How to tell if a Taurus man is falling for you? 20 signs he's into you

Taurus men are one of the most stubborn of the zodiac. However, they are also sensitive, loyal, and very romantic.  

A Taurus man falling in love is not something you see every day.

After all, he is a practical fixed sign and is very cautious when dealing with his emotions.

So what are the signs that mean a Taurus man is falling in love with you? 

Reading a Taurus male can be challenging since he is not very expressive with his words. He is a private person who doesn’t like to show his true feelings, so you might miss it when a Taurus man has a crush on you.

This man might even take drastic actions like mistreating you or ignoring you when he might be deeply in love but unable to say it out loud.

Patience will be your best ally while you understand where you stand with him.

The Taurus man is highly sensitive and looks for an emotional connection with the person he loves. 

However, this sensitivity also makes him avoid any situation where he could get hurt.

But if you have an eye for one of these natives, there are a number of signs that can help you know if he is falling in love with you.

20 Signs A Taurus Man is Falling in Love With You

The Taurus Man Takes Things Slow – Too Slow

It might seem weird, but a sign that a Taurus man is falling for you is when he wants to take things slow – snail’s pace slow. 

This earth zodiac sign won’t take any chances and is extremely cautious in the realm of love.

Taurus is not in a hurry to commit and prefers to be slow and steady. Deep down, he acts like this because he wants things to be perfect.

When he truly likes someone, he will delay the romantic pursuit to savor every moment of it. He wants to cherish every little bite of the love affair, so don’t worry if he’s not jumping into bed with you right away!

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Taurus men tend to get scared when showing too much interest, so they will choose to disappear for a few weeks to avoid looking desperate.

We know that waiting for this man can be exhausting, but you should have patience if you like him too. The Taurus man needs to go on at his own speed to feel secure.

He Suddenly Acts Shy Around You

The Taurus man is more outgoing and flirty when he is not that into you. But if this man is falling for you, he will act awkwardly and avoid eye contact when he sees you.

He will pretend he doesn’t hear you when you talk or focus on other people. This is a method the Taurus man uses to know if you are interested in him. Remember that he won’t make a move unless he is confident that his feelings won’t get hurt.

He might not be super charming or eloquent, but he’ll still make subtle signs like turning red or making silly jokes when you are around.

Once you get past this stage and the Taurus man gets comfortable, he will talk more about his personal life and share his most profound hopes and thoughts with you. 

They might look unapproachable at first, but Taurus men are actually very kind.

Asking him to jump in quickly can be too much for him, so instead of simply waiting or playing games, give him clear signs that you like him too. 

This will make him feel comfortable enough to reveal his feelings.

He Learns Your Routines And Schedules

The Taurus man shows interest in you by memorizing your daily routines. He is a practical man and doesn’t make grand gestures of love. He prefers to make small approaches to gain your attention and let you know he is interested.

For example, he might show up in the place you buy coffee every morning or give you a ride to your work. The Bull might be too shy to go and talk to you and will prefer to admire you from afar.

This is one of the most unmistakable signs that a Taurus guy likes you, so take this gesture as a compliment!

He Takes Care of Your Financial Well-Being

A Taurus guy will help you improve your finances if he genuinely likes you. He takes practical care of the person he loves and will happily sort out your bills or help you file your taxes.

Of course, this might not be a very romantic gesture, but this is how Taurus expresses his true love. Let’s not forget that Taurus rules the second house, the governor of finances, values, and resources.

A Taurus guy will spend time dealing with these things and happily help his crush do the same.

And don’t worry. Taurus will never judge your financial decisions and always take out his wallet when paying for dinner or dates.

He Could Deliberately Ignore You

A Taurus guy is not very expressive when dealing with his feelings and will do anything to avoid direct communication, especially if you are in a group setting. 

You might notice that he pays attention to everyone except you, avoiding eye contact or ignoring your opinions.

If you try to talk to him, he might act like he is immensely engrossed in doing something else to avoid the conversation. 

Don’t worry; this means that he is crazy about you and doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings yet.

He Spends More Time With You

The Taurus man’s love language is simple and straightforward. He doesn’t know how to hide their love, so when a Taurus guy falls in love, he craves to spend quality time with this particular person.

Taurus signs love to be surrounded by this loving feeling next to the person who makes them feel lucky and satisfied.

His Eyes Will Give Him Away

One of the most effective ways to know if a Taurus man loves you is by looking into his eyes. He can’t hide real romance, which is why he avoids eye contact when he likes someone.

He might even look like he doesn’t know you if you take him by surprise! Be patient, and don’t be so hard on him. Soon he’ll gather the courage to express his feelings.

He Invites You Into His Intimate Circle

The typical Taurus guy is very loyal and devoted. He likes to hold his family and intimate friends close to him, protecting them from any danger. That’s why he doesn’t let just anybody into his close-knit circle.

So if he decides to introduce you to his loved ones, it means you are in for the long haul.

He Showers You With Compliments

Taurus men are very romantic and will try to gain your attention by giving you thoughtful compliments.

He will impress you by showing you that he pays a lot of attention to you. 

A Taurus guy in love will demonstrate his complete admiration by making sincere comments about your strengths and positive qualities.

He Cares For Your Safety

Taurus men take security very seriously since they are kind of possessive. So another subtle way they show their love is caring about your safety.

This guy will become protective and even bossy about your choices to ensure your security. Don’t fight so much with him about this issue if you don’t want to scare him, though.

He Talks About You 

A Taurus guy will avoid showing his love interest by pretending that you are not important to him. 

However, he won’t be able to stop talking about you or dropping your name in every conversation.

He Tries Hard To Communicate

The Taurus man is not very eloquent. Nevertheless, he will make more effort to communicate when he falls in love with someone. 

He truly wants you to know him better and also would like to learn more about your life, so he will try his best even if it may go against his character.

He Includes You In Financial Decisions

The Taurus guy doesn’t talk much about his personal life. He is a private person and often keeps his thoughts to himself and makes future plans carefully.

This might come off as rude at times, but this is a sign of responsibility to Taurus. So it’s very positive when a Taurus guy includes her loving girls in his money decisions.

If he starts discussing his financial decisions with you, it means he wants to include you in all his other major decisions.

He Works To Build The Relationship

The Taurus man knows that relationships need a lot of effort to sustain over time, and he will do everything to keep the girl of his dreams by his side. He will nurture and cherish the relationship, no matter how much time and energy he invests.

If he needs to step out of his comfort zone and change some attitude, he’ll do it to please the woman he loves.

He Becomes More Confident

A Taurus man in love transforms his most annoying traits into more positive ones. That’s why he becomes more confident and sure of himself, takes more risks, and becomes more independent.

You will notice when a Taurus man falls in love as soon as he sees you as a positive influence on him. This sign is not very obvious, but it will become more relevant once he falls deeper in love with you.

He Takes You Seriously

Taurus men have a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach to life and will happily extend this approach to you if he is falling in love.

He will show how much he values your opinions, goals, and tastes. This man actually listens to what you say and makes you feel like the most special person on Earth.

His Lovemaking Becomes More delicate

A Taurus guy in love is more tender and aspires to cuddle and kiss you all the time. He becomes softer and more vulnerable, and this behavior will increase more as he falls in love.

He is very sensual and relies on physical intimacy to express his emotions. He will find excuses to give you physical affection like holding your hand or massaging your back.

He Makes Expensive Love Gestures

A Taurus guy likes to indulge in material luxuries, and when he falls in love, he makes grand gestures to the person he admires.

He may invite you to meet a close member of his family or give you a unique piece of chocolate and flowers like a secret admirer.

This person is a hopeless romantic but needs to be sure of your feelings before opening himself to you. 

That’s why he will get you wonderful gifts without signing them in case you reject them.

You Will Notice His Romantic Side

As mentioned above, Taurus men are hopeless romantics. Still, they are shy and show their love feelings in many subtle ways. But the more the relationship advances, the more romantic Taurus becomes.

So don’t take his romantic nature for granted! Appreciate his gestures and remind him how much he means to you.

He Begins To Show His Possessive Side

At first sight, the Taurus guy seems to be shy and aloof. He won’t care if you talk to other men or a romantic suitor sends you a text.

But once his love gets deeper, he will start to get jealous, announcing that you aren’t single anymore in subtle ways. 

He won’t be overbearing, but his jealousy is an obvious sign that he is falling in love with you.


How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

You will know because he will begin to involve you in his financial decisions, introduce you to his loved ones, and include you in his future plans. This sign is very cautious and will not invite just anyone into their intimate life.

Do Taurus males fall in love easily?

Taurus men are slow to commit as they plan to be with the person they love for the rest of their lives. They are very romantic but also cautious and take their time before they are sure they are in love.

How do Taurus express their love?

These natives are not very communicative and prefer to express their love through gifts and physical intimacy.

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