Will a Taurus man make the first move

Wondering if a Taurus man will make the first move?

You’re not alone! A lot of women are curious about the zodiac and what it means for their love lives. That’s why we’ve got an expert astrologer on hand to answer all your questions about men born under the sign of Taurus.

Find out everything you need to know about how a Taurus man thinks and behaves in relationships.

Learn what makes him fall in love, and discover the best way to get him to commit.

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Be Patient

Other men might take the initiative in a relationship and make the first move, but a Taurus man won’t always do that.

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He might be a romantic at heart but he doesn’t always have an easy time letting a girl know he loves her.

You need to be patient if you’re waiting for a Taurus man to make the first move. Taurus men tend to take their time.

When you want to get a Taurus man, be prepared to wait.

A Taurus man will take his time getting to know somebody before he makes a move. He’ll take his time and will never be in a rush to make the first move until he is ready to do so.

Never rush a Taurus man. If he feels too pressured, what will likely happen is that he’ll pull away instead of making a move.

Needs To Be Sure

Taurus guys are looking for a life partner. They often want to spend time dating a person before jumping into commitments. Taurus men prefer to be sure before they ask someone out in the first place as well.

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A Taurus man might be waiting for a green light from you before he makes the first move. If he is unsure about your feelings or about how you’d react to him making a move, he’ll hold off until he’s certain.

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Taurus men really need to be sure that the object of their affections is actually interested before they ask them out. If he’s not sure, he’ll continue to wait until he is.

He’s Afraid of Rejection

A Taurus man might be afraid of being rejected by the woman he loves. He may hold off on making the first move until he’s had enough time to either be certain she won’t reject him or get to a point where he can gracefully accept rejection.
Taurus guys have a hard time dealing with rejection.

If a Taurus makes the first move and it doesn’t go over well, he’ll likely date a long time to get over that.

If a Taurus man has been rejected in the past, be aware that he will take longer to make the first move with you. He doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes.

Might Be Nervous

Some Taurus men have a hard time getting out of their comfort zone. They might have a hard time talking to people they have a crush on, let alone making a move on them.

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A shy Taurus man won’t always approach the person he likes. He might not chase after his crush, no matter how much he likes her, because he’s too nervous to make that first move.

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A Taurus man may take a long time to get the ball rolling on a relationship because of his nervous nature. If he’s too anxious to approach his crush, he’ll take a while to make that first move.

He’s Possessive

Taurus is a possessive and jealous zodiac sign. For this reason, a Taurus man won’t go after women unless he’s sure they are actually single and available. A Taurus man doesn’t want to make a move one someone else’s girlfriend.

Taurus men also don’t want to play games. They know that they have a possessive side. Taurus isn’t a sign that will make moves on women who are casually dating a lot of other people. Taurus wants to be the only man in your life.

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On the other hand, a Taurus man’s possessive nature can get him to make the first move if he thinks he’s in danger of losing his crush. If he thinks another man is going to make a move on her, Taurus may swoop in and make the move first.

Show Interest In Your Taurus Guy

Never assume that a Taurus man knows you like him. If you two are friends, he may not have any idea you are attracted to him in a non-platonic way.

Women need to show obvious interest in a Taurus man or he won’t make a move.
If you don’t show interest from the very beginning of your relationship, a Taurus man may have no idea that you’re attracted to him.

You may need to chase your Taurus man first before he’ll chase you. Some Taurus men love to take control in relationships, others will wait for the other person to show interest first.

When you want to get a Taurus man, don’t play hard to get. He might be hesitant to make the first move if he’s not sure you’re interested in him.

Needs To Feel Wanted

A Taurus man will not make a move on a woman if he doesn’t think she wants him to. If she is too cold or withdrawn, he may assume that she’s just not interested.
You need to make a Taurus guy feel wanted.

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He needs to know that you honestly want him around if he’s going to try and start a relationship with you.

When a Taurus man doesn’t feel wanted, he won’t bother making the first move. He doesn’t want to spend time on a woman who isn’t attracted to him. He will wait for a woman who is.

Doesn’t Want To Waste His Time

Taurus men enjoy the finer things in life. They enjoy focusing on things that make them happy. Taurus is not a sign that wants to waste his time on a relationship if he doesn’t think it will go anywhere.

A Taurus man won’t chase you if he thinks it’s a waste of time. He’s not going to spend time and effort pursuing a person who isn’t genuinely interested in him.
If a Taurus man isn’t making a move, trying to talk to him. Make your interest clear so he knows he won’t be wasting his time with you.

A Taurus Male Is Willing To Wait

Taurus is a patient guy. He’s more than willing to wait a bit if it means he can be more certain of the feelings of the person he likes.

The symbol for Taurus may be a bull but that doesn’t mean he’s a guy who rushes into relationships.

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A Taurus male will gladly take the time needed to get to know a woman before he makes a move on her. He won’t initiate a relationship with someone until he’s sure she’s the one.

If you think a Taurus man is just waiting for you, take the time to get to know him better. Talk to him, show interest in him, and make it clear that you are also willing to wait for him.

He Likes To Be Chased

Some Taurus men like to be chased! Taurus is a sign that does like to go after what he wants but he enjoys it when women chase him too.

He’s not trying to play mind games if he’s waiting to make the first move. Chasing him is one way you can show him you have an honest interest in him.

A Taurus man might pull back if he’s unsure of your intentions. Chase him and show him that you care about him and he might make that move you’ve been waiting for.

He’s Fine With You Making The First Move

Taurus is not a guy who needs to make the first move. He will have absolutely no problem with a woman making a move on him first.

A Taurus man will know for sure that you are interested in him if you make the first move. He won’t have to worry about potential rejection because you’ve already confirmed that you’re interested in him.

Taurus isn’t a hypermasculine sign. He’s not going to take it as a blow to his ego if a girl makes the first move instead of him.

Might Be Waiting On You

Taurus isn’t a guy who will rush you if he thinks you’re not ready for a relationship. He may be waiting on you if he’s taking a long time to make a move on you.

He might be waiting for you to make the first move, for a variety of reasons. He may also just be waiting for an obvious sign that you like him.

If you think your Taurus guy is waiting on you, make it clear that you’re interested in him.

He’s Romantic

Venus rules the sign of Taurus. This means that Taurus men are extremely romantic.

Taurus often has a specific idea of what he wants a relationship to be. Because he’s ruled by Venus, he needs a high level of love and romance or he won’t be happy.

He is a guy who will take the time to woo you. He wants you to be comfortable with him. He won’t just make the first move out of nowhere.

A Taurus man wants his first move to be as romantic as possible. He may take a long time to make that move because he’s waiting for the perfect moment.

He Wants Stability

Taurus is an earth sign. Earth signs have a strong desire for stability in their lives. If a Taurus man doesn’t think you can give him that stability, he may hesitate to make a move on you.

Taurus also won’t make a move if he’s not at a point in his life where he’s ready for a relationship. If he thinks a relationship might uproot his life or cause tension, he’s not going to try and start anything with someone.

Once a Taurus man feels stable and like a relationship won’t interrupt that stability too much, he’ll be more likely to make a move.

Taurus Men Can Be Patient

You don’t need to worry about a Taurus man making a move before you’re ready for him to.

As previously mentioned, Taurus men are patient. A Taurus man will not try to push a relationship on somebody if he doesn’t think that’s what she wants.

Taurus will wait until both him and the person he likes seem ready for a relationship. He will take all the time he needs to feel comfortable with making a move.

Wants To Know You’re Available

If you are the type of person to casually date a lot of people, that might be the reason why a Taurus isn’t making a move on you.

Taurus men tend to only go after women who are entirely single. If someone he likes has a bunch of different boyfriends, even if they are casual flings, he won’t make a move on her until he knows she’s available.

Make it clear that you are single and available if you want a Taurus man to make a move on you.

If you have other romantic interests in your life, that is likely why a Taurus isn’t pursuing you. Ditch the other guys and your Taurus will be more likely to come to you.

You Need To Communicate

If you like your Taurus guy, talk to him! Communication is vital if you want a relationship with him.

Taurus men are not mind readers. Some other signs like Pisces or Scorpio might pick up on the subtle signs that you like them. A Taurus man isn’t as good at reading people as those signs are.

Do not play games with a Taurus man. Don’t assume that he knows you like him if you haven’t actually told him that.

Be Consistent With Him

If someone is constantly being hot and cold, a Taurus man might hesitate to make a move. This may confuse him and he won’t want to make the first move if he’s uncertain of someone’s affections.

Be consistent in your affections with a Taurus man. You can tease and flirt but don’t suddenly start ignoring him after you’ve shown interest. Make it clear that you like him.

Always be honest with a Taurus man as well. Be reliable too! He won’t make a move on someone if she’s always lying to him. Show up on time when you two make plans.

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