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How Does A Taurus Man Act When Hurt? (5 Things You Need To Know)

All of us can only hope to understand each other. Relationships are hard and it takes a lot of effort to make them work. If you have had a falling out with a Taurus man recently then this is probably why you are here.

Let’s not waste any time and dive right into what hurts a Taurus man and how he will act when he is hurt.

Traits Of A Taurus Man

Generally, Taurus men are extremely attentive and generous. However, they are sensitive as well. This makes them more prone to being hurt in relationships.

One thing to remember is that this sign also keeps its sensitive nature hidden with a tough exterior. So, sometimes it may even be hard to tell if they are hurt.

They can get hurt on the smallest of things so do tread carefully as saying something without thinking can hurt them too even if they don’t show it. Here are three things that are important to a Taurus man:

  • Their ego
  • Trust
  • Possessiveness

If you hurt his ego by belittling him or making fun of his insecurities then they will completely shut down. Apart from that, breaking their trust and acting like you are not theirs are red flags for them too.

When a Taurus man commits he needs to know that the woman is completely his. If you show that you are not then he will easily get jealous and insecure.

So, now that you know what not to do let’s see how Taurus men act when they are hurt.

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5 Things Taurus Men Do When Hurt

#1. They Will Act Cold

It’s ice-city for you if a Taurus man is hurt by your words or actions. You will notice this in his behavior because he will not be in the mood to talk to you at all.

He will either straight up ignore you when you are out or he will keep the talking to a minimum by giving you one word or one sentence replies. This is a big sign that your man is upset with you and it is hard to miss.

The thing with Taurus men is that instead of being vocal and being rude to you when they are angry and upset they will do the opposite. They will give you a completely different cold vibe.

Do remember to not be pushy during this time. The more you push him to talk or annoy him the higher chance there is of him lashing out on you. So tread carefully and keep your distance during this time.

Apart from that, you can just have an open and honest conversation with him instead. However, you will have to be very nice so he can open up to you about what is hurting him. 

#2. You Will Feel As If He Is Miles Away

They are masters at guarding themselves and putting up walls when they are upset. When a Taurus man feels nice he will always be happy and want to be with you.

However, when he is hurt he will act the opposite. He will distance himself because he will not want to be hurt again. This is his way of protecting himself from hurt and pain.

This is why it is important to be understanding when it comes to being in a relationship with them. He might stop texting you or calling you and it will be hard to get his attention.

Apart from protecting themselves, this is also a way they use to calm down. This is because they also don’t want to hurt you at all. Do give him some space but also tell him that you love him and care about his feelings. The best approach here is love.

#3. He Will Be On The Defense

Being defensive is a coping mechanism that many people have. Even Taurus men are no exception. They don’t want to accept responsibility sometimes and so they will try to put the blame back on you by being defensive.

Do remember that this will only be the case if there is a chance that he is at fault too. Otherwise, if you have done something or said something to hurt him then they will not be defensive.

If they are acting defensively then you need to approach him carefully. Anything you say can be used against you during this time. However, if he is being unreasonable and unfair then you have the complete right to call him out on such behavior.

#4. They Will Take Their Time

Taurus men don’t recover easily when they are hurt. They will take their time and if you rush them during this process then you might just end up pushing them away from your life.

It is not easy for them to shrug off something you did or said. This is due to their sensitive nature. So, the best course of action during this time is to give him his space.

This doesn’t mean to stop talking to them but tell them your side, your feelings, and how much you care about them. Once you do let them be for a while and soon they will come back once they have healed.

#5. Vague Answers

It will be hard to get anything out of him when he is hurt. If you want to make plans then he will give vague answers that don’t mean anything. The conversations will come to a halt because of this and it will be hard to get through to him.

This is his way of dealing with the hurt. So, let him do this but also let him know you care so he can at least try to open up to you.

Final Words

If your Taurus man is exhibiting all these behaviors then he is upset with you. Give him some time and soon he will come around. They just need a bit of space to process their emotions and pain.

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