When A Gemini Woman Is Done With You

No matter how much you study astrology, a Gemini woman will always surprise you. She is dynamic and dual, which is why her personality can be challenging to understand for many people. She confuses everyone in her life daily, but that is also one of the things that everyone loves about her. 

However, being in a relationship with a Gemini woman can feel like a roller coaster, and rightfully so. If you are having a rough patch and are wondering if the Gemini woman is done with you, here are the many telltale signs.

1. You Are Not Her Main Focus 

Gemini women are focused, driven, and go after what they want in every aspect of their life. That is why if you are not her main focus anymore, it might be a sign that the woman is done with you. Even if you are trying to do everything to spark her interest in you again and she does not respond, then she is done. 

You may be doing everything right and everything she loves. For example, taking her for a fancy dinner date or pampering. However, even during all these times if she does not seem focused and looks preoccupied, then it might be a big telltale sign. 

Keep in mind that the Gemini zodiac will always take time to express their emotions because they prioritize intellect over emotion. That is why she may have not said anything to you. However, it might just mean that she does not enjoy your company anymore and she has other important things to think of even when spending time with you. 

2. She Will Not Pay Attention 

When a Gemini woman is truly interested in a man, it will not be difficult for him to grab her attention. That is why it is a dangerous sign when the Gemini woman is not paying attention to you. Even if she is paying attention, you can tell that it is not genuine. 

If the attention seems artificial, it is a sign that the Gemini woman is done with you. Make sure you read the signs correctly because it can be difficult to read a Gemini woman. If her disinterest in you has lingered for a while no, then it is best to keep reading the signs. 

That is because it means that there might be some other issue and the Gemini woman just has not shared it with you. It can be challenging to understand and solve these problems but you will have to if you want to know what is going on in her head. If you can’t keep her attention anymore, it is best to let go because this is a sure sign she is done with you. 

3. She Will Become Chaotic 

When a Gemini woman is under emotional stress, she tends to express it in various manners that can seem disorderly. When she starts acting in this disorderly, confused, and volatile manner then it means she does not care about you anymore and she does not know how to tell that to you. After all, the Gemini zodiac sign is not good at expressing their emotions. 

That is why when they are under emotional stress, they will always express it in the oddest ways. However, it will be her way of showing you that she is done with you and does not care what you do. Another thing you need to check is her behavior with other people. 

If she acts disorderly, confused, and chaotic around you but she is fine with all the other people in her life, then it is the biggest sign that she is done with you. After all, if she can act fine in front of others, she can do the same with you, right? But if she is not, then it is best to let it go. 

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4. She Will Become Ruthless 

One thing you don’t want to do is get on the bad side of a Gemini woman. If you do, she will become remorseless towards you and you will keep wondering what you did to experience such bad and tormenting behavior from someone. The Gemini woman will not show any shame or guilt in her actions as she intends to push you far away. 

She will become inconsiderate, rude, cruel, and she will make you feel bad about your insecurities. She will leave no opportunity to be ruthless and rude towards you. All this is done to show you that she does not care and she is done with you. 

The Gemini woman is so remorseless that she might even try to sabotage your friendships with other people. She will spread negativity about you as this will allow her to feel more confident in breaking up with you. When these things start happening, it is best to end the relationship before her ruthlessness takes a turn for the worse. 

5. She Will Become Manipulative 

The Gemini zodiac is a master of manipulation when they have to be. As their partner, you have to look out for these signs as you don’t want to be at the other end of this manipulation. When the Gemini woman wants to break up with you, she will start manipulating you with games or tests. 

When she starts doing this, it means that she has no respect for you and she just wants to be done with the relationship. She will even go as far as getting you to do things you are not comfortable with through guilt trips. That is why if you want to save yourself, you should not fall into this trap at all. 

She will become risky, assertive, and she will keep arguing with you over the smallest of things. She will even use your family and friends against you because she wants other relationships of yours to suffer too. Yes, this is the ugly side of a Gemini woman when she is no longer interested and this is when you should retreat before you hurt yourself further. 

7. She Will Start Lying 

If a Gemini woman is constantly lying to you for no reason, it means she wants to break up with you. She wants to avoid this truth and she will hide it by covering it with many lies. Some of these lies may be harmless but she can’t help herself because she has to do this to keep her emotions safe. 

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The Gemini woman will become a master of deception and you will notice that she will start intentionally misleading and misdirecting you. She might even go as far as trying to start up a relationship with another potential partner. Of course, she will lie to you and tell you she is spending time with her friends when she is doing this. 

Whenever you try to bring these topics with her in person, she will start lying to you and bluffing you because she will always avoid telling you she is done with you. That is why it is best to retreat during such times and let the Gemini woman be. The more you interact with her, she will keep targeting your emotions and make you feel bad. 

7. She Will Always Be Surrounded By Other People 

Gemini women love partying. You already know this because you know they are social butterflies who love to make new friends. However, when she is no longer interested in you, her partying will be at an all-time high as she will go to them frequently. 

That is because she does not want to be alone with you and she also does not want to spend time by herself. She will make new friends and start partying with them too because even her friends will get tired of so much partying. Such expansion of a social circle is not normal for a Gemini woman and you will get to know this in no time. 

She is doing this to keep you because she is done with you and she does not want to tell you this to your face. It is her tactic of keeping you away so you can go away on your own without her having to tell you. You have to understand that a Gemini woman will do all of this when she is not interested in you anymore because she wants you to take the hint and go away yourself. 

She does not want to express her emotions and tell you outright, but these are the ways she will use to hurt you and let you know she is done with you. 

Final Words 

If your Gemini woman is showing all or some of these signs, it means she is done with you and she does not need you anymore. It is best for you to retreat and just distance yourself from her otherwise she will keep hurting you. Gemini women can be ruthless when they are at their worst and you don’t want to be at the other end. So, retreat peacefully and let her go.

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