Cancer Soulmate

In today’s guide, you have a chance to find out all you need to approach a Cancer and make a soulmate bond with them. This guide can be your secret weapon to understanding and charming a Cancer.

Cancer Man Secrets is a must-read for anyone looking for their soulmate. This guide offers tips on how to attract this significant other’s attention with the right personality and lifestyle choices!

Cancer Soulmate

Cancer is a cardinal, water sign, and its temperament is cold and wet – phlegmatic. Cancers are intuitive people with a lot of heart space in their chest, but they also aren’t easiest to approach since they need time to digest other people’s motives and dissect their behaviours.

Cancer is ruled by one of the two luminaries in the horoscope – the Moon, and Moon is the fastest moving celestial body in Astrology, which directly corresponds to Cancer’s fast-changing moods and emotional states.

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Cancer is a gentle sign that has great emotional depth, thus they belong to the ‘high maintenance’ zodiac group; they really need a lot of time and emotional investment, which is why it’s not very easy to become very intimate with a Cancer.

Worry not, I have a list of suggestions that should to help you approach and warm your way up to the Cancer’s heart.

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First thing you need to show to your Cancer is emotional intelligence and depth. Then you need to be grounded enough to weather all of their emotional storms and mood swings. Next thing you need to bring to the relationship table is caring, even if you pretend to be cold and detached, that tactic won’t work on a Cancer.

Their soulmate needs to be someone they can rely on in tough times, someone who makes time for them, and someone who is willing to dive in psychological and emotional depths with them.

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Cancer loves to pamper his loved ones with good food and outdoor adventures, so be prepared to eat well and burn those delicious calories out in the ‘wild’.

Cancer Man Secrets will offer you a guide on how to attract your soulmate with just the right personality and lifestyle choices. This book is guaranteed for anyone looking, but it has been created specially by an expert who knows what she’s doing!

Cancer’s Best Matches

Like any other sign, there are some matches that work better than others with needy Cancer. Cancer indeed is needy and these natives need constant attention and warmth from their partner.

This is why these matches can be called Cancer’s soulmate(s):

Cancer and Taurus are a perfect match because Taurus is patient, potent and grounding to Cancer’s emotional, turbulent and wild. Taurus is a bit of a home-body, which (sometimes) can be true for Cancer, too.

Cancer provides emotional output, creative ideas and warmth to the sturdy, strong and unchanging Taurus. Taurus’ unmoving nature is a guarantee that they won’t run for the hills in the face of Cancer’s wilder nature and inner feelings.

Also, Taurus isn’t easily phased and he is very slow to anger, these natives have a very long patience bar and they don’t run out of it because of small things, which is very important for Cancer’s emotional nature.

Both of these signs love to spend money on good food and comfortable accessories and they both love to save money, so they truly are a perfect match (made in zodiac heaven).

 Cancer and Scorpio these two signs both belong to the element of Water, thus they are both emotional, intuitive and easy to develop telepathy between each other.

Scorpio is a bit darker than Cancer, but Cancer is more emotionally open and available compared to Scorpio. Scorpio might have an attitude and be guarded towards others, but with Cancer, they can’t hide things, nor do they want to.

This combination is effectively intuitive, prone to developing telepathic bonds and even foresight when each other’s fates are involved. Scorpio and Cancer have an insane connection that can reach beyond time and space and their love burns with the fire of a thousand suns.

This pairing is very passionate and emotionally expressive with each other, and Scorpio has a very positive influence on Cancer in the form of protection and aborting any abuse of kindness that Cancer is prone to experiencing due to his big heart.

Cancer’s Worst Matches

Of course, there are matches that can’t work no matter how much we want them to, for some signs are simply too different and differently wired for them to be able to function together. This is why they are Cancer’s anti-soulmates.

These matches are the worst for Cancer natives:

Cancer and Aries aren’t a good match because Aries is a Martian sign – the archetype of the warrior who’s in constant search for a never-ending battle, opposed to watery Cancer who’d like best to mother everyone and everything.

These two signs have it worse off than any other match because Aries is impatient, combustive and bold; he wants everything and he wants it now, he gets easily bored and he doesn’t go into emotional details like Cancer.

Aries loves action, thrill and passion, but he doesn’t like to dwell on passive things like the inner workings of a relationship, its own emotions (let alone somebody else’s), and cooking. Aries eat to be fuelled for further adventures, not because food is particularly delicious.

All of these traits are like the salt to the wound to Cancer’s gentle nature and soft heart. They want to smother Aries with warmth, affection and love, and Aries wants to kill the things that try to smother him, so it’s a no go for this match. 

Cancer and Gemini are not a good match because Gemini is a fast-moving cyclone of a native, and Cancer likes to digest in peace and take things slowly.

There’s also the matter of depths – Gemini is a very superfluous sign, they love to gather information, gossip and news, whereas Cancer likes to collect memories, people and to go into the depth of the human psyche.

Gemini gets bored faster than the speed of light, whereas Cancer can cover a certain topic for years without getting over it. Gemini wants things done yesterday and he abhors slow pace and being steady.

Cancer wants emotional stability and 0 challenges when it comes to matters of the heart, whereas Gemini wants constant animation, excitement and drama in order to remain interested and amused. These two can hardly be together in a room, let alone an intimate relationship.

Cancer’s Enemies

As with any sign, Cancer too, has such horrible ‘matches’ with other signs, that they can be called enemies. These matches are the farthest from Cancer’s soulmates.

Capricorn can be considered an enemy; these two have totally opposite natures, and they are opposite on the Zodiac wheel for a reason. Stern Capricorn is under the rulership of Saturn – the lord of time, karma and hard lessons experienced in life.

Opposed to the Moon’s child – Cancer, Capricorn is an impenetrable fortress that doesn’t do emotions, so much so that they repress them so far down and deep within themselves that even years of therapy cannot get them all out.

Capricorn is most likely to emotionally wound and destroy Cancer’s heart.

Leo also falls to the ‘enemy’ category, as the only other sign ruled by a luminary – the Sun. Leo is the centre of the universe and they care mostly about themselves. This can seem like a perfect match at first, as Cancer likes to take care of others.

But, with time, this match turns out to be too dangerous and toxic for Cancer’s heart as they don’t get any of their invested emotions in return.

Leo knows how to take and how to consume, but they don’t and won’t return even a fraction of it to Cancer, so in the long run, this match is inimical.

Cancer Man Secrets is a must read for anyone who wants the perfect partner. This book offers tips on how to attract your significant other’s attention with personality and lifestyle choices!


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