How to Attract a Taurus woman

How to Attract a Taurus woman

Take Things Slow

If a Taurus woman shows interest, that doesn’t mean you need to rush into a relationship with her.

Take things slow instead. Take your time getting to know her. Learn what your Taurus woman likes so you can better woo her.

Taurus women love to be properly wooed. Take your time with your relationship and she will chase you.

Be Attractive

A Taurus woman adores attractive men. She loves smart guys but she also wants someone who looks good.

You can attract Taurus women by taking care of your appearance. Have proper hygiene. Put your best foot forward when it comes to your appearance.

Don’t skimp on your morning routine if you want a Taurus woman to chase you.

Wear Cologne

Taurus is a sensual sign. If you want a Taurus woman to chase you, wear cologne so you smell good.

A Taurus woman seeks out men who take care of themselves. A Taurus girl won’t want you if you smell terrible.

Try out different scenes. She’ll melt at woodsy scents that remind her of nature or floral scents that smell like her favorite flowers.

Be Reliable

Taurus females want reliable partners. A lady born in the sign of Taurus will lose interest completely if she can’t rely on you.

Show up to dates on time and try not to cancel at the last minute. If you promise to do something for your Taurus woman, make sure you do it.

She understands that you need to live your own life. If you want a Taurus woman to chase you, though, you need to be there for her when you say you will be.

Be Trustworthy

Honesty is important to a Taurean woman. Make sure the things you say to her are not big empty talk and false promises.

The best piece of relationship advice for dating a Taurus woman is to always tell the truth. She’ll love you if she knows she can trust you.

A Taurus woman innately understands when she is being lied to. She will find out if you’re not telling the truth so don’t even bother lying to her.

Compliment Her Often

You can attract Taurus women with compliments. Just like Leo loves receiving praises, a Taurus woman likes to hear all the nice things you think about her.

You don’t need to make things up when complimenting her. Be your charming self and just say things that come from the heart.

Taurus women are beautiful but that’s not the only thing you should compliment. She’s witty too. She’s naturally dependable. Make sure you compliment her personality.

Show Her You’re Stable

Taurus is an earth sign. Stability is one of the things a Taurus woman craves most in life.

If a Taurus woman decides you’re not stable, she won’t want to be with you. You need to show a Taurus woman you can provide stability from the very beginning.

You need to be able to stand on your own two feet. You can’t expect to get a Taurus woman if you don’t have a stable job or home life.

Buy Her Gifts

You can attract Taurus woman with gifts. Taurus is a zodiac sign that loves the finer things in life.

If you want to get a Taurus woman, bring her flowers. Surprise her with her favorite dessert or a piece of jewelry she’s been wanting.

Taurus women dig it when their partners take the time to bring them thoughtful gifts. Pay attention to your Taurus woman’s preferences. Don’t just give her generic gifts.

Don’t Be Needy

Taurus women don’t like needy people. A Taurus woman isn’t the most emotionally available person out there.

You can get a Taurus woman if you show her you can handle yourself. Don’t start too many emotional conversations unless she’s initiated them. She won’t like it if you are too emotionally needy.

Show a Taurus woman that you can take care of yourself. She will appreciate it.

Make Up Your Mind

Taurus women don’t like mind games. If you’re unsure about your feelings for her, don’t go after a Taurus woman.

The Taurus zodiac sign needs stable partners who know what they want. If you can’t give her your whole heart, don’t expect a Taurus woman to chase you.

A Taurus woman will love it when she knows that you’re certain about your feelings for her.

Don’t Push Her

Never push for a relationship with a Taurus woman if she’s not ready yet. A Taurus’s stubborn attitude will cause her to pull away if she thinks you are trying to control her.

Taurus is one of the independent zodiac signs. They don’t like being controlled. A Taurus woman won’t chase you if you’re too controlling, she’ll run away from you.

If your Taurus friend only wants to be friends, don’t push for more. She might change her mind later but she won’t if she thinks you’re not friends with her for the right reasons.

Be Independent

You need to be independent if you want to attract a Taurus woman. Taurus women don’t want to be entirely responsible for their partners.

Taurus women are hardworking. Your Taurus woman will likely be off working or doing her hobbies without you sometimes.

You need to learn how to do things without your partner. If you want a Taurus woman to chase you, show her that you can do your own things if she wants alone time.

Take Her On Fancy Dates

A Taurus’s world revolves around the finer things in life. You can make a Taurus woman chase you if she knows you’ll take her on fancy dates.

Don’t forget good food when you’re taking a Taurus woman out. She loves going to fine restaurants. She also loves a bottle of good wine.

Make Her Laugh

You can get a Taurus woman to chase you if you can make her laugh! Taurus ladies love a good joke.

You want to get not just little giggles out of your Taurus woman, you want a full-belly laugh. Don’t be afraid to be silly and tell jokes until you can get a proper laugh out of her.

Don’t Make Her Jealous

Never make a Taurus woman jealous. She will run in the opposite direction if she sees you constantly flirting with other women in front of her.

Taurus is a jealous and stubborn sign. Taurus women don’t want partners who try to make them jealous on purpose.

Don’t Play Hard to Get

Never mess with a Taurus woman’s head. If you want her, let her know that! She’ll chase you if she knows you’re interested.

What she won’t do is chase after someone who constantly ignores her. Playing hard to get works with some people but it’s not something you should do with a Taurus.

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