Signs a Gemini Is Upset - 5 key indicators

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Known for their superior communication, wit, intellect, and general charm, Gemini men can be the exact opposite of all these things when upset. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to pin down when a Gemini is upset—much less when he’s upset at you. It’s important, however, that you know what to look for so that you can begin taking the steps to get your relationship back on track.

In this guide, I’ll go over some common triggers that upset Geminis, as well as the top signs that a Gemini man is upset. Keep reading to find out if your Gemini partner is mad at you (and some potential reasons why!).

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What Upsets a Gemini

Before taking a look at some common signs that a Gemini man is upset, let’s first examine some of the common triggers that can anger a Gemini. Free-spirited and clever, Gemini individuals hate being told what to do and can’t stand being around people they deem as unintelligent or rude.

In particular, the following can make a Gemini man upset:

  • Being Controlled

Gemini men are highly confident in their ability to handle their lives. They possess superior wit, intellect, and charm, which helps them navigate the troughs of life. They feel that they don’t need anyone else running the show for them, and if they sense that someone is doing just that, they’ll naturally become angry. 

In a relationship, a Gemini may become angry if his partner controls his finances, who he can hang out with, and his career decisions. He may also be angry at being boxed into doing things that aren’t naturally his style.

  • Ignorance

Slightly condescending, Gemini men don’t enjoy being around the baser individuals in life. These clever men despise ignorance, especially from those who are supposed to be knowledgeable. Accordingly, they cannot stand to be around those who act rudely due to their ignorance. Gemini men place a premium on good manners and proper conduct and can be easily angered if they sense individuals in their social circle are behaving in improper ways. 

  • Being Shown Up

Perhaps even more than this, however, Gemini men hate being shown up. They don’t like their weaknesses, flaws, or mistakes to be made know. Even mistakes that you may find funny could anger him if you relate them to your friends or family. A Gemini man wants to appear in control at all times, so it can be a big blow to his self-image if people are able to view the negative aspects of his life. 

How to Tell When a Gemini Is Upset

Have you committed any of these errors in your relationship with a Gemini man? If so, there’s a good chance that he’s angry with you. Even if you haven’t, your suspicions that your normally lovable Gemini is angry may be correct.

For this reason, let’s take a look at some common indicators that a Gemini man is upset. 

1. He’s Solemn

You don’t need me to tell you that Gemini men are natural charmers. These men know their way around a conversation, and they almost always leave a good first impression. Well-dressed and articulate, Gemini men know how to say all the right things and are rarely ever spotted in bad spirits. They love making people laugh and smile, especially their partners, and they carry with them a vibrant energy that’s easy to envy.

When a Gemini man is angry, however, his personality may do a 180. Where he’s usually happy and easygoing, an angry Gemini may instead be solemn. Jokes that once would have made him laugh may instead set him off, and he may even attempt to debate you on trivial matters just to prove you wrong—even if he agrees with you. That electric energy that’s part of the Gemini persona will become a storm cloud of volatility and solemnity. 

If your Gemini man is acting like this, you can bet he’s angry about something, so it’s best to engage with him directly and find out what it is. 

2. He Leaves You Out of Things

An angry Gemini may start leaving his partner out of things. He may take date time and go out with his friends instead, or he may forget to invite you to trips to visit his family. He may do this because he fears being around you will just make the two of you angry, or he may simply want a break from you for some wrong he believes you have committed. He’ll reserve his positive energy and attention for those he deems more worthy.

Because this type of activity can spiral out of control quickly, you’ll want to get on top of it before he decides he can do without you for good. If your Gemini is constantly spending time by himself, you’ll want to try and figure out what you’ve done wrong and apologize if need be. Whatever the case, it’s critical that you open up dialogue with him and pull him back closer to you. Geminis are quick to forgive once they’ve cleared the air, so don’t be afraid to reach out to him directly.

3. He’s Loud

A Gemini man whose been angered will almost always get loud at some point. This zodiac sign’s natural passion will carry over to his anger, as well, which will cause him to raise his voice. Small arguments could set him off and cause him to yell, even if he’s normally docile with you. This is a clear sign that he’s upset (and likely upset at you). 

In these scenarios, it’s best not to yell back, as this may only further anger a Gemini man. Instead, working to calm him down, calmly explain your side and try to get to the bottom of what’s setting him off. This will help you resolve conflicts in a more amicable way. If your Gemini man is constantly loud (or even worse), however, it may be time to wonder on your end if the relationship is truly worth it. You don’t want to stick yourself in a relationship with someone who can’t control their anger, which can sometimes happen with Gemini men.

4. He Gets Mean

This is especially the case if your Gemini man is turning mean. When angry, a Gemini can be downright cruel and will say the meanest things just to get at you. This could be attacking you for your appearance, your intelligence, or your levels of success. Even if he’s never said a bad word about you before, a Gemini won’t hold back when he’s angry, which can be a source of pain and contention for many couples. 

In many cases, a Gemini will act this way because he feels that you are attacking him. Hitting below the belt is a defense mechanism for a Gemini. As such, you should make sure that you’re not setting out to attack him and get him to lower his guard. An eye-for-an-eye strategy here will only make matters worse, so make sure to keep a level head when engaging with a Gemini man who has a hot tongue.

5. He Seeks Revenge

In some cases, an angry Gemini man may even seek revenge. If a Gemini feels that he has been severely wronged by his partner, he may wait for just the right moment to strike back. This could be anything as simple as bringing up comments that you’ve made a long time ago, making you feel guilty about them and not letting up on them. He may try to manipulate you into feeling bad for the perceived slight that you committed against him. 

Of course, revenge can even play out on a bigger stage. If you’ve been unfaithful, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a Gemini man will use this against you as revenge—whether that’s making you feel bad and unworthy or finding someone else for himself. The goal with this revenge is to make you feel just as bad as he did, which means a Gemini is completely capable of waiting for a long time just to exact his revenge. If a relationship reaches this stage, it may be too far gone to repair, as a Gemini’s inability to endure slights or betrayals by his lover could push him to deeper and deeper levels of anger. 

The Bottom Line

Think that your Gemini man may be upset? It’s time to pay more attention to these signs and information in this guide. If your Gemini man is exhibiting any of the behavior listed above (and in particular if he’s exhibiting more than one sign), it’s quite likely that he’s angry at you. You may already have an idea of what it is that’s bothering him—or you may have to do some thinking.

Whatever the case, make sure to use this guide to help you identify whether or not your Gemini man is upset. With the information here, you can spot an upset Gemini more easily and better have a handle on what you should do with your relationship moving forward.  

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