressure him. 

It’s important to remember that your decisiveness will only get you bonus points if he needs help with settling on an option. For example, if you insist on taking another route when he has already made up his mind, he might not like that a lot. 

That’s due to the fact that he will avoid conflict at all costs. When you insist on having things your way, he will generally comply just to avoid fighting over it, but that can turn pretty hard to bear after a while. 

Continue with the partnership trend and discuss all of your decisions thoroughly, so you can make sure he doesn’t compromise when that’s not necessary.

What Does the Libra Man Hate in a Relationship?

The partner of a Libra man is his social business card. He needs to know his girlfriend is someone he can take in every environment, and she will shine alongside him. Thus, Libra men don’t enjoy women who are loud, erratic, or careless with their words. If you’re not a pleasant, friendly type, you won’t be able to keep up with the Libra man. 

They also don’t necessarily like women who aren’t concerned with their reputation or their image. So you won’t often see a Libra man with a woman who doesn’t put effort into her appearance, who isn’t nicely dressed, or who’s socially awkward and tense. 

Moreover, another deal-breaker for them is clinginess. Libra men have no shortage of admirers because they are usually conventionally attractive and very charming. They enjoy practicing their social graces with a mindless flirt or two, so their official partner needs to be secure enough to let them do that. 

How to Communicate Efficiently with Your Libra Man?

Libra energy is very non-conflictual. These individuals can easily mediate any problem and harmonize spirits wherever they are. Their main focus is a true, reliable partnership, which is why they should be open to honest and mature conversation. 

Of course, Libra is also a dual sign, and immature natives can have anger management issues. They might blow up in anger seemingly out of nowhere, and it’s pretty difficult to stop them once they’re there.

If you want to keep an efficient communication style with your Libra man, you will need to speak as calmly as possible and stress the fact that you are not against him in any way. Remind him that your talks are not conflictual and that there is no reason to get defensive. 

If you can present your point of view in a calm, collected, and rational manner, they will most probably understand you. It’s important to remember that Libras are air signs, which means they value intellect and rationality above anything else. They are more than open to communication; only they need to be reminded that you’re not attacking them in any way. 

How do Libras like to be loved?

Libras are the most romantic sign of zodiac. They have a way to make your love story unfold in an enchanting and magical way, with their sweetness that makes them seem like perfect partners at first sight but also affectionate towards others when given attention from those they care about most deeply themselves- always knowing what words will say or do anything just right!

What is a Libra man weakness?

These weak points include being indecisive, vindictive or selfish; self centeredness which can lead to shallow personality traits like manipulation. It’s important for these guys not only know about their flaws but also how best avoid them.

How do you win a Libras heart?

By showing respect for their intellect and appreciation in everything that they say or do.

Final Words

Libra men are a phase I recommend everyone to skip, but if you can’t do that, I bet you’ll at least have a lot of fun. You’ll spend your days with an endearing, friendly, and charming man who will make you smile and feel special. But, at the very same time, you will have a constant duel of wits. 

Love is a battlefield for Libra natives, and they will conceal many power plays in what seem like pleasant, normal conversations. You’ll be a lot more ready to take on this challenge if you take the time to read Libra Man Secrets. It will provide you with a lot of useful information on the sneaky tactics of a Libra man. 

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